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DIY Floral Arrangements for Unique Table Centerpieces at Weddings

Congrats! You’re getting married! Let the wedding planning begin. One of the first “to-do” items on your list should be to figure out what flower arrangements you’ll need for your wedding. For example, you’ll want to have some beautiful flower arrangements to decorate any tables that you’ll have for your reception. Some gorgeous centerpiece arrangements will spruce them up to match the rest of your beautiful venue. Whether you’re DIYing your own arrangements or working with a florist, you’ll need to have some floral design ideas and inspiration ready to go.

Creative Centerpiece Ideas

Generally, you’ll have some tables at your wedding venue to help entertain your guests during your reception and/or wedding luncheon. You’ll need to have a pretty plan for your centerpiece decorations that matches your wedding aesthetic without overwhelming your table layouts. Luckily, we’ve got some great ideas for you. From classic bouquet centerpieces to bohemian details to romantic floral garlands, you’ll be sure to find something you love among these creative centerpiece ideas. So, without further ado, here are some unique table centerpieces to inspire you.

Bud Vases with Floral Sprigs

If you’re looking for a centerpiece design that is simple, minimalistic, and affordable, you’re going to love this idea. You can gather together some of your favorite sprigs of greenery and filler and small flower buds to put into some delicate bud vases. You can even thrift some different bud vases for an eclectic look. Pairing a few bud vases together with a framed picture or candle will give any table a finished look.

Large Bouquet Centerpiece (different vases terracotta pots, blue and white ceramic)

One of the classic designs for a floral centerpiece is the large bouquet centerpiece. This traditional centerpiece can be created with a large bouquet of flowers that is placed in any type of vase. You can match your flowers with your wedding colors. You can also use different types of vases, such as terracotta pots, blue and white ceramic pots, intricate crystal vases, and more. This is an easy way to create a centerpiece that matches your wedding aesthetic.

Tall Florals 

If you have a wedding venue with high ceilings, you might like to have tall floral arrangements on your tables. There are floral stands that you can place in the center of your tables that can hold floral arrangements. Make sure that you design your arrangements with draping greenery or flowers that will hang down romantically. You can even design an all-greenery arrangement, or a bohemian arrangement with large, voluminous pampas grass. You’ll love the height and drama of your tall floral arrangements.

Floral Garland Table Runner

Another popular style of centerpiece is a floral garland table runner. If you want a table runner that is more minimalistic, try placing thin, long sprigs of greenery on the table. If it looks too bare, you can place a drapery of fabric as a table runner underneath the greenery. For something more voluminous, you can make bunches of greenery and florals and piece them together along the length of your table. You can also make a more tropical version of this greenery trend by using large, tropical palm leaves.

Flower Lanterns 

If you want a more romantic centerpiece, try hopping on this trend of floral lanterns. There are lots of different types of lanterns that you can use to decorate your centerpieces. From rustic wooden lanterns to iron lanterns to delicate glass lanterns, you’ll be sure to find something that matches the aesthetic of your wedding decor. Then, you can make a wreath of florals to go around the base of the lanterns or you can use a little bit of floral foam to hook some florals to the top of the lantern. This will create a beautiful and elegant centerpiece that you’ll love to display. 

Tall Tree Branch Centerpieces (spring blossoms, tropical branches too)

Another version of the tall centerpiece trend is the tall tree branch centerpiece. To make this type of centerpiece, you’ll need some lengthy vases, floral foam, and tall, draping branches. If you’re getting married in the spring, you simply have to make these tall centerpieces with some branches of spring blossoms. You’ll end up with a fluffy, romantic arrangement full of beautiful blooms.

Wood Flowers and Boho Dried Details

If you love neutrals and natural-inspired details, you should use wood flowers and dried flowers in your centerpiece arrangements. Wood flowers have beautiful creamy colors and wood bark details that make for really interesting arrangements. Wood flowers are also great to use if you have really bright and unique wedding colors. You can dye your wood flower arrangements in all sorts of different colors with wood flower dye.

Topiaries and Potted Plants (small citrus trees)

If you aren’t into bright colors and flower arrangements, try making your centerpieces with topiaries and potted plants. This is also an eco-friendly arrangement since the plants aren’t cut and harvested like fresh flowers. You can even send your guest home with a small potted plant as a favor for attending your wedding. 

Fruit and Flowers

Another up-and-coming trend is to include fruit in your wedding arrangements. This is especially stunning in centerpieces since the different tones and textures of the fruit can be beautifully displayed for all to see. Some popular fruits that look beautiful in floral arrangements are citrus fruits, grapes, peaches, and more. You can even slice or dry your fruit. This approach is particularly successful with colorful citrus, such as blood oranges. 

Centerpiece - Sola Wood Flowers

How to DIY a Bouquet Centerpiece 

Here are some helpful tips for DIYing a bouquet centerpiece!

Prep Your Supplies

First, you’ll want to prep your supplies. Gather together your floral foam, floral tape, scissors, flowers, and greenery. Make sure to trim your flowers to size and remove any leaves or thorns that might be in the way of your arrangement. If you’re using wood flowers, add wire stems with some hot glue to prep them for your arranging.

Prep Your Vase

Next, you’ll want to get your vase ready for your centerpiece. Place floral foam or chicken wire in the bottom of your vase. If your flowers will need extra support you can also place a crossword of tape on the top of your vase. Then you’ll be ready for your flowers!

Add Florals

Start by adding your largest flowers and spread them out, leaving space for smaller flowers and filler. These flowers will be the focal point of your arrangement, and should generally showcase the main colors of your wedding color scheme. Next, you’ll add your medium-sized flowers and fill in some of the available space.

Add Filler

Next, add in floral filler such as baby’s breath. This will help to fill in any empty gaps around your flowers. It will also make your floral centerpiece look more finished and professional.

Add Greenery

Finally, you can frame your centerpiece arrangement with pieces of greenery. You can leave some long, draping pieces of greenery to droop over the edges of your centerpiece vase. If you have small, delicate sprigs of greenery you can also add them throughout the arrangement.

Finishing Touches

To finish your centerpiece, ensure that all your flowers and greenery are securely in place in the floral foam or chicken wire. Then you can add finishing touches such as long, romantic ribbons to drape down the sides of your centerpiece vase.

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