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How to Create Unique Floral Centerpieces for Your Wedding

Your wedding floral centerpieces help to create and establish the aesthetic of your wedding. They help to elevate the aesthetic of any venue, no matter its style, location, or age. So, when it comes to designing your wedding centerpieces, you should definitely take your time and spend some good time researching for gorgeous inspiration. Traditionally, many brides use basic floral centerpieces in vases that are similarly designed to bridal bouquets for their wedding centerpieces. However, if you’re looking for a centerpiece design that is more innovative and unique, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our favorite floral centerpieces that are fresh, new, and stylish. From these ideas, you should be able to find floral design options that work perfectly for your dream wedding aesthetic. So, let’s get started!

Unique Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Traditionally, wedding centerpieces and table floral decorations are used to decorate tables that your guests will be seated at during wedding events such as a wedding luncheon, reception, or rehearsal dinner, etc. Even if you’re going for a minimalistic decorative look, you’ll still want to have some sort of centerpiece to spruce up your guest tables at your wedding. Here are a few unique floral centerpieces that you’ll also love to incorporate into your other wedding flowers. 

Boho Centerpieces

If you have more of a bohemian wedding style, there are countless ways to create centerpieces that you’ll love. A boho style includes an eclectic mix of colors, textures, and designs, which makes it perfect for a unique wedding look. For example, you could gather together interesting elements like vintage ceramic bud vases, wooden picture holders, and old, metal lanterns to create your centerpiece look. To create a boho table runner underneath your centerpiece florals, can add unique fabrics and elements such as intricate rugs, faux fur, or vintage lace. Once these pieces are in place, add your boho wedding flowers such as brightly-colored wildflowers. 

Boho Bliss Centerpiece - Sola Wood Flowers

Steampunk Details

Some brides love the historical, detailed style of steampunk design and wedding decor. If this is you, consider including some steampunk details in your wedding centerpieces and floral arrangements. These details might include machinery-inspired metallic elements such as gears, keys, and more. Wedding flowers that will go well with these details should be moody and dramatic in dark colors as opposed to light, romantic colors. This style could be especially successful if you love Victorian-inspired fashion and plan to choose a wedding dress in that style.

Vintage Colored Glass

One easy way to elevate your flower bouquets and floral centerpieces is to put them in vintage, colored glass. Vintage colored glass often comes in lots of aged, jewel tones such as greens, blues, browns, and yellows. You can also make your own vintage glass using Modge Podge glue and food coloring, allowing you to create any color of glass imaginable. Whether you’re using glass that was specifically created to be a bud vase or not, this vintage glass can bring a fun pop of color to your wedding tables. Any flowers will look gorgeous when they’re placed in these bright glass vases. 

Wood Flower Centerpieces

Wood flowers can also be used to create unique and stunning centerpieces. These flowers are made from natural materials and last forever, thanks to their careful preservation techniques. Wood flowers are expertly hand-crafted to imitate real types of fresh flowers, but they won’t wilt, fade, and die as fresh flowers do. They can also be customized and dyed to match any color imaginable, which makes them an extra-unique choice for wedding flowers. Wood flowers are also exquisitely paired with dried flowers if you’ve been loving the dried flower trend. They add additional volume and drama to any dried flower arrangement. 

Wooden Flowers Centerpiece - Sola Wood Flowers

Summer-y Citrus Centerpieces

If you’re getting married in the summer, you should definitely consider including some summer citrus in your unique centerpieces. Whether you slice up your citrus, string it in dried portions, or leave it whole, citrus can add beautiful pops of color to your centerpieces that you won’t be able to achieve in any other way. Citrus is also beautifully paired with greenery for an Italian-inspired look.

Terraniums and Cloches

If you love delicate floral arrangements but want to spruce them up with a unique touch, consider using terrariums and cloches to cover up your floral centerpieces. These pretty glass containers will elevate any centerpiece and make it feel extra elegant and otherworldly. Think of creating magical fairytale vibes with your flowers and terrariums and cloches and you’ll be right on. 

Raised Florals 

Basic floral centerpieces are usually arranged in small, short vases that sit at the center of your tables. If you want something more dramatic and high-impact, try creating a raised floral arrangement instead. A modern, gold floral stand can be used to raise your flowers high above the heads of your seated wedding guest. Then, the tendrils of your greenery and flowers can drape down effortlessly. If you love the more simplistic look of greenery, you can even create raised arrangements with branches of leaves that look like small trees. 

Vintage Centerpiece - Sola Wood Flowers

Fabric Table Runners

You’ve probably seen countless brides use gauzy strips of fabric as a table runner over the past few years. It has been a trendy and romantic look. However, don’t feel limited to fabrics such as gauze or silk. Instead, you could venture into more creative fabrics to create a wedding look that is entirely your own. For an earthy feel, you could use raw-edged linen. For a cozy feel, you can even use a thick-knitted table runner that almost looks like a couch throw. Or you could use a fancy oriental fabric that will make your wedding feel exotic. Any type of greenery or florals will look gorgeous on top of these fabric table runners. 

Potted Plants

For an eco-friendly floral centerpiece that won’t go to waste, try filling your table’s center with an arrangement of small potted plants. If you’re getting married in the desert, (shoutout to all our Arizona brides!) you could even pot up some small cacti and succulents for the perfect desert aesthetic. This will give your tables a gorgeous pop of color and style. Once your wedding is over, you can gift the potted plants to your guests as a favor and thank you. 

Stone and Crystal Details

You’ve probably seen the trend of thick wood slices used as centerpiece coasters, but have you ever considered using slices of stone or crystal? You can find thinly sliced slabs of crystal such as agate that will work perfectly as a base for your centerpiece. This is a unique style that will look gorgeous and expensive. If you don’t have the space in your budget for real stone slices, you can also shop for resin art look-alikes that can be designed to match the color and aesthetic of your wedding. Then, put your floral arrangement on top of these pretty, sparkling coasters.

Now you’re equipped with all sorts of creative ideas for your unique and personalized wedding look. We can’t wait to see what you create! Your incredibly unique floral centerpieces will make your wedding florals look professionally designed, and your guests will think your wedding is truly unforgettable. If you’re looking for more unique ideas for your wedding centerpieces, check out this blog article from