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How to Make Your Own Wedding Bouquet with Sola Wood Flowers

Learn how to make your own wedding bouquet that is beautiful, personalized, and on-trend with bouquet kits supplied by Sola Wood Flowers. 

Have you ever wanted to tackle making your wedding bouquet by yourself? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Sola Wood Flowers can supply you with a huge variety of dried flowers, fillers, and greenery that will help you to put together your dream bouquet. But first, you need to learn the basics about wedding bouquets and find a few wedding bouquet ideas. Here are a few helpful tips and tricks that will help you to create a wedding bouquet that is dreamy and Insta-worthy. 

Wedding bouquet ideas

Types of Wedding Bouquets

First of all, before you jump into creating your own wedding bouquet, it is important to understand that there are different types of wedding bouquets. These different types are made up of specific shapes and aesthetic styles that are distinct and individual. Make sure that you understand the different types of wedding bouquets that you have to choose from. identifies all the different types of wedding bouquets that you can choose from. Here are some simplified definitions of their included types:

  • Nosegay: A small, simple arrangement of a few stems of a certain bloom.
  • Pomander: A ball-shaped floral arrangement hanging from a ribbon or bracelet.
  • Posy: A traditional, sphere-shaped bouquet with minimum foliage. 
  • Round: A classic, sphere-shaped bouquet that includes one type of flower (often roses).
  • Hand-Tied: A romantic bouquet featuring different colors and lengths of flowers tied up by a rustic ribbon or lace. 
  • Asymmetrical: A bouquet that isn’t even on both sides, with one side being intentionally higher and made up of different flowers and foliage than the other side.
  • Crescent: A bouquet made with drooping greenery and flowers that curve downwards on both sides in a nonchalant manner.
  • Cascading: A bouquet that forms a floral waterfall down from the bride’s clasped hands, often made with cascading orchids.
  • Pageant: A longer, skinnier bouquet that is held by leaning or cradling in one arm. 
  • Composite: A bouquet that appears to be one very large flower, but that flower is really formed of different pieces and blooms of the same type of flower.
  • Single-Stem: A simplistic bouquet made of one large flower paired with a little bit of greenery or fillers that look like a “single stem.”
  • Hoop: An arrangement of flowers with lots of greenery on a circular hoop that can be carried almost like a purse or basket.
  • Dried Flower: A bouquet made out of dried flowers and fillers.

So, your first step in creating your own wedding bouquet will be to select a wedding bouquet type. Then you’ll be ready to move on to aesthetics, styles, and specific flowers. Make sure that you reference these different types on as you’re looking for wedding bouquet ideas. 

Bouquet Aesthetic Styles

Once you’ve decided on which type of wedding bouquet you’d like to create, it is time to choose an aesthetic style for your bouquet of flowers for your wedding. Bouquet aesthetic styles are made up of certain colors, textures, and pairings that fall under a designated label or term. For example, you could create a boho bouquet, which is often made of lots of different colors, earthy textures, and natural touches in a wild, flowing arrangement. Or you could create a simplistic, traditional bouquet with white roses, baby’s breath, and classic greenery formed in a sphere shape. If you’re getting married around Christmas, you could create a holiday-style bouquet The great news is that Sola Wood Flowers can provide you with flowers and fillers that will match any bouquet aesthetic style. If you’re looking for a certain style aesthetic for your wedding bouquet, select the “shop by theme” option for the Sola Wood Flowers wedding kits.

Bouquet of flowers for your wedding

How to Make a Wedding Bouquet

Here are a few simple steps that will teach you how to make a wedding bouquet with Sola Wood Flowers. Remember to include each of these steps as you’re assembling your wedding bouquet. Also, make sure to practice before your big day by using your Sola Wood Flowers to form bouquets.

Main Flowers

You’ll start off your bouquet by adding your few main flowers. These flowers are usually some of the biggest in your bouquet and might include one or two of the main colors from your color scheme. The main flowers will be the focal point of your bouquet. 

How to make a wedding bouquet

Accent Flowers

Once you have your main flowers gathered, start adding in some accent flowers. You’ll likely have a few different types of accent flowers that come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. These accent flowers should complement the main flowers. You’ll start to see your bouquet vision coming together at this stage, but your bouquet won’t look quite full enough yet.


Next, add in some fillers to help add some volume and richness to your bouquet. Fillers can be anything from dried pampas grass to eucalyptus to wheatgrass to pixie cotton. Fillers function similarly to greenery but often add a pop of color and texture to your bouquet as well. Check out the popular faux and preserved bouquet fillers that Sola Wood Flowers has to offer.

Wedding bouquet


Finally, add your greenery. Popular types of greenery are eucalyptus, olive branches, myrtle, and fern. You should have a bit of greenery mixed throughout your bouquet, but the majority of your greenery will frame the outside of the bouquet regardless of your bouquet type. You can choose from the faux and preserved greenery at Sola Wood Flowers, or you could even add a bit of live greenery to your bouquet on your wedding day.


Now you’re ready to add some accessories to your bouquet! Make sure to tie it together with a string or rubber band. Then, add some lace, silk ribbon, or burlap around the stems. Some brides even glue pearls or gemstones to the ribbon on their bouquets. Make sure to personalize your bouquet as you put on the accessories and finishing touches.

Wedding bouquet kits
If you’re still wondering how to make a wedding bouquet, choose one of Sola Wood Flowers’ stunning wedding bouquet kits. These carefully prepared sets paired with online tutorials will lead you through a simple process to create your trendy, personalized wedding bouquet. Putting together your own wedding bouquet can be a meaningful and sentimental project. Soon, you’ll have your dream wedding bouquet that you’ll be able to admire for years to come as you remember your big day.