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Here’s Why You Should Decorate Your Wedding Cake With Flowers

When you’re planning all of your different wedding decorations, don’t forget your wedding cake! A beautiful wedding cake can literally be the frosting on top of your beautiful wedding celebration. There are lots of different styles of wedding cakes that have become popular over the last few years. But there is one similarity between all of them: flowers! This article will teach you why you should choose a wedding cake with flowers and why you should use specific types of flowers for your wedding cake. 

The tradition of having a wedding cake has been around for hundreds of years. Some historians even date this wedding cake tradition back to Roman or Egyptian times. The preparation of sweet treats and cakes for the guests at a wedding was a sign of respect. The decoration of cakes has begun more recently though, most likely starting with the reign of Elizabeth I in England. Flowers have become common decorations over time since they’re generally easy to access and look beautiful throughout the day. So, when you’re choosing your favorite flowers for cake decorations, remember that you’re upholding many years of traditions!

Wedding cakes with flowers

Types of Wedding Cakes with Flowers

Depending on the style of cake that you’ve chosen to have at your wedding, you’ll probably like certain kinds of flowers as cake decorations. Of course, you’ll also want to match these flowers to your wedding colors. So, if your wedding colors aren’t as commonly found in fresh flowers, like shades of periwinkle, your options might be a little bit limited. has collected 85 different ideas for wedding cakes with flowers for you to explore. But we’ve selected just a few ideas that you might want to keep in mind. Here are a few different styles of decorating wedding cakes with fresh flowers.

Traditional Cakes

If you’re a very traditional bride, your wedding cake will likely have multiple tiers, possibly even columns, and lots of white frosting detail work. There are lots of spots to put flowers on a cake with multiple tiers since they’ll rest nicely on the edge of the tier without having to be firmly attached to the cake. For traditional cakes, roses seem to be one of the most popular floral choices. If you’re wanting an all-white wedding, try adding a little bit of greenery around your white roses so your cake doesn’t just become a huge white blur. 

Naked Cakes

So-called “naked cakes” have risen in popularity over the last few years due to their rustic and earthy feel. If you want to stray a little from the traditional wedding cake trends that are drowning in white frosting, try going for a naked cake. Naked cakes still have frosting, but it is just scraped away from the sides so that some of the cake shows through. This gives kind of an outdoorsy, wood-like effect to the cake. There are many different kinds of flowers that would perfectly complement a naked cake. A few popular options are ranunculus, peonies, posies, dahlias, and chrysanthemums. Warm colors are generally more popular with naked cakes since they complement the brown hues of the revealed cake. If you’re feeling extra creative, try adding some seasonal fruit, like figs or blood oranges, for a pop of color and cool texture. Fruits can be the perfect complement for wedding cakes with flowers!

Boho Cakes

If you have more of a bohemian style, you can still decorate a cake that embodies your desired boho aesthetic. There are lots of flowers that are perfect for a bohemian style. Daisies, lilac, mini wildflowers, eucalyptus, zinnias, amaryllis, and orchids are all great options that come in a variety of shades and sizes. If you want even more of a unique look, try decorating your cake with some berries or succulents. You can also complement these flowers by adding color to the frosting of your cake. An ombre effect can look absolutely stunning on a wedding cake with fresh flowers.

Flowers for your wedding cakes

Fresh Flowers vs. Wood Flowers

Now that you have a few ideas to help you determine what you’d like your wedding cake to look like, remember that you’re not limited to using fresh flowers only. Fresh flowers have been traditionally used in weddings for hundreds of years. They are very beautiful. However, they can also be very costly, especially with all of the inflation and supply chain issues that are currently occurring. If you want to have a stunning wedding cake, but are trying to pay for your wedding on a budget, there are better, more affordable options available to you. 

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can look beautiful on a wedding cake. They’re generally readily available in many different locations, even if you’re not hiring a florist to do your wedding flowers. However, they can start to get expensive, particularly if you have many other floral arrangements that you’re including in your wedding. Fresh flowers can be a bit problematic to use on a wedding cake because they will wilt throughout the day, especially if your wedding is in a hot, outdoor area. The rest of your flower arrangements can be misted or connected to a water source, but the fresh flowers on your wedding cake cannot. It is also possible that pollen, petals, and debris from the fresh flowers can get stuck on your wedding cake when you’re serving it to guests. 

Wood Flowers

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to fresh flowers for your wedding cake, Sola Wood Flowers can help! Sola Wood Flowers has been producing many different sizes, styles, and colors of flowers for many years. Their wood flowers have been making the dreams of brides come true. 

There are many benefits of using wood flowers for your wedding cake. Sola Wood Flowers can be dyed to any shade. So, if you have a very unique color scheme that you want for your wedding, you won’t have to pay extra to get live blooms in that shade. Instead, your Sola Wood stylists will dye their wood flowers to one of their perfect, offered shades for no extra cost. Click here to view the Shop by Theme collection!

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If you’re a craft-loving bride, you can even DIY your floral arrangements, including the flowers that you’ll use on your cake. Sola Wood Flowers offers wonderful DIY floral sets. You can also order wood flowers in bulk to use for different wedding decorations and purposes. They also have lots of great wedding tutorials that will guide you through creative, personalized craft decorations.

So, don’t give up your wedding cake dreams if you’re limited by the expense or availability of your floral decorations. Use Sola Wood Flowers to save money and create the wedding cake that you’ve always wanted.