Tortum Female - Violet

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This filler is truly eye catching!  The pretty buds mixed amongst the greenery would be a perfect addition to any arrangement.  Snip the stems a bit shorter, and this could easily be used to compliment flowers on our wood cut outs or wood prints.

Each bundle is approximately 6 ounces.

Type: Preserved
Amount: 6oz

The finished examples shown are for inspiration only. The purchase of this product is only for the Tortum Female - Violet.

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Customer Reviews

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Amy C.
Overall super happy.

Like I said all in all very happy. I did have some broken flowers (I expected this and ordered more then I needed.) working with the flowers all in all has been easy so far, there are lots of videos to help, but I will say that I ordered a variety of flowers and some are more delicate and break easy while working with them and others are super thick and sturdy and it takes more time soaking and fluffing then the other flowers and there was some loss of flowers while learning. I wish there were more detailed videos on each step and variations of ways to do things from the seller. I’m relying HEAVILY on random other videos from YouTube on how to work with my flowers. I haven’t started dying yet just getting through softening my 1000+ flowers for my wedding.