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New, improved, and PERFECT for beginners! These bouquet kits are designed for those who are new to sola. Simple, yet beautiful! Choose from 3 different bouquet kit options.

Each Kit Includes : 

  • 15 Sola Wood Flowers 
  • Filler Sample (varies on which kit you select)
  • Wire Stems
  • Glue Sample
  • Tape Sample
  • 3 - 1oz Bottles of Wood Flower Dye (choose your colors) 
  • Jute Twine 

Click here to read/watch the step-by-step tutorial.

Please note you will need a glue gun (or glue pot) to assemble your kit.

For the best results, we highly recommend you add Sola Softener to your dye for softer, longer-lasting flowers.

Need help selecting your colors? Here is what we used in the example photos: 

Baby's Breath - Champagne Glitter - Rosewood, Stone Blue, and Raw. 

Baby's Breath - White- Navy, Pink Lemonade, Frosted Mulberry, and Raw. 

Baby's Breath - White Glitter - Eggplant, Winter Storm, and Raw.

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Please note - this is a craft kit, this is NOT a finished product. The finished example shown is for inspiration only. Flower sizes and types may vary due to inventory levels.

If Build It For Me is selected, the APPROXIMATE dimensions for your finished bouquet are as follows -
Height - Approximately 8.5" - 10.5"
Width - Approximately 5.5" - 6.5"

Images for illustrative purposes. Actual flowers vary based on inventory availability.

Our craft kits are the perfect way for beginners and experienced crafters alike to jump into a sola wood project. If you’re new to crafting with sola, they come with just about everything you need to get started.

Be sure to explore the entire craft kit collection as we offer a variety of fun projects! If you’re after a specific type of craft kit, just use our awesome search function or visit the specific category using our filters to discover our sola bouquet craft kits, centerpiece kits, or home decor kits!

PS if you’re after bridal craft kits, check out our bridal section!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Robyn Sessler
Overall a great craft that turned out beautiful!

Generally, I really liked this bouquet kit. I liked being able to pick the colors to dye the flowers, and that process was relatively easy. Attaching the wires was really hard, but once they were on it wasn’t bad. Tying the bouquet was easy, I appreciate that some floral tape and thin rope for wrapping were included. The bouquet definitely doesn’t look “real” since there aren’t stems (just the wires) and the bottoms of some of the flowers look a little odd. One big thing: the kit doesn’t come with ANY directions, you have to search the site to find what you need, which was a little challenging. I followed videos that weren’t super specific (like for the dying video you add “about a cereal bowl full of water”... so, how much is that supposed to be? No directions on the bottles either. Instructions would help a lot!

Robyn, we're glad to hear your bouquet turned out beautiful even though you didn't have specific instructions. This was a mistake on our end as we didn't hit 'publish' on the tutorial located here:

We know this is of no use to you now, but we sincerely apologize for the mistake. Thank you for supporting us, and we hope to win your business back.

R Thompson
Perfect Wedding DIY

I purchased these kits for my wedding.
I will begin with the cons & then I will move to the pros and why I am still rating it 5 stars.
To begin my colors are - Winter Storm, Pink Lemonade, Navy
It does come with the flowers that have the skin on them. Even dyeing the flowers twice in a Navy color didn't make them more appealing to me. So I decided to not use them.
My order didn't have 25 flowers in each bouquet kit as shown on the product page.

Customer Service is VERY friendly and quick in responding and making things right.
Shipping is fast.
I LOVE the final product and dyeing the flowers was soooo easy.

I loved the product so much, I placed a couple more orders so i could complete everything I needed for my wedding. Everyone is impressed & I bragged to a few FB wedding groups, encouraging them to give Sola a try too. :) If you go the Navy route, just know if you dye them twice (let them dry and dye again) the color comes out richer and this color, the paint come out of the bottle thick and slow so I used a chopstick to work out the most paint I could. For the pink lemonade I only used some of the dye because I wanted a nice light pink but it is absolutely beautiful. The winter Storm was the perfect accent to the two other colors as well.