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Wedding Flower Types to Create a Rustic Dried Wedding Bouquet

If you’ve been planning your wedding this year, you’ve probably noticed the neutral, rustic dried flower bouquets that have been dominating wedding trends. These Instagram-worthy arrangements are usually made up of wedding flower types that are white, taupe, blush, and other neutral colors that have been dried and preserved. Dried flower bouquets started becoming popular recently, especially in western desert wedding settings, particularly elopements. However, they quickly gained popularity in all sorts of wedding settings because they’re beautiful, trendy, and affordable. If you’re getting married soon, you should definitely hop on this trend and use dried and wood flowers for your wedding flowers.

Why Choose Dried and Wood Flowers

If you’ve ever felt guilty about spending thousands of dollars on fresh flowers for your wedding, dried flowers and wooden flowers are the perfect solutions for you. Fresh flowers look beautiful, but they’re increasingly expensive because of high demand and supply chain issues. Plus, there is nothing more frustrating than spending a good portion of your wedding budget on your fresh flowers only to have them wilt halfway through your wedding day. Dried flowers and wood flowers are a lot more affordable than fresh flowers. So, rather than minimizing your floral decorations and skimping on bouquets to afford your fresh flowers, choose dried and wood flowers. You’ll be able to have all of the different floral decorations that you’ve dreamed of having at your wedding while still staying within your floral budget. 

So, if you want to save money on your wedding flowers and stay on-trend with your wedding florals and aesthetics, choose to do arrangements made of dried and wood flowers. Now that you’ve ruled out live flowers, you’ll need to know which types of dried and wood flowers you should include in your arrangements to achieve a beautiful wedding look. There are so many types of dried wedding flowers to choose from. Any bride, no matter what her personal style is, will be able to find beautiful dried flowers that she loves. As you’re trying to plan for your ideal dried flower wedding arrangements, there are lots of wedding flower types that you should keep in mind.

Wedding flower types

Types of Dried Flowers shares some of the most popular dried flowers that are must-haves for any bride. Their article shows that there are so many types of wedding flowers that will fit this trend. They include a variety of wedding bouquets that aren’t only limited to blush and taupe tones. Rust, baby blue, mustard, sage, mauve, and turquoise are just a few other shades that are achievable with dried flowers. So, if you’re a boho bride with a colorful color scheme for your wedding, don’t worry. Dried and wood flowers can still work for you! Here are a few favorite dried types of flowers for weddings.


If you’re looking for a lacey filler flower that will drape down from your bouquets or arrangements, amaranthus could be perfect for you. It comes in a variety of shades but is most often used in shades of white or cream. 

Billy Buttons

Billy buttons are perfect for the boho bride. They are small oval-like flowers that are popularly used in mustard shades but are also available in colors such as blush, gray, cream, brown, etc. If you need a filler flower that will add fun texture and color to your arrangement, billy buttons are perfect. 


Hydrangea is a popular live flower for spring weddings, but it can also be used as a dried flower. Hydrangeas have lots of small, delicate petals that build together in elegant, fluffy bunches, so they add great volume to a dried arrangement.

Dried Palms

Dried palms are one of the main florals that have made dried flowers so popular. Dried palm spears can add height and structure to your bouquet with their diagonal lines, striking textures, and beautiful colors. It won’t take much to hop on this trend, even just one dried palm spear can elevate your bouquet significantly.


Eucalyptus is a beautiful live flower with a refreshing scent. But have you ever seen it dried? Eucalyptus comes in a few different shapes. It has long, skinny leaves, and round circular leaves. It also comes in different colors such as sage and deep turquoise. If you want to add some trendy greenery to your bouquet without taking away from your colors, eucalyptus could be perfect for you.

These are just a few flowers you can keep in mind as you’re creating your dried flower bouquet. However, you’ll be hard-pressed to find flowers that have a similar shape, size, and curve to live, fresh flowers. If you have your heart set on this aesthetic but want a dried floral bouquet, check out the wedding collection at Sola Wood Flowers. 

Sola Wood Flowers

Sola Wood Flowers are carefully formed and shaped to imitate the natural growth of live flowers. They are made from tapioca wood root and fashioned into many different styles. Similar to dried flowers, wood flowers are long-lasting and affordable, not to mention stylish. Sola Wood Flowers is a company that specializes in creating beautiful wood flowers in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Whether you love flowers with many short, dainty petals or you love flowers with long, large petals, you’ll find products that you love at Sola Wood Flowers.

No matter what your personal style, Sola Wood Flowers has something perfect for you. Their dried wood flowers can be dyed to match a huge selection of trendy dye shades, which are displayed and available on the Sola Wood website. So, if you know that you’re going to have a very unique color scheme for your wedding, using wood flowers will be the perfect way to go. Don’t settle on just any color of live flower. Get Sola Wood Flowers that will be dyed in beautiful tones to match your individual color scheme. There are specially curated bouquet collections that fit different styles such as bohemian, traditional, rustic, romantic, and coastal among many others. Check out the Shop By Theme section to view these different styles and aesthetics. You can explore many different types of flowers for your wedding at Sola Wood Flowers.