Unveiling Savings

How Sola Wood Flowers Help Brides Save Up to 70%...

The enchantment of a wedding is undeniable, and flowers play a pivotal role in crafting that magic..

But when faced with soaring costs, especially for traditional floral arrangements, one can't help but wonder - is there a more wallet-friendly way to conjure the same charm? 

That’s where we come in! 

More beautiful than traditional floral with incredible savings and none of the stigma of artificial options. 

But is it really possible to save up to 70% compared to traditional flowers…


The Blossoming Burden of Wedding Expenses

The Wedding Report Inc.'s 2022-2023 report paints a vivid picture: average expenditure on floral decor rose is expected to reach $654! 
Factor in shipping costs if comparing us apples-to-apples to online florists - and the costs are even higher for traditional florals…

Conversely, our average bride tends to spend 70% less!

Have you ever wondered if the budget for your flower arrangements is enough or if it is worth choosing more affordable options, even if it means losing the “charm” of fresh flowers? Well, in today's article, we will explore the costs of the wedding market, as well as the benefits of using options such as flowers made of sola wood.

Sola Wood Flowers Versus Old & Expensive: The Price Petal Showdown

Imagine the quintessential bridal bouquet…

Traditional florals could have you parting with around $195 Gross!

Incorporate bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, and you're adding another $208 - $425 to your floral bill. 


Conversely, you save big with Sola!

  • Embrace the splendor of the customizable "Custom Large Bouquet Kit" for just $37.90, trimming a neat $157.10 off the average conventional cost.
  • Let the men in your wedding party radiate elegance with "The Best Boutonniere Kit" at a mere $17.24 for three.
  • Finally, our “The Best Corsage (Set of 3)” it’s only $17.24 dollars without discounts. If you compare the sum between bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, which is $72.38 - $175.82, your total savings would be $135.62 - $249.18

As you can see - you’ll be able to save money & enjoy beautiful everlasting florals with us. 

See our pricing chart below which breaks out the average cost of traditional flowers Vs the average cost of Sola Wood Flowers. 

Wedding Flower Type

Fresh Flowers

Sola Wood Flowers


Bridal Bouquet




Bridesmaids bouquet