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5 Different Ways To Use Rose Petals At A Wedding

Your wedding is going to be one of the most important, most special days of your entire life. So, you should definitely spend sufficient time planning your wedding to guarantee that every part of it will look absolutely perfect. Your wedding decor will impress your wedding guests, of course, but it is also a symbol of your love for your partner. Creating the perfect, beautiful aesthetic for your wedding ceremony and reception will make a romantic environment that is perfect for the celebration of your love and union. 

When you’ve imagined your future wedding, what wedding decor has been an essential part of your vision? Maybe you’ve dreamed of having some elegant fabric drapings at your reception or some huge baby’s breath floral installations at your wedding ceremony. Perhaps you love the fragrance and texture of rose petals and have always dreamed of using them for your wedding decor. Whether you have a maximalist wedding style or a minimalist wedding style, there are countless ways to use rose petals to create a stunning aesthetic that will make your big day even more meaningful. If you’ve always loved the look of rose petals, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered together 5 of our favorite ways to use rose petals to decorate your wedding venue. 

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5 Romantic Ideas Rose Petal Wedding Decor

1. Rose Petal Wedding Ceremony Aisle

Scattering rose petals down the wedding ceremony aisle is one of the easiest ways to create a gorgeous aesthetic for the location where you’ll exchange vows with your partner. After all, it will be a moment documented in countless wedding photos (and precious memories) so you should make sure that it looks as stunning as possible. If you don’t want all the rose petals to be completely uniform, you can create an ombre effect out of the petals with an array of white, pink, fuschia, and red rose petals. You can also lay the rose petals in a pattern instead of scattering them evenly down the length of the aisle. It might take a little more time, but you can use the rose petals to create swirls and heart shapes until you achieve the dreamy pattern you’ve imagined. 

2. Rose Petal Cake Decor

You can also use rose petals to decorate your cake. You can press the rose petals into the sides of the frosting, creating a layered, ombre effect. You can also cover one entire layer of the cake with rose petals for a color-blocked look. For a more traditional look, you can gather a number of petals together in a small floral arrangement. Even if you’re going to have an untraditional wedding cake of cupcakes, donuts, or cheesecakes, you can still decorate them with a scattering of beautiful and fragrant rose petals. 

3. Rose Petal-Infused Wedding Invitations

Do you want to add a special burst of color, romance, and fragrance to your wedding invitations? If so, you can create rose petal-infused wedding invitations. In each wedding invitation envelope, place a few petals. Then, when your guests open up their invitation, the rose petals will spill out in the height of romantic fashion. To avoid any mold from developing, dry your rose petals or use artificial rose petals in your wedding invitations. (More on a few favorite artificial rose petal options below!)

4. Rose Petal Wedding Reception Sendoff

At the end of your wedding reception, you’ll likely want to have a sendoff. This tradition looks beautiful in your wedding pictures, but it also allows your guests to celebrate your marriage. Plus, there is no better way to kick off your honeymoon! Have rose petals ready for your guests to throw as you exit your wedding venue and make sure your wedding photographer is there to capture the moment. You can also use this same idea for a celebratory gesture after your wedding ceremony is complete. You can give your wedding guests baskets or paper cones of rose petals that they can toss as you’re walking back down the aisle after you’ve exchanged vows. 

5. Rose Petal Table Runner and Decor

If you aren’t a fan of using whole roses and other wedding flowers to make more traditional wedding reception centerpieces, don’t worry. You can make a more simplistic centerpiece by using rose petals. This centerpiece look will be dreamy and romantic. It will also be affordable and incredibly easy to set up. All you’ll need to do is get your rose petals of choice and scatter them down the center of your tables. If the rose petals look a little bit sparse by themselves, you can add some other decorative pieces. For example, you can nestle some pretty glass candles among your rose petals to add a little bit of height to your centerpiece decor. You could also lay down a pretty swath of fabric and scatter the rose petals on top for more of a layered look. The addition of a few framed pictures can also be a nice, sentimental touch. 

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What Other Rose Petals Can I Use for My Wedding Decor?

If you aren’t sure if fresh rose petals will fit your wedding budget, don’t worry. There are other beautiful options that you can use with much of the same decorative effect. There are a few types of artificial flowers that can be used successfully in these decor styles. Here are a few of our favorites that you should consider using if you don’t want to use fresh rose petals.

Silk Flower Petals

One great option is to purchase flower petals made out of silk fabric. Similar to silk wedding flowers, you can also buy silk flower petals, such as silk rose petals. These petals have a silky texture and pretty shine to them that make them a great option for wedding decor. Silk flower petals might be more expensive than alternative artificial flower options, but they will certainly look beautiful. One disadvantage of using silk flower petals is that you’ll have to gather them up again after your wedding is over since they’re not biodegradable like fresh flower petals.

Wood Flower Buds

If you want a more eco-friendly and affordable option, consider using wood flower buds. These small, flexible flowers are made out of sola wood and look very realistic. They’re designed to look like real fresh flowers, but they’re much more environmentally friendly. Wood flowers are a fun choice if you have unique wedding colors because they can be custom-dyed using wood flower dye. With wood flowers, you don’t have to stick to the traditional colors of fresh rose petals. Instead, you can have almost any color available to you as you’re decorating your wedding venue. You can disassemble your wood flower buds to have flower petals, or you can buy small wood flowers that will function similarly to flower petals. These flowers are incredibly flexible, damage-resistant, and lightweight, so they should work perfectly for any of your decorative intentions.

If you’re looking for more ways to use flower petals at your wedding, here are a few more suggestions. For more inspiration, you can also check out this blog article from Brides.com.