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Tips for Creating Unique Wedding Flower Arrangements

When you’re planning your wedding, make sure you keep in mind the flowers that you’re going to have as decorations. Traditional wedding flowers of white and light pink shades and structural shapes definitely had their time and place, but unique wedding flower arrangements rule the wedding industry as of late. If you’re willing to be creative and flexible to add some creativity to your wedding flowers, the possibilities are truly endless. Your beautiful and unique wedding flowers will be a game-changer when it comes to creating a romantic aesthetic and an unforgettable wedding.

How to Create Unique Wedding Flower Arrangements

So, if you have the goal of creating unique and gorgeous wedding flower arrangements, you’ve come to the right place. There is no need to settle for the boring and traditional when it comes to your wedding flowers. Here are a few of our favorite tips and tricks for creating unique wedding flowers that will make your wedding day even more special than you ever imagined it could be. 

Use Wood Flowers

One way to create unique wedding flowers is to use wood flowers. Wood flowers have a unique, nature-inspired feel with their natural colors and bark elements. However, they’re also created to look very realistic and are treated to have flexible, soft petals. Your wood flowers can be dyed with wood dye colors to match almost any shade imaginable, no matter how distinct your wedding color combos might be. Wood flowers are also super easy to use if you want to DIY your own wedding flowers. You can buy wedding flower craft kits that come with supplies to help you to create your own gorgeous wedding flowers. This can help to keep the cost of your wedding flowers down since you won’t have to pay a florist to arrange your wedding flowers.

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Larger-Than-Life Floral Installations

Another way to amp up the unique feel of your wedding flowers is to incorporate some larger-than-life floral installations into your plans for your floral decorations. These installations will be romantic and over-the-top in the best way possible. Just take a look around your wedding venue to figure out where you can add a big installation to the current layout. From floral archways to overhead installations to entryway pillars, the possibilities are endless.

Floral Table Runner

Instead of topping your tables with traditional flower bouquets, try creating these stunning floral table runners instead. This design works best if you’re going to have long tables at your wedding reception, but it can also work on circular tables or other small tables. Basically, you’ll need a great base of floral foam and chicken wire. Then you’ll add as many flowers as possible to create a floral table runner that rises up to a foot off the table. The floral table runner can even drape off the side of your tables for a dramatic touch.

Cherry Blossoms and Other Spring Blooms

If you’re going to be getting married in the spring, don’t doubt the power of spring blooms. Spring blossoms, like cherry blossoms, have fluffy petals, delicate branches, and romantic colors that will transform any arrangement into an otherworldly wonderland. You can create tall, tree-like arrangements that can be dramatic centerpieces, wedding aisle liners, or doorway decorations. Cherry blossoms and other spring blooms will be endlessly unique and romantic, so don’t forget to use them in your unique wedding flowers. 

Pink, Pink, and More Pink

One of the newest, biggest trends in wedding decorations and floral design is pink. Well, let’s clarify that. Pink has been popular for quite a while, but blush pink has ruled wedding trends for many years. Only recently have bright shades of Fuschia and hot pink started to overtake the wedding world. You can incorporate all the bold shades of pink imaginable in maximalist arrangements for a luxurious, trendy, and romantic vibe that just screams Barbiecore.

Rock a Floral Crown

You might think that floral crowns have been utilized by many brides, but most brides still have some kind of bouquet to go along with their crown. If you’re trying to save some money on your wedding flowers and have a unique feel for your wedding flowers, this is a great idea. You can design a large, gorgeous floral crown that matches your wedding dress in style and rock it down your wedding aisle on your wedding day. 

Nature-Inspired Neutrals

While bold colors and unique color arrangements are growing in popularity, that doesn’t mean that you have to be afraid of including neutrals in your floral arrangements. Instead of being mainstream and boring, neutrals are still trendy and popular in wedding flowers. If you love muted colors, neutrals, and desert vibes, wood flowers will be a great choice for you. 

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Dye or Paint Your Flowers

If you are having difficulty finding your ideal wedding colors reflected in fresh flowers, you might want to use artificial flowers instead. This will help you to create an unique, stunning wedding flowers that will perfectly match your wedding aesthetic. Artificial flowers, like wood flowers or dried flowers, can easily be dyed or painted to match almost any color you can think of. This is a great, hands-on way to have unique wedding flowers.

Bold and Bohemian

There are lots of ways to create a unique, bohemian floral arrangement. You can personalize any bohemian style to match your unique aesthetic and wedding flowers. For example, you could add some detailed feathers to your bridal bouquet for pops of height and texture. You could also go bold with your color choices for your flower bouquet. For example, you can add vibrant turquoise, mustard, and rust shades to give your flowers a bohemian feel. Even just using flowers that aren’t seen as “traditional” wedding flowers can increase the bohemian style of your flowers. For example, wildflowers and other elements found in nature will make any wedding bouquet look unique. Even more rustic elements like wheat, lavender, and sage can make your bouquets look wild, nature-inspired, and bohemian.

Tropical Florals and Fruits

If you’re having a destination wedding, or even if you’re getting married in a warm, coastal location, you should absolutely lean into the tropical vibes. One great way to do this is to add tropical flowers and fruits to your wedding flowers. Tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango, papaya, coconut, and more can add interesting colors and textures to your flower arrangements. They can be beautifully displayed as part of your floral centerpieces whole or cut into slices. Match them with tropical flowers and greenery and you’ll love the results. Even large, tropical leaves can be used as tropical placemats for your wedding luncheon or rehearsal dinner. 

Add Dried Elements

Don’t forget the power (and affordability) of dried flowers and greenery! When dried flowers are paired with fresh flowers, they add interesting textures and beautiful details that will make your floral arrangements look unique and professional. Even picked cotton with dried elements can give your floral arrangements a unique, seasonal look. Adding dried elements to your fresh flower or wood flower arrangements can help to keep costs down without sacrificing style.

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