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A Guide to Affordable Wedding Flowers Without Draining Your Wallet 2024

Every bride has spent years dreaming of what their wedding would look like. They’ve imagined and planned every single detail including the dress, the food, the venue, and most importantly, the flowers. Wedding flowers have been a huge tradition and element of weddings for hundreds of years. They set the romantic tone for the entire wedding ceremony, and add delicate and graceful decorations to the reception. Flowers reflect the beauty of the bride and symbolize the pureness of the love between the bride and groom. These beautiful blooms can also show off a bit of your personality with different colors and aesthetics.


Now that you’ve got your heart set on having beautiful flowers for your wedding, here’s a taste of reality. You’ll need to pay for your wedding flowers on a budget. As a bride, you’re not only going to be worrying about paying for your own bouquet. You’ll need to pay for all of your bridesmaids’ bouquets. You will also need to pay for the boutonniere for your groom and his groomsmen. Then, your parents, in-laws, and grandparents will probably each want a special corsage for the day. You can’t forget your ceremony floral decorations, such as a beautiful arch installation, or florals that line the aisle. You’ll also probably want floral table centerpieces, flowers on your wedding cake, and other decorations scattered around your reception venue. Not to mention the fact that if you have a bridal photoshoot prior to your wedding day, you’ll need to order an additional bouquet and boutonniere. Needless to say, there are a ton of flowers that you need to take into consideration, and those flowers start adding up in price very quickly. 

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Average Wedding Flower Costs

Have you ever wondered how much money you should be budgeting for your wedding flowers? The Knot documents the average pricing of wedding flowers and says that in 2021, brides spend an average of $2,300 on their wedding flowers. Economic inflation and supply chain crisis haven’t done anything to help the price of live flowers either. The average in 2020 was $2,000, and the average in 2019 was $1,800, so pricing has definitely been rising due to influences that are beyond your control. This can be a frustrating piece of news to receive, especially if you’ve always dreamed of having extensive floral installations and arrangements at your wedding.

So, here comes the big question. Can you have a gorgeous wedding with elegant bouquets, classy boutonnieres, and dreamy floral installations without breaking the bank? Luckily, the answer to that question is yes! Here are a few tips that will help you save on your wedding flowers.

How to Have Affordable Wedding Flowers

If you’re looking to have beautiful wedding flowers on a budget, know that you have options available to you. You don’t need to go into debt or force your parents to pay an inordinate amount of money just to have the wedding flowers you’ve always dreamed of. 

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Cut Down on Florals

One way to have affordable wedding flowers is to cut down on the different florals at your wedding. Choose certain installations that you can go without, like the huge archway installation at the altar. Use a few key floral arrangements instead. You can also simplify your florals. Certain flowers are cheaper than others. For example, daisies, baby’s breath, and greenery are cheaper than a bouquet of full roses. So, you can simplify certain items, like your bridesmaids’ bouquets to save money. However, if you cut down too much on your florals, it could look tacky or unfinished. If you only have a few scattered table arrangements, or if you don’t give your bridesmaids bouquets, it might look like your wedding flowers haven’t been well planned or completed. So, cutting down on your florals might not always be the best option.

Shop at Sola Wood Flowers

A better alternative to cutting back on your florals is to buy your wedding flower at Sola Wood Flowers. Sola Wood Flowers creates beautiful and inexpensive wedding flowers that have been beloved by thousands of brides and customers. You can achieve your dream floral aesthetic with wedding flowers on a budget by using Sola Wood Flowers. 

Sola Wood Flowers are designed to be affordable and long-lasting. The average cost of most live flower bridal bouquets is around $250. With Sola Wood Flowers, you can get a beautiful, customized bouquet starting around $60. Unlike live blooms, they won’t wilt or die. That design element alone will already save you a significant amount of money since you won’t need to be replacing wilted flowers throughout the day, or ordering multiple bridal bouquets for your bridal photoshoot. 

Sola Wood Flowers floral products are naturally made out of tapioca root. The root is carefully dried, prepared, and formed to create unique flowers that vary in size and design. These flowers imitate the natural formations and designs of live flowers and can be dyed in any shade. If you have a unique style and want a combination of colors that might not be normally available with live flowers, you’ll be a perfect bride for Sola Wood Flowers. With live flowers, you’ll have to pay extra for certain shades or styles that aren’t readily in season in your area. You won’t have to worry about this complication when you buy Sola Wood Flowers. 

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You can shop for all different colors and styles by browsing the Shop by Theme section. There are all sorts of trendy bouquets that are carefully curated by floral stylists in this section. You’ll be sure to find a theme and style that matches your wedding colors and vibes. This is a great way to get the colors and aesthetic of the flowers that you want without paying extra for specific styles or shades. 

If you’re a crafty bride that loves DIY projects, take some time to explore the DIY section on the Sola Wood Flower website. Sola Wood Flowers can provide you with custom bouquet kits that will have all of the different pieces that you need to create a gorgeous, trendy bouquet. This can be such a meaningful and memorable craft for you to do in preparation for your wedding day. The best part of all is that you’ll be able to have that carefully crafted bouquet as a keepsake that you can display and enjoy in the future. There is no better way to commemorate your wedding day than by keeping your wedding flowers on display in your home.