Wine Tasting Assortment

Are you looking for a wood flower assortment that is dramatic and romantic? You won’t find much better than this Wine Tasting Assortment. This dreamy assortment has a stunning color scheme that is just as formal as it is cozy. These colors will make you want to snuggle up with a glass of wine. The color of these wood flowers will be perfect for any floral arrangement, but they’ll really shine if you’re making a craft for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or a wedding.

The dye colors used to dye the included flowers are Merlot, Weathered Gray, and Raw. The deep ruby color of Merlot makes for the perfect dramatic contrast in any arrangement. Weathered gray serves as a more rustic neutral that is unique and detailed. The Raw color brings in the brightness with a creamy ivory shade that perfectly complements the deep tones of Merlot. Remember that you’re receiving flower heads when you’re ordering this Wine Tasting Assortment. These flowers aren’t stemmed to make your crafting easy and convenient. If you want to add stems to make a bouquet, shop our Green Floral Wire or Bamboo Stems.

Are you wondering which options to select when placing your order? First, you can choose between 25-pack, 50-pack, 100-pack, and 200-pack sizes to make your crafting convenient. Next, consider choosing our “Pre-Softened” option for your wood flower arrangement. This means that we’ll send you wood flowers that have already been treated with our Sola Softener, making them soft, pliable, and damage-resistant. You can also order our Sola Softener and treat them with our softener yourself using this tutorial guide. If you don’t order pre-softened flowers or treat your flowers with Softener, your wood flowers will be more brittle, fragile, and breakable.