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What Types of Blooms You Should Use in Your Spring Wedding Flower Bouquet

As the weather is warming up, trees, bushes, and flower gardens are bursting with spring blooms and frothy florals. These flowers make springtime the most beautiful and fragrant season of the year. If you’re getting married during the spring, now is the perfect time to be planning for the different spring wedding flowers that you’d like to use in your bouquet. If you plan carefully, you can achieve your dream floral aesthetic while maintaining an affordable budget. Here are a few suggestions for types of blooms to use in your wedding bouquet, including different inexpensive spring flowers.

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Types of Spring Blooms

First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of spring flowers that will be available to you during this time of year. Thespruce.com shares a wonderful resource full of suggestions for the best types of spring flowers to use in your wedding.

Traditional Spring Flowers

First off, if you have more of a traditional taste in wedding bouquets, you might want to consider some of these different spring wedding flowers. Freesia, daffodils, and peonies are all great options for traditional spring bouquets. Daffodils can grow in a bridal white color, or the iconic bright yellow tones that can give your wedding flowers a cheerful vibe. Freesia usually comes in lovely shades of white, yellow, pink, and purple, and are the perfect smaller flower to complement your main, larger flowers. Peonies look similar to wild roses at times, but they have many more petals that fluff out like layers of fabric. If you don’t want a super full, fluffy bouquet, you can include peonies that haven’t fully opened or bloomed yet. 

Frothy Florals

If you want to embody the fluffy aesthetic of florals blossoming on spring trees, try including some of these frothy florals in your bouquet. Lilac, hyacinth, hydrangea, wisteria, lily of the valley, and viburnum are popular options that have a magic-like volume to them. The many tiny petals and delicate blossoms that make up these flowers create a very full and romantic bouquet. If you’re feeling particularly creative, you could even use sprigs of floral tree blossoms, like cherry blossoms in your other decorations. The height, color, and volume of blossom branches make for the perfect spring flowers for wedding centerpieces. 

Blooms for the Unique Bride

If you have more of a unique style in mind for your wedding, you might want to keep in mind some spring florals that aren’t as commonly used in bouquets. Options like Wisteria, stock blooms, foxglove, and poppies can bring interesting height and color to your bouquet that will give it a more unique, bohemian vibe. You can also add interesting filler florals such as thistle, astilbe, or eucalyptus that will give pops of stunning texture, complementing the softness of your other spring florals. Just because you’re getting married in the spring doesn’t mean you and your flowers have to look like every other traditional bride. Stand out with these unique blooms.

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How to Have an Affordable Spring Bouquet

Now that you have your heart set on all of the different kinds of spring flowers that are available to you, it is time to come back down to reality. Flowers can be incredibly expensive, especially flowers, like spring blooms, that are only in season for a short period of time. So, if you’re trying to cut corners and stick to your wedding budget, using a plethora of spring flowers in the many arrangements that you’ve dreamed of might not be the best option. 

Do you love the idea of having a unique, romantic spring bouquet but don’t love the price tag? If so, you’re in luck. Using Sola Wood Flowers for your wedding flowers is the perfect solution to this pricey predicament. With Sola Wood Flowers, you can have inexpensive spring wedding flowers without sacrificing the full, stylish floral arrangements that you’ve always dreamed of having. 

If you’ve never heard of wooden flowers before, there is a lot you should know about getting started with Sola Wood Flowers. Sola Wood Flowers is a women-owned business that was created to make the dreams of crafters and brides come true by providing them with affordable, stunning, and long-lasting floral products. Their floral products are made out of dried tapioca root, which means that they won’t wilt and die like live flowers will. When you make or order a bouquet with Sola Wood Flowers, you’ll be able to use that bouquet time and time again. Since they won’t wilt, you won’t need to worry about watering and misting your florals on your wedding day. They’ll be looking beautiful and stylish no matter how hot it gets outside. 

Sola Wood Flowers are beautiful and affordable wooden flowers that are crafted with great precision and care. They are created to imitate the natural beauty of live flowers in their different shapes and in the variation of petal size and style. No matter what type of bride you are or what aesthetic you’re wanting for your wedding flowers, you’ll be able to find products that you love at Sola Wood Flowers. Click here to browse the Shop by Theme collection, which divides floral arrangements into different styles, colors, and themes.

DIY Spring Bouquet with Sola Wood Flowers

Another great benefit of using Sola Wood Flowers for your inexpensive spring wedding flowers is that you can DIY your own bouquets and arrangements. If you’re feeling adventurous and crafty, this will be perfect for you. Sola Wood Flowers come in lots of different shapes, sizes, and styles. When you’re DIY-ing your own floral arrangements, you’ll be able to mix and match different styles from the DIY section to create a unique, personalized aesthetic. You can order large groupings of wood flowers and use them to create all sorts of different arrangements such as boutonnieres, bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, and even altarpieces. Making your own spring wedding flower arrangements in preparation for your wedding can be a fun and meaningful craft project. 

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If you’re interested in using Sola Wood Flowers to create your own arrangements, here is a helpful spring wedding bouquet tutorial to follow.