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Wooden Wedding Flowers or Fresh Flowers? What Should You Use for Your Wedding?

Are you recently engaged and planning your wedding? If so, you’ll know that you have a ton of decisions on your plate when it comes to your big day. It can feel overwhelming to plan for every little detail of your wedding, especially when you don’t feel like you’ve explored all of the options available to you. Add financial stress and budgeting on top of all those worries and you’re on your way to a bridal meltdown. 

So, this article will clear up one of your primary wedding planning decisions: the flowers. You’ll learn about the difference between using fresh flowers and wooden wedding flowers. Best of all, these suggestions will help you to save money and end up with the romantic floral aesthetic that you’ve always dreamed of having on your wedding day.

Wooden wedding flowers

Fresh Flowers Vs. Wood Wedding Flowers

The draw of fresh flowers is pretty obvious. They look beautiful, smell wonderful, and add a soft, dainty decoration to your wedding that goes perfectly with that gorgeous dress you’ve just bought. Fresh flowers can be spectacularly arranged to complement different styles. Depending on the season, you can also use winter berries, spring blossoms, summer blooms, or fall florals that will help to bring a cohesive and timely look to your wedding. 

So maybe you’ve always pictured having thousands of fresh flowers at your wedding. You want them to line the aisle, frame the altar, and add pops of color and elegance to your reception venue. There is nothing wrong with wanting a beautiful wedding, but you need to understand that comes with a very literal cost. The Knot documents that in 2021, the average cost of fresh wedding flowers was $2,300. Remember, that is an average price. This isn’t just referring to super extravagant, rich weddings. So, depending on your budget size, you might realize that you need to cut back costs on your wedding flowers. The perfect solution for you will be to switch to wood flowers. 

In recent years, alternatives to fresh flowers have been gaining popularity. Wood flowers are seen as one of the best alternatives since they are natural, environmentally friendly, customizable, and affordable. Choosing to use wood flowers can save you hundreds of dollars on your bridal bouquet alone. Think about all of the money you could save on all of your other arrangements! Wood flowers can be dyed any color and shaped into many different creative forms. So, if you have a particular color scheme or type of flower that you’re looking for, wood flowers could be perfect for you.

Sola Wood Flowers are a stunning and affordable option for brides that want wooden wedding flowers. Since Sola Wood Flowers products are made out of carefully dried and formed tapioca root, they have a long-lasting beauty that will be functional before and after your wedding. The stylists at Sola Wood Flowers are experts at making beautiful, unique bouquets and arrangements that are current with wedding industry trends. There are different styles and aesthetics divided into themes for easy viewing and comparison. Click here to view the Shop by Theme collection to browse some beautiful blooms.  

So, every bride, no matter if she has a traditional, boho, or seasonal style will be able to find flowers that she loves at Sola Wood Flowers. Check out the Done for You section on the Sola Wood Flowers website to browse different arrangements that you can have shipped right to your doorstep!

How to Use Sola Wood Flowers

There are countless ways to use sola wood flowers to create gorgeous wedding decorations. You’ll be saving so much on each flower arrangement, you might just want to add in a few more ideas because they’ll fit your budget with wood flowers. Here are a few suggestions that you should keep in mind:

On Your Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes with fresh flowers can be beautiful. However, when you have fresh flowers on your wedding cake, you’ll have to worry about them wilting. They won’t be connected to a water source or misted regularly as your other arrangements will. Especially if your cake is displayed outdoors, where heat and humidity can reach it, your flowers probably won’t be looking very fresh by the time you cut the cake at the end of the night. 

You can solve this issue by decorating your wedding cake with flowers made of wood, like Sola Wood Flowers. These wood flowers will look beautiful all night long, and won’t leave any residue on your cake, such as pollen. You can add floral fillers or greenery to create an elegant cake decoration. 

Sola wood flower cake
For Table Decorations

When you’re preparing the decorations for your luncheon or reception, don’t forget about the tables! A beautiful floral centerpiece can go a long way when it comes to table decorations. Especially if you’re on a budget, don’t feel like you have to create a giant floral sculpture. A simple but stylish arrangement can help your tables to look stunning.

In Your Boutonnieres

In all your excitement to get your bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, don’t forget about the men in your life! You can use Sola Wood Flowers to create stylish boutonnieres that any man would be excited to wear and show off. Since wood flowers can be formed and dyed in natural, rustic-looking colors, your groom and groomsmen will feel confident wearing these boutonnieres. 

Wooden boutonniere

For Ceremony Decorations

Since using Sola Wood Flowers will save your budget, you won’t have to skimp on ceremony decorations. You can have the beautiful floral arch that you’ve been dreaming of. You can line your aisle with mini wood flower arrangements, or tie floral arrangements to the backs of the ceremony chairs with rustic ribbon or silk. Don’t forget to have floral arrangements scattered about the ceremony venue for guests to see as they walk in. For example, put some wooden flowers around the seating chart and by the drink bar. This will make the entire area feel cohesive and fantasy-like.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to creatively decorate with wooden wedding flowers, check out the Sola Wood Flowers blog with wedding decor ideas. There you’ll find everything from photo booth backdrop ideas to wedding centerpiece tutorials to instructions for making the perfect flower girl basket. 

One of the best parts of using wood flowers to create beautiful wedding decorations is that they won’t be dead by the time the wedding is over. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy your long-lasting wood flowers for years to come. Once your celebrations have finished, you can even gift your wood flower decorations to your wedding guests as special memorabilia of your wedding day.