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Ideas for Crafting Beautiful Flower Bouquets for Your Wedding

Deciding what you want your wedding flowers to look like can be an exciting but stressful process. After all, your wedding is pretty much the biggest party you’ll ever host, and you want it to look stunning and romantic for all of your special guests. Not to mention your wedding celebrates one of the biggest milestones of your life. Wedding flowers do so much to establish the tone and feel of your wedding day so you’ll want them to be perfect. So, if you’re in need of some inspiration to help you to create the beautiful wedding flower bouquets that you’ve always dreamed of, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our best ideas for crafting beautiful flower bouquets for your wedding.

Beautiful Bouquet Ideas

Choose a Dramatic Shape

One way to guarantee that you’ll end up with a timeless and show-stopping bridal bouquet for your wedding is to choose a dramatic shape. There are many different popular shapes of wedding bouquets. More traditional brides might choose a structured bouquet shape such as a nosegay bouquet, pomander bouquet, or a round bouquet. However, if you want a more dramatic, romantic bouquet shape, consider a more free-flowing, bohemian shape such as a a crescent bouquet, cascade bouquet, or cascade bouquet. These bouquets are quite a bit larger than traditional bouquets, so you’ll need quite a few more blooms to create them.

Cascade Bouquet - Sola Wood Flower

Match Your Wedding Aesthetic

You should also ensure that your wedding flowers match your wedding aesthetic. To choose a wedding aesthetic, you can spend some time reviewing other wedding galleries online and photos on social media to find a style that you love. For example, you might like a romantic, modern, bohemian, western rustic, vintage, garden party, whimsical, formal, natural, tropical, holiday, historical, or art deco style for your wedding. These different styles will help you to determine the colors, sizes, and types of flowers you should be using in your wedding flower bouquets.  

Add Boho Decorations

You can add boho decorations to any floral arrangement to make them look more unique and professional. For example, you can add streamers of intricate lace or colorful ribbon that will give your bouquets a whimsical feel. These types of wedding flowers often include muted, trendy tones such as rust, dusty pink, mustard yellow, sage green, and deep browns. Large flowers and fillers not typically used in traditional bouquets such as mums, thistle, pampas grass, cattails, scabiosa pods, give the perfect boho touch. You can also include berries, citrus, and pomegranate fruit for an extra colorful look. Boho bouuqets should also include intricate details and textures, which are often found in different types of floral filler or wildflowers. 

Boho Bliss Bouquet - Sola Wood Flowers

Use Dried and Wood Flowers

Another way to create unique and lovely wedding flowers is to use dried and wood flowers. These types of flowers have been all the rage among brides over the past few years. Dried flowers are a lot more affordable than fresh flowers since they’ve been preserved and don’t need to be watered and kept alive. This means you’re left with delicate, detailed flowers in muted tones that look great in a western or neutral wedding style. To add additional volume and color to your bouquets, add wood flowers. These flowers come in a huge variety of dyed colors that aren’t available with fresh flowers. Wood flowers are modeled after fresh flowers, and are soft and flexible. They look highly realistic, but only cost a fraction of the price of fresh flowers, which makes them a great choice for your wedding flowers if you’re on a tight budget. Even dried greenery, such as dried ferns, can add gorgeous and delicate details to your floral decorations.

Go Bold with Color Choices

This upcoming wedding season, bright color palettes are projected to gain even more popularity than they had last year. Instead of playing it safe with soft pastel hues, don’t be afraid of choosing bold and brightly colored wedding flowers. This will truly make your wedding flowers the talk of the town. Barbie pink in all shades and hues is likely going to be one of the most popular color schemes of the season. You can also add bright colors like turquoise, fuschia, mustard yellow, coral, deep lilac, and more. 

Sunflower Bouquet - Sola Wood Flowers

What Types of Bouquets Will I Need for My Wedding?

So, what kinds of bouquets do you really need for your wedding? Now that you have some creative ideas in mind, this will help you to know how many bouquets you should be expecting to have, both in your budget and in your floral design plans.

Bridal Bouquet

First off, you’ll need a bridal bouquet. This is perhaps the most important floral arrangement of your entire wedding flower collection. This is the gorgeous bouquet that you’ll be holding when you walk down the aisle towards the love of your life. This bouquet should make the biggest statement out of any of your flowers, both in size and design.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

You’ll also need a number of bridesmaid bouquets for your wedding if you’re having a traditional bridal party. These bouquets are typically smaller than your bridal bouquet, but might be reminiscent of it in a few elements, like if they have similar flowers or greenery. They might also have a different design to add greater emphasis to your bridal bouquet. For example, some brides choose bridesmaid bouquets that are made entirely of greenery or that only have white flowers. This allows the bride’s bouquet to really pop.

Bridesmaid Bouquet - Sola Wood Flowers

Flower Girl Bouquet

If you’re planning on having a flower girl at your wedding, you’ll need a flower girl bouquet. These bouquets are usually delicate and small, such as a posy bouquet or pomander bouquet. This will make it easier for your flower girl to carry it, since flower girls are typically younger and might not handle a big, heavy bouquet very easily. However, this is one benefit of using wood flowers for your wedding, since they are a lot lighter and easier to handle.

Decorative Bouquets

You might also need some decorative bouquets for your wedding. For example, you might want some decorative bouquets to line the aisle for your wedding ceremony. You might also create decorative bouquets that can hang from the backs of the ceremony chairs. You can also scatter decorative bouquets about in locations such as mantles, stairways, and more to have a cohesive look. 

Centerpiece Bouquets

You’ll also likely want to have floral centerpieces for your wedding events. If you have guest tables at your wedding luncheon, rehearsal dinner, or wedding reception, you can dress them up perfectly with a gorgeous centerpiece bouquet. Depending on the size and shape of your tables, you might need multiple bouquets at every table. For a long table, you can also consider making a floral garland instead of creating so many centerpiece bouquets.