Winter Wonderland Assortment

Are you looking for a stylish arrangement of wood flowers that is winter-inspired and festive for the holidays? If so, the gray, and blue tones of this Winter Wonderland Assortment will be perfect for you. You won’t find any fresh flowers that are as vibrantly colored as these. These gorgeous wood flowers come in muted shades of blue, snowy-cream, and gray, and are appropriately named the Winter Wonderland Assortment. If you’re planning a craft or floral arrangement with a magical winter theme, this arrangement from Sola Wood Flowers will be perfect for you. Whether you’re creating a wedding bouquet, festive party centerpiece, or winter wreath, you’ll love how these colors will look.

The Winter Wonderland Assortment comes in a variety of sizes including a 25 pack, 50 pack, 100 pack, and 200 pack of wood flowers. You can choose the assortment size that your craft project requires and still get your gorgeous wood flowers at a great price. The wood flowers included measure around 2 inches and are handmade by our floral designers to look realistic and unique. The dye colors used are Stone Blue, Weathered Grey, Concrete Grey, Winter Storm, and Raw. Remember, this assortment doesn’t include stems, so make sure to shop our Green Floral Wire if you want to stem your wood flowers.

When you’re ordering this gorgeous, festive assortment, make sure to choose our “Pre-Softened” option. This means that we’ll send you flowers that have already been treated with our Sola Softener, making them soft, pliable, damage-resistant, and more realistic. If you have your own personal craft plans for your wood flowers, you can also order our Sola Softener and treat them yourself using this tutorial guide. Failing to order pre-softened flowers or treat your flowers will leave you with wood flowers that are a little bit more brittle, fragile, and breakable.