Ocean Mist Assortment

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The blue hues and white sola flowers will surely remind anyone of the gorgeous blue ocean. It's the perfect assortment for beach lovers out there! Add stems to make a bouquet, or create centerpieces using fine amber sand as vase fillers to complete the look. The creative options are endless!

The colors used in this assortment are : Periwinkle, Navy, and White Wedding. 

Please note - the combination of flowers you receive may not be exactly as pictured. The number of flowers, and the colors in the assortment, will remain the same.

This assortment does not include stems. To purchase stems please click here.

Have you been searching for the perfect blue flowers for a craft or floral arrangement? With these Sola Wood Flowers, your long search will be over. This Ocean Mist Assortment will be perfect for you! Blue flowers can be quite tricky to find when you’re working with fresh flowers. With this Ocean Mist Assortment, you’ll get the ideal blue flowers that you’ve been dreaming of at a fraction of the price of fresh flowers. Light blue and darker navy flowers mix with creamy ivory flowers for the perfect color scheme.

Aren’t you in love with these soft and deep blue shades? Our custom dye colors used in this arrangement are Periwinkle, Navy, and Raw. You can order this Ocean Mist Assortment in a variety of pack sizes. You can choose between a 25-pack, 50-pack, 100-pack, and 200-pack to find the perfect size for your arrangement or craft. Whether you’re creating an ocean-inspired floral installation, a centerpiece, or a wedding bouquet, you’ll fall in love with the way this Ocean Mist Assortment looks. (Just make sure to buy stems if you’re making a bouquet!) The best part of using these wood flowers is that they will last forever! These flowers will always look bright, fresh, and stylish, no misting or watering required!

Are you wondering what to select when placing your order? Keep in mind that when you’re ordering this beautiful blue assortment, consider choosing our “Pre-Softened” option. This means that we’ll send you flowers that have already been treated with our Sola Softener, making them soft, pliable, and damage-resistant. You can also order our Sola Softener and treat them with our softener yourself using this tutorial guide. If you don’t order pre-softened flowers or treat your flowers with Softener, your wood flowers will be a little bit more brittle, fragile, and breakable.

Our pre-dyed sola wood flowers are the easiest way to craft with sola - whether you’re crafting for fun or your wedding.

We offer a wide variety of colors and flower types that’s always changing so check back frequently for the latest & greatest!

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Customer Reviews

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Olivia Yates

Wanted blue flowers for my wedding and they were just perfect.

Reba Lane

Beautiful shades of blue