White Baby’s Breath

Have you ever made a beautiful floral bouquet or arrangement and felt like something was still missing? Adding floral filler, like this White Baby’s Breath, can really give your floral design a finished, professional look that you’ll love. This White Baby’s Breath has a dreamy, lace-like texture that is both delicate and full. You can add more variety and intricate fullness to any floral arrangement or craft by including some Baby’s Breath in your design!

Baby’s Breath is one of the most popular types of floral fillers, and for good reason. It is incredibly easy to use and always looks beautiful. This dried, preserved Baby’s Breath is even more unique and long-lasting, making your crafting even easier. Whether you’re making a wood flower bouquet, centerpiece, wall hanging, or corsage, you’ll love how these tiny flowers add to your arrangement! Baby’s Breath is definitely a must-have for your floral decor supply stash.

This dried, preserved Baby’s Breath will be perfect for any craft or arrangement that you’re making with Sola Wood Flowers. Each bundle weighs about 4 ounces and measures about 14-18 inches tall. You can also easily cut down your Baby’s Breath sprigs to your desired length. If you love the look of this White Baby’s Breath but want to add a little more color variety to your arrangement, try spray painting some of it to get a unique gradient or color scheme! This is yet another reason why our White Baby’s Breath is so versatile.

Note: When you purchase this product, you’re purchasing only the bundle of White Baby’s Breath. The pictures shown with other flowers and arrangements are just examples and you will not be receiving additional flowers.