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Boho Inspiration for Your Sola Wood Flower Wedding Arrangements

katiHere are a few types of flowers that you should use to create the perfect boho wedding floral arrangements with your Sola Wood Flowers.

Are you a free-spirited creative that is looking for a whimsical vibe for your wedding floral arrangements? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Sola Wood Flowers has all of the flowers, greenery, and fillers that you’ll need to create the ideal bohemian florals. But first, take a minute and learn about the boho aesthetic so you can create your own personalized bohemian wedding style.

Boho Wedding Style

You might ask, what is boho style? Bohemian style draws on inspiration from bohemian, hippie, and outdoorsy fashions and traditions. It usually includes a juxtaposition of different textures, patterns, colors, and materials in a somewhat nonchalant and thrown-together look. That eclectic mixture of elements, however, is totally intentional and carefully planned. Often, the patterns, colors, and materials used are natural, or inspired by nature, giving the boho style an interesting earthly feel.

Types of wedding flowers

So, what do boho wedding flowers look like? Business Weddings has created a guide to boho wedding flowers that defines different trends you should include if you’re trying to achieve a boho aesthetic. They show that boho weddings are a little more free, wild, and woodsy than traditional weddings. They often involve earthy tones in their color schemes and lots of interesting textures. Colors like mustard yellow, rusty red, forest green, turquoise, and pale pink are popular for boho styles. Boho flowers look more like a bunch of wildflowers gathered together on a mountainous stroll than a perfectly coiffed sphere of flowers used for wedding bouquets. Since the bohemian style has such freedom when it comes to colors, textures, and flowers, it is the perfect style to adopt if you want an individualized style that will feel true to your personality.

Using Sola Wood Flowers is the perfect way to achieve a bohemian wedding aesthetic. Sola Wood Flowers are made out of natural materials and already have an effortless woodsy look. There are lots of different color schemes and themes that make up the wedding flower types available at Sola Wood Flowers. If you’re trying to find a boho style that feels cohesive and on-trend, you can shop flowers by wedding theme. You can explore the different wedding themes and pick your favorite styles. Then, you can mix and match different styles to create bouquets and arrangements that are natural, flowing, and romantic.

Boho wedding flower types

So, what flowers fit the boho style best? Dahlias, sunflowers, wildflowers, and daisies are usually popular bohemian flower choices, especially when they’re paired with natural-looking greenery. But really, any type of flower can be made to look boho. Even roses, which are traditionally used in formal, stiff arrangements can look boho if they’re thrown together with a variety of other flowers and arranged so their petals look a little more wild and natural. However, there are some types of wedding flowers that are traditionally known as bohemian. You should definitely keep these types of flowers in mind when you’re trying to get some inspiration for your Sola Wood Flower arrangements. Here are just a few boho flower suggestions.

Wedding flower types


Wildflowers grow in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Wildflower fields grow naturally uninhibited without being cared for. Poppies, cornflowers, daisies, and primrose are common types of wildflowers. Many wildflowers are small and grow in colors such as blue, violet, green, and orange. These colors aren’t usually seen in flower gardens, making wildflowers feel very creative and free. There are lots of wedding flowers for you to choose from at Sola Wood Flowers that will resemble the different sizes and textures of wildflowers. If you want your Sola Wood Flower arrangements to look like wildflowers, choose from the large variety of dyes to get the perfect color palette. 

Textured Fillers

You should also draw inspiration from boho fillers when arranging your Sola Wood Flowers. Baby’s breath is commonly used as a filler in traditional flower arrangements. When trying to make your bouquets more boho, try adding something that resembles wheat and other textured grasses. This can make your bouquet have greater visual depth and texture. You could also look for a filler that looks like blue thistle or lettuce fern to add interesting shapes and shades to your bouquet. These boho fillers will help your bouquet feel finished and full. Feel free to add other fillers, such as lavender, heather spray, and pixie cotton to add fun little pops of color. If you’re looking for some larger leaved fillers, try preserved salal, silver dollar eucalyptus, or platys foliage. These fillers are available at Sola Wood Flowers and bring a natural, earthy feel to any floral arrangement.

Boho dried flowers

Dried Florals

Some types of wedding flowers that have been popular recently are dried florals like pampas grass, bunny tails, and strawflowers. Dried florals create the perfect neutral backdrop for a desert boho floral arrangement. These neutrals look stunning during any season since they can be perfectly paired with a variety of accent floral colors such as blush, rust, sage, or even baby blue. If you’re in love with the dried floral trend, you’ve come to the right place. Sola Wood Flowers fit perfectly with this aesthetic since their flowers are made of dried tapioca root. This makes them fit in seamlessly with other dried florals, creating an arrangement that will never wilt or die since it is already carefully preserved. 

boho wedding flowers

Boho Flowers in Every Season

So, are you looking for the perfect boho flowers for your wedding? Sola Wood Flowers can help, no matter what season you’re going to be getting married in. There is no better place to find natural, dried, long-lasting flowers that will match any style or aesthetic. Shop the different Sola Wood Flowers collections to find your favorite colors and textures. Once you’ve found the look you’ve been wanting, you can have the Sola Wood Flower team assemble your florals, or order them from the DIY collection and assemble them yourself as a fun craft. Either way, you’ll be able to achieve your dream boho aesthetic by shopping with Sola Wood Flowers today. Click here to get started with wedding flowers supplied by Sola Wood Flowers.

Flowers used for wedding bouquets