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Creative Wedding Flower Ideas to Inspire Your Big Day

Are you on the hunt for gorgeous and creative wedding flower ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place. You don’t have to settle for traditional, run-of-the-mill wedding flowers that you’ve seen again and again among other brides. Instead, you can create unique, stunning wedding flowers that will help your wedding flowers to stand out and be truly show-stopping. We want your wedding day to be all that you’ve ever dreamed of, so we’ve collected some of our favorite creative wedding flower ideas for you to review. Here are some creative ideas that will inspire you to design the perfect wedding flowers for your big day. For more creative and exciting inspo, check out this blog article from Bridal Musings! 

Creative Wedding Flower Ideas

Bold and Beautiful Bouquets

Gone are the days of structured, spherical bouquets made entirely of white roses. While these might have been considered traditional in the past, they’re becoming more and more boring as the years go by. Instead, popular bridal bouquets are now bold and beautiful, with free-flowing shapes, unique color combinations, bohemian decorative ribbon, and more. When it comes to your wedding flower bouquets, you shouldn’t skimp on style. The bouquet that you carry down the aisle will be the most important flowers that you’ll ever have, so make sure you go bold and beautiful.

Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried flowers have also become increasingly popular among brides. You can make all sorts of trendy floral arrangements with dried flowers. These flowers may be somewhat delicate since they’ve been dried and preserved, but they have huge amounts of styles. Dried flowers are incredibly detailed, and feature muted, trendy colors that have been very popular as of late. Sometimes, dried flowers don’t have a lot of volume since they’re not fresh or living. You can make your dried flower arrangements more voluminous by adding pampas grass and wood flowers.

Floating Floral Clouds

For something more dramatic and otherworldly, try creating these floating floral clouds. If your wedding venue has a high, accessible ceiling with pillars, railings, or beams, you can attach a floral installation from above using chicken wire and floral foam. Then insert your baby’s breath or other similar, delicate flowers into the wire and foam. For a magical finishing touch, you can spray paint the flowers different colors. For example, a mix of pastel colors will make your overhead floral clouds look like a stunning sunset.

Minimalistic Garlands

If you want a gorgeous garland that is budget, friendly, try this minimalistic approach. Instead of creating full, voluminous garlands, drape your long tables with some pretty fabric, and leave a few minimalistic sprigs on top as a pretty centerpiece garland. You’ll love the romantic results that you get with this approach. This is a great way to create floral centerpieces that are stylish and affordable. 

Garland - Sola Wood Flowers

Wood Wedding Flowers

Another way to save money on your wedding flowers is to use artificial flowers, like wood flowers. Wood flowers are very popular because you can buy hundreds of them in bulk for the same price that a single small bouquet of fresh flowers would cost. Wood flowers are carefully handcrafted to look and feel realistic. They come in many familiar styles including roses, daisies, chrysanthemums, and more. You can also personalize your wood flowers with tons of unique and trendy dye color combinations. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about your wood flowers wilting, fading, or dying. They’ll stay looking bold and fresh for years to come. 

Flowers and Fruit

For a unique, fresh look, try adding some different types of fruit to your wedding floral decorations. Cut, dried, and whole citrus can add gorgeous and vibrant colors to your centerpieces and arrangements. For example, you can line the sides of a clear glass centerpiece vase with slices of oranges and lemons. Grape bunches can also give your wedding romantic Italian vineyard vibes. Even fruit such as peaches can add gorgeous pops of color and texture to your flower arrangements, and they’ll be much more affordable than fresh flowers.

Gradient Floral Arrangements

If your wedding colors include a few hues in the same family, you should consider making a few gradient floral installations. You can make a stunning ombre out of your different colors of wedding flowers that will make a huge impact at your wedding venue. For example, your ceremony archway could include a range of colors from deep purple to lilac to white.

Leftover Sprig Decor

When you’re putting a good portion of your valuable wedding budget towards your wedding flowers, you should make sure you’re using every single bloom for a decorative purpose. Even the smallest floral sprig or bud can create gorgeous floral decorations. You can put small flowers in bud vases for a minimalistic but beautiful centerpiece. You can also use small sprigs of greenery or florals to spruce up the place settings for your rehearsal dinner or wedding lunch.

Maximalist Installation, Minimalist Decor

If your wedding budget is somewhat limited, don’t worry. You can still have a beautiful, Instagram-worthy wedding flowers by prioritizing the details that are most important to you. For example, if you want to have a stunning floral archway for your ceremony, consider putting most of your floral budget towards that installation and use more minimalistic ideas for the rest of your decor. This will help to stretch your budget to include more flowers.

Floral or Greenery Wall

One of our favorite wedding flower ideas is the floral wall. This piece of floral decor is fresh and trendy. You can make a wall entirely out of flowers to use as a gorgeous backdrop or photo-op spot. This is particularly easy to DIY with wood flowers, filler, and greenery. To save money, you can also create a wall entirely out of greenery instead of covering it with pricey blooms. 

Wedding Décor - Sola Wood Flowers

Hanging Mums and Carnations

If you want to use some vertical space to decorate for your wedding, consider creating these hanging mums and carnations. These types of flowers are easy to thread fishing wire through, creating a gorgeous hanging string of flowers. Create a few strings and you’ll have a beautiful curtain of hanging flowers. This idea draws some inspiration from different ethnic traditions that display carnations as a sign of luck or homage to ancestors who have passed on. You can create streamers thick with carnations or leave them a little more spaced out for a magical, floating effect. 

Giant Wreath Backdrop

If your reception or ceremony is going to be held indoors, you can hang a giant wreath as a backdrop for your special moment. Your giant wreath can be used creating a large hoop form, chicken wire, a bunch of greenery, and a few scattered flowers. This backdrop is sure to make a huge impact at your wedding.

Rustic Floral Buckets

If you’re having a rustic, country wedding, consider including these rustic floral buckets in your wedding floral decor. Place bunches of gorgeous flowers in rustic wooden or metal buckets for a fun, romantic look. This will make you feel like you’ve entered a floral farmer’s market. This is also a great way to reuse your flowers and save money, as you can give your guests these flowers at the end of your wedding day as a favor or gift.