Catalina Coast Assortment

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This assortment was inspired by the Santa Catalina beach and its amazing colors at dusk. The crisp blue mixed with the neutral Wheat and Mauve colors makes for an eye catching assortment.

With a variety of sola wood flowers ranging in size from 1"-3", this assortment is ideal for wood flower bouquets, centerpieces, and craft projects.

Colors used are: Sky Blue, Wheat and Mauve.

Please note - the combination of flowers you receive may not be exactly as pictured. The number of flowers, and the colors in the assortment, will remain the same. This assortment does not include stems. To purchase stems please click here

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Are you looking for some artificial flowers that have a whimsical, romantic feel? Look no further with our Catalina Coast Assortment! This gorgeous pack of wood flowers has been custom-colored to match the stunning shades of the coastal sunset at Santa Catalina Beach. The faded blue tones mix with velvety pink shades and warm wheat-like ivory colors to make the dreamiest color palette that is perfect for spring, summer, fall or winter. If you want to check out our dye colors, the dyes included in this arrangement are Stone Blue, Wheat, and Rosewood. You’ll be obsessed with how gorgeous these flowers look in any craft or floral arrangement!

The wood flowers included in this Catalina Coast Assortment are measured between 1 inch and 3 inches and come in a variety of floral styles. You might recognize the designs of some of our wood flowers, as they’re formed by our floral designers to imitate real flowers. These wood flowers are also created specifically for easy crafting. You won’t have to detach any annoying stems when you’re trying to add these gorgeous flowers to a pretty wall decoration, floral installation, corsage, or centerpiece.

This gorgeous Catalina Coast Assortment comes in a variety of pack sizes. You can choose between a 25-pack size, 50-pack size, 100-pack size, and 200-pack size. This will help you to get all of the floral supplies that you need for your floral project while still shopping at a great price. No matter what your floral project may be, this Catalina Coast Assortment will be ideal for you. Remember, these pretty floral heads don’t come with stems attached. If you’re wanting to make a bouquet with these flowers, shop our Green Floral Wire to make stems for these flowers. Check out this video tutorial for some helpful tips on adding stems to your Sola Wood Flowers!

Our pre-dyed sola wood flowers are the easiest way to craft with sola - whether you’re crafting for fun or your wedding.

We offer a wide variety of colors and flower types that’s always changing so check back frequently for the latest & greatest!

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Bonita Darlington
Love the colors

Working on several ideas. Did a cow head and worked out great

mary mellenkamp

I love my solar flowers!

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