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How to Make the Perfect Spring Blossom DIY Wedding Bouquet with Sola Wood Flowers

Calling all spring brides! Learn how to make the perfect romantic spring wedding bouquet with DIY kits from Sola Wood Flowers.

Are you a spring bride that is looking to make your own dreamy wedding bouquet? Spring is already such a magical time, with the world coming back to life again after the cold winter. There are so many gorgeous blossoms and flowers that bloom in spring that will create a magical, natural backdrop for your wedding. But you can’t forget your bouquet and any other floral installations that you’ll need for your wedding! Here are a few tips that will teach you how to make a DIY wedding bouquet for your spring wedding. 

Spring Bouquet Inspiration

Before you get started pulling flowers and blooms together into a bouquet, take some time to get inspired! Spring bouquets and florals often call for fluffy blooms, pastel flowers with pops of colors, and lively greenery. has collected 42 different stunning spring bouquets that will get you feeling creative and inspired. There are lots of different bouquet styles for you to appreciate. There are overflowing bouquets made with hydrangeas, lilies, and peonies, and traditional bouquets made with fluttering romantic roses. There are even bouquets made with daisies and eucalyptus with a pop of blue for the boho bride. These different bouquets will help you to get some ideas of color schemes, styles, and textures that you’d like for your spring wedding bouquet. Then, you’ll be able to apply this inspiration to your DIY wedding bouquet. 

DIY wedding bouquets

What Kind of Spring Bride are You?

Once you’ve found some inspiration pictures, it is time to decide what kind of spring bride you’d like to be. Do you want to be a boho bride with a natural, full bouquet with lots of colors? Or do you want to be a classic bride with round bouquets made out of white and pink roses and greenery? Maybe you want to lean fully into the spring setting of your wedding and draw inspiration from spring flowers like apricot and cherry blossoms paired with fluffy peonies. No matter what kind of spring bride you are, make sure that your wedding bouquet reflects the natural beauty and life of springtime, as well as your own delightful personality.

Luckily, Sola Wood Flowers has naturally made, dried wood flowers that will delight any kind of spring bride. In order to find the best products to match your desired spring aesthetic, use the shop by theme feature. This feature will break down the Sola Wood Flowers products into different themes, such as Hacienda Rose, Modern Moody, Silver Sage, and Sunflower Daze. This will make it easier to find your desired flowers. Spend some time browsing that shop by theme section to figure out which flowers you’d like to use to make your DIY wedding bouquet.

Wedding bouquet kits

DIY Wedding Bouquets

Now, it is time to get ready to put together your own DIY wedding bouquet. If you want to explore all the different floral products that Sola Wood Flowers has to offer, get started here. This page will introduce the different wedding flower styles and collections, as well as the different processes that are offered to get your wedding bouquet from Sola Wood Flowers. You can mix and match different styles to end up with a unique, personalized, spring bouquet. 

Even if you’ve never made floral bouquets before, Sola Wood Flowers can supply you with DIY wedding bouquet kits that will prepare you for success. In these DIY kits, you’ll be given all of the flowers, stems, greenery, and fillers that you need to create a unique and beautiful bouquet. You’ll also be given some helpful tools, such as floral wire, tape, or string, that will also be helpful in your creative process. The best part about working with Sola Wood Flowers is that they’ll never die. Sola Wood Flowers are made from dried tapioca plant roots, so they have great longevity and will last almost forever as long as you take care of them. This means that you can spend lots of time practicing, shaping, and rearranging your bouquet until you find the perfect presentation of your blooms. You won’t have to worry about these blooms wilting!

If you’re feeling like you need a bit more hands-on help with your DIY wedding bouquet kits, don’t worry. Here are a few steps that will help you to know how to make DIY wedding bouquets. 

DIY wedding bouquet kits

How to Assemble a Wedding Bouquet

1. Prepare Your Blooms

First off, get your blooms and greenery ready to be assembled. With live blooms, you’d need to remove any excess leaves and fluff out the petals. With Sola Wood Flowers, you’ll want to attach your wood flowers to their wire stems using the floral tape that you’ve been given. If you have faux or preserved fillers for your bouquet, you’ll want to cut them down to the right size by splitting up large stems of fillers. 

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2. Assemble Your Flowers

Next, assemble your flowers. You’ll want to start off with your main flowers, which will function as a focal point of your bouquet. These flowers usually have some of your favorite colors from your color scheme. Next, add your smaller flowers that have pretty accent colors. Make sure that you don’t have too many of the same color or flower next to each other. This will help your bouquet to look coordinated and creative without looking unnatural. 

3. Add Fillers and Greenery

After you’ve arranged your flowers, it is time to add fillers and greenery. Sola Wood Flowers has many different types of faux and preserved fillers that you can add to your bouquet for a nice, full effect. You might choose grabia, leather leaf, or pixie cotton to add some volume to your bouquet. Fillers and greenery also help to tie the different hues of your color scheme together. Once you have everything arranged precisely how you’d like, secure it all together with a tight rubber band or string.

How to make DIY wedding bouquet kits

4. Don’t Forget Finishing Touches

Your bouquet will be looking gorgeous at this point, but don’t forget to add the finishing touches! Remember, your wedding bouquet will be immortalized in countless wedding photos, so it is important that you add those finishing touches so it looks its best. Silk ribbon, lace, and sparkly accents can go a long way to bring your entire look together. 

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