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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Wedding with Floral Decorations

If you’re getting married anytime soon, you’ve likely started thinking about how you’d like your wedding to look. Beautiful wedding floral decorations will help you to achieve the wedding look and aesthetic of your dreams. However, even if you know the color and style of flowers you’d like to have at your wedding, you’ll still need to figure out what arrangements you’ll need. This article will help you to think of creative and affordable ways to decorate your wedding with different floral arrangements. 

Creative Wedding Floral Decorations

When it comes to your wedding, there are so many different options for decorations. Depending on your personal style and wedding venue, there are various ways to decorate your wedding with unique and elegant wedding flowers. So, we’ve compiled some of our favorite creative wedding floral decoration ideas for you to peruse. We hope these inspire you to create the wedding of your dreams! For more ideas on how to decorate your wedding with creative and beautiful flowers, check out this blog article from Wedding Forward!

Florals on Wedding Signage

If you’re going to have any signs at your wedding, you can easily spruce them up with some floral arrangements. For example, you might have a seating chart, a schedule, and other signs with important directions. It is helpful to order beautiful, custom signs, but you can make them look even more gorgeous with some pretty flowers. For example, you can hook a few loose greenery sprigs to the sign’s easel, or you can use some chicken wire to create a larger arrangement that can be attached to the sign. 

Sweetheart’s Table Florals

If you’re going to have a sweetheart’s table at your wedding luncheon or reception, you might want to add some florals to beautify the setting. For example, you can place a large, overflowing garland on your table. You could also use an over-the-table floral stand to frame your seats at the sweetheart’s table with whimsical, drooping flowers.

Ceremony Floral Aisle Ideas

Your wedding ceremony will be one of the most important moments of your life. So, you should definitely create a stunning, romantic environment at the location of your wedding ceremony. You can do so by sprucing up the aisle with different types of floral decorations. For a minimalistic look, you can simply scatter rose petals or other petals down the length of the aisle. You can also line the sides of the aisle with standing floral arrangements, or mark the beginning and end of the aisle with pretty flower archways. These flowers will look gorgeous in your wedding photos. 

Dramatic Floral Centerpieces

You’ll most likely have some tables for your guests to sit at for your wedding luncheon or reception. You can decorate these tables with dramatic floral centerpieces to heighten the beauty of your venue. If you want something more simplistic, you can decorate the tables with floral bouquets in vases. For something more dramatic, you can put tall, standing arrangements on the tables, drape long garlands across the tables, or you can hang floral installations from the ceiling above the tables.

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Floral Ceiling Installations 

If you have a wedding venue with high (but accessible) ceilings, you should consider including floral ceiling installations in your plans. For example, you could create a cloud-like installation of painted baby’s breath and other delicate filler. You could also hang large wreaths from the ceiling with fishing wire. For a more romantic look, you can create an elegant and whimsical floating cloud of flowers by stringing blooms on some fishing wire or string. Each of these ceiling installations will make your venue look magical.

Wedding Floral Arch

One of the recent staples of wedding decor is the wedding floral arch. This beautiful decor piece is usually used for wedding ceremonies as a way to frame and decorate the location of the wedding ceremony. Whether you entirely coat your arch with flowers or merely add a few minimalist arrangements in the corners, you’ll surely have a gorgeous decoration for your wedding day. You can also reuse your wedding floral arch for your reception and have it as a backdrop as you’re greeting your guests. 

Repurposed Bridal Bouquets

If you want to make your wedding a little bit more frugal, you can repurpose some of your floral arrangements, such as your flower bouquets. For example, your bridesmaid bouquets can be repurposed as reception centerpieces. Your ceremony decor can also be repurposed as reception decor. This will help to make your wedding flowers more affordable. 

Floral Table Garland

If you’re on a tight floral budget and want to save some money, you can use thinner, more sparse sprigs of greenery and florals on top of a pretty table runner, such as a romantic swag of silk or chiffon. This will help your centerpiece garland to look nice and full even with fewer amounts of flowers. 

How to Choose Your Wedding Flowers

So, now that you know of the floral decorations that you’d like to have, you’ll need to choose the specific flowers to use in your decorations. if you’re wondering how you can narrow down the options available to you and decide on the wedding flowers that you’d like to have, here are a few tips to follow. 

Research Different Styles

First, you should take some time to research the different styles of wedding flowers. There are many different types of flowers that are popularly used in wedding arrangements. Wood flowers and dried flowers have been especially popular as of late. These flowers are much more affordable than fresh flowers, and they don’t have to be so carefully taken care of. In fact, wood flowers don’t need to be watered at all, and they still look realistic and feel soft and flexible. 

Choose Your Wedding Colors

Knowing the wedding colors that you’d like to use can also help you to choose the right flowers for your wedding. Certain colors can only be found in specific types of flowers, so you might have to order them to be shipped from different areas if you have your heart set on a specific style or color. Luckily, you can dye wood flowers to match your unique wedding colors. Wood flowers come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, and can be dyed to perfectly decorate your wedding.

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Visit Your Venue

You can also find inspiration for your wedding flowers by visiting your wedding venue. The aesthetic and vibe of your venue can help you to determine what types of floral arrangements you’d like to have at your wedding. For example, if your venue is small and rustic, you’ll likely have different florals compared to a venue that is large, spacious, and luxurious. Even the height of the ceilings or the layout of the venue can help you to decide what arrangements are needed.

Reference Your Budget

Most brides spend anywhere from 12% to 20% of their designated wedding budget on wedding flowers. Make sure you do the calculations to discover how much you can afford to spend on flowers. This will help you to determine if you need to save on your wedding flowers or if you can comfortably spend on your wedding flowers.