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How to Craft Boho-Style Flower Crowns for Your Wedding

Everyone has their own personal wedding style that they’ve always dreamed of bringing into reality. For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to have some stunning wedding flowers for you and your bridesmaids, or other members of your bridal party. If you’re looking to design or DIY your own gorgeous bohemian flower crowns for your wedding, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our best tips and tricks on how to create flower crowns that will perfectly match a trendy, bohemian aesthetic. 

What is the Boho Wedding Style?

If you’re just getting started planning your wedding and are still learning about the many different wedding styles available to you, you might be wondering what the boho wedding styles really is. Boho home decor is defined as an eclectic aesthetic that mixes different textures, colors, and patterns. Usually, the bohemian style places great emphasis and value on eco-friendly elements, derived directly from nature. So, when you take these concepts and apply them to wedding decor, you end up with an incredibly unique, intricate design that will wow you and your guests. That being said, the boho wedding style can’t be simply defined by a certain color scheme. There are lots of different, unique color schemes that can fit within the boho style. Essentially, you can create your own boho wedding style that includes your favorite flowers, colors, and designs. Here are just a few suggestions of elements that you could include in your personalized boho wedding style. 

  • Muted-colored flowers
  • Long, raw-edged ribbons
  • Unique color combos with earthy-inspired colors (think lavender and turquoise, mustard and coral, poppy and blush, rust and terracotta, etc.)
  • Loose, unstructured shaped arrangements
  • Unique, natural elements (palm leaves, feathers, wheat, etc.)

What Are the Best Boho Flowers?

Before you learn how to create your own DIY boho flower crown, you’ll need to know what floral supplies you’ll need to get started. You’ll also need to learn which are the best bohemian-style flowers to use in such a wedding craft. Once you’ve learned about these different types of bohemian flowers, you’ll be able to choose the blooms that match your personal vision for your wedding. Here are a few ideas of the best types of boho wedding flowers.

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are one of the most popular types of bohemian flowers and for good reason. When you search “bohemian wedding flowers” in a search engine, many of the pictures that show up will include dried flowers. Dried flowers have been carefully preserved, fading their original colors to trendy, muted color tones that brides are crazy about. Dried flowers may not have the original fullness and softness that fresh flowers have, but they do have intricate details and trendy textures that look incredible in wedding flowers. Pampas grass, lavender, statice, yarrow, bunny tails, and ruscus are all popular dried flower choices.

Wood Flowers

Wood flowers are created from natural, preserved tapioca roots and hand-shaped into realistic flower shapes. Since their natural color is a creamy white, they’re the perfect canvas to be painted and dyed to match any unique wedding color scheme. Wood flowers look gorgeous when paired with dried flowers since they have similar colors and textures, but they also add more volume to any dried flower arrangement. Best of all, you can buy wood flowers in bulk, which makes them super easy to use in DIY crafts, especially when you’re trying to make a flower crown.


Wildflowers are also a popular choice for bohemian-style wedding flowers. Wildflowers grow naturally in all sorts of bright colors, making them perfect for unique wedding color schemes. There are many different types of wildflowers, in a large variety of sizes and styles. The only issue you might run into while using wildflowers is that they might not always be in season, or they might not grow locally, which will make them more expensive to you.

Floral Filler and Greenery

One essential part of creating a bohemian flower arrangement such as a flower crown is to use floral filler and greenery. Floral filler and greenery can help to add a lot of variety of texture to your flower crowns. It can also give it a good base for your other flowers, with depth and small details that will be built upon perfectly with other flowers. Eucalyptus, wax flower, baby’s breath, and other fillers are usually popular choices for wedding flowers.

How To Make a Flower Crown - Sola Wood Flowers

How to Make a DIY Boho-Style Flower Crown

Now that you know what supplies you’ll need to make your flower crown, you’re ready to learn the steps necessary for your DIY process. Here are our favorite tips to help you make a DIY boyo-style flower crown. If you’re making multiple boho flower crowns for members of your bridal party, consider hosting a flower arrangement-making party once you have all your supplies. There is no better way to look forward to your wedding together! Remember, if you’re using fresh flowers, you’ll need to arrange them as soon before your wedding as possible to keep the flowers fresh. If you use dried or wood flowers, you won’t have to worry about them wilting. For more tips, check out our blog article from Sola School on essential boho inspiration for your wedding floral arrangements.

1. Prep Your Flowers and Greenery 

First, you’ll want to start your flower crown-making craft by prepping your flowers and greenery. If you’re using wood flowers, add stems to your wood flowers, making them easier to attach to your crown. Next, you’ll want to cut down your floral filler and greenery stems to the right size. You can also remove any unnecessary leaves, thorns, or stems that might be in the way.

2. Prep Your Crown Base

Next, you’ll want to prep your crown base to start your arranging. If you don’t have a crown base accessible to you, don’t worry. You can make one out of some floral wire and floral tape. Just measure your head and cut your floral wire to the right size. Then wrap it with at least one layer of floral tape. This will give you a good base as you start attaching all of your flowers, filler, and greenery. Make sure you leave a small portion of wire at each end.

3. Start With Focal Flowers

The first flowers you’ll add to your flower crown will be your focal flowers. Focal flowers should be your largest flowers. They should generally show off your favorite colors since they’ll be the focal point of your flower crown. Attach each stem at spaced-out intervals, wrapping floral tape around the stems to secure them.

4. Add Smaller Flowers

Next, add your smaller flowers in between each of your focal flowers. Try to add them at different lengths and angles so the crown will have a nice shape and variety to it. Again, secure each stem with some floral tape.

5. Fill in With Filler and Greenery

You can fill in the gaps in your floral crown with delicate floral filler and stunning sprigs of greenery. Make sure that none of your sprigs are too large, as they might droop down over your face or hair. 

6. Add Loops and Ribbon

Once all of your florals are securely in place, you’ll just need to add some loops and ribbon, making your flower crown easy to wear. The very end of your floral wire should be sticking out. Use these portions to create small loops that you can tie your ribbon to. Then you can use the ribbon to tie a bow around the back of your head. These loops are essential if you want your crowns to stay in place, but it also makes them easy to change sizes for different people.