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Step-by-Step Guide on Creating a Groom's Boutonniere for the Pinning Ceremony

Let’s face it, wedding planning is a huge undertaking, and it can be easy to forget all of the plans that you need to make. After all, it is supposed to be the biggest, most special day of your life. However make sure that you don’t forget to make your wedding day a special day for your groom as well! Even though he isn’t the bride, the main focus of the moment, he’s also living a hugely important milestone in his life. One way to ensure that the day is just as meaningful for him is to help him to look his best, complete with boutonnieres that matches your wedding flowers. A specially made boutonniere will be the perfect addition to your pinning ceremony.

What is a Pinning Ceremony?

Historically, the pinning of the groom’s boutonniere has represented a binding of the two families of the bride and groom. As the groom’s boutonniere is pinned by a member of the bride’s family (if not the bride) it symbolizes their acceptance of the groom into their family through the union of marriage. This pinning ceremony might take place before, during, or after the wedding ceremony, depending on a family’s traditions and wedding day schedule. Similar to the exchanging of rings, the pinning ceremony gives the bride’s family an opportunity to welcome the groom into their lives in a closer, more special capacity. At every wedding, the groom’s boutonniere should be customized and personalized according to his personal style. This will help to make the wedding pinning ceremony even more meaningful.

How to Make a Groom Boutonniere

So, if you need to make a boutonniere for your groom, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few helpful steps to show you how to DIY your own boutonniere for your groom. Once you have these steps mastered, you can even make matching boutonnieres for your groom’s groomsmen. But first, you should think a little bit about the design of your groom’s boutonniere. A boutonniere should be small enough to fit comfortably on your groom’s lapel without drooping or falling over, but big enough that it is easily visible. You’ll want to make sure that your boutonnieres for your wedding match the rest of your wedding flowers, but they shouldn’t be too feminine and girly to the point that your room won’t want to wear them. You might also want to include special decorative elements on the boutonniere, but more on that later! 

1. Get Your Supplies Together

First, make sure you have all the supplies you’ll need to create your boutonnieres. You’ll obviously need your small flowers, floral filler, and greenery. You’ll also need supplies that will help you to secure the flowers in place, such as pins, floral tape, floral wire, floral scissors, and hot glue. 

2. Start With Your Flowers

To start making your boutonniere, you’ll gather together your flowers that you’re going to be including. Your flowers should be quite small to appropriately fit, so a fresh flower bud or a small wood flower would work well. Pinch the flowers together in your fingers and wrap the stems with some floral tape. 

3. Add Filler and Greenery

Next, add small sprigs of floral filler or greenery around your flowers and wrap them in some more floral tape. Make sure that the height of your pieces varies so the boutonniere doesn’t look too chunky. This will allow it to lay easily on your groom’s lapel.

4. Secure It All Together

You should be adding small pieces of floral tape to the boutonniere as you go, but you can wrap the stems in a little bit of floral wire to make sure they’re extra secure. Then cover the wire in another layer of floral tape for good measure. 

5. Add Decorations

Next, if you want to add any decorative elements to your boutonniere, now is the time. For example, you might want to add a little bit of ribbon to tie in your wedding colors. You might also want to add more unique elements like a pin, a pocketwatch, a figurine, or another significant item for your groom. You’ll also need to create a way for the boutonniere to be secured to your husband’s suit, so don’t forget to add a few pins or a boutonniere magnet into your design. Then you won’t be fumbling around on your wedding day, trying to get your boutonniere attached. 

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Creative Boutonniere Ideas to Help You Create The Perfect Pin for Your Groom

Now that you know the basics of how to make a boutonniere for your groom, you will need to decide how to customize it to make it extra personal for your future husband. Here are a few creative ideas to help you create the perfect pinned boutonniere for your husband.

Wood Flower Boutonnieres

You should definitely consider using wood flowers in your boutonniere-making. Wood flowers have interesting bark details and natural textures that make them feel a little more manly and woodsy. You can also dye your wood flowers into a huge variety of different colors. Also, wood flowers don’t need to be watered and kept fresh like fresh flowers. This will make your arranging process much easier, so you won’t have to do it so last minute. 

Quirky Boutonnieres

If your husband-to-be has a quirky personality or unique hobby, you can let it shine in the design of your boutonniere. There are all sorts of quirky touches you can add to his boutonniere once you’ve assembled it with a few little flowers. For example, you can add a lego minifigure, a shotgun shell, a golf tee pin, a fishing fly, a toy figurine, a scrabble piece, a steampunk accessory, or many other items that will represent his style and interests. Your groom will love to see his unique boutonniere!

Dried Flower Boutonnieres

Dried flowers often have intricate details and textures that will make the flowers look less feminine. Plus, you can personalize your dried flowers by using some spray paint, helping them to perfectly match your unique wedding colors. If you’re looking for a little bit more volume in your dried flower boutonniere, try adding a small wood flower.

Floral Filler Boutonnieres

If your future husband isn’t too excited about sporting a fluffy, flowery boutonniere, you can make a boutonniere entirely from floral filler instead. For example, your boutonniere could feature olive leaves or eucalyptus leaves along with lavender and a little bit of preserved baby’s breath. This will make his boutonniere look a little bit more masculine while still including small pops of color. 

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Now you’re ready to make your boutonniere for that special man in your life! Remember, if you need extra help in creating your boutonnieres, you can always order a boutonniere craft kit. For more inspirational boutonniere ideas, check out this blog article from