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Decorating With Artificial Flowers At Your Wedding

Are you in the process of choosing and designing your wedding flowers? It is true that fresh flowers have traditionally been used as wedding flowers. They’ve been very popular among brides for hundreds of years. However, with wedding market inflation, supply chain complications, and environmental repercussions, fresh flowers might not always be the best choice for your wedding day. Alternatively, artificial flowers can be a gorgeous (and affordable) choice for your wedding, especially if you want to save some money and positively affect the environment around you. Read on to learn about the benefits of decorating with artificial flowers for your wedding day.

What Are the Benefits of Decorating with Artificial Wedding Flowers?

If you’re not familiar with different types of artificial flowers, you might be wondering how they can benefit you. There are many different benefits of using artificial wedding flowers to decorate your wedding venue. If you still aren’t sure if you want to use fresh wedding flowers or not, you should definitely pay some attention to these benefits. They just might sway your opinion and help you to discover the incredible potential of artificial wedding flowers. We’ll examine the specific benefits of using wood flowers, a popular type of artificial flowers.

Save Money

First of all, using artificial flowers in your floral design for your wedding can help you to save money. This can be a very important priority, especially considering the average bride spends $3,000 - $5,000 on their wedding flowers. If you know that your wedding budget is going to be limited, or if you’re just trying to cut a few corners here and there, using artificial flowers to save money can be a great choice. Using artificial flowers can save you anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars, depending on the type of artificial flowers you choose to include in your wedding decorations. For example, choosing a wood flower bridal bouquet instead of a fresh flower bridal bouquet can save you around $100-200 alone. 

Reuse Flowers

When you use artificial flowers for your wedding, you can also enjoy the benefit of being able to reuse them easily before and after your wedding day. Since wood flowers aren’t dependent upon a water source to live, they’re super easy to rearrange when needed. You can easily take the flowers from one arrangement, pop them out of their floral foam, and stick them into another arrangement. You can also reuse your flowers for years to come since they’ll never wilt or die. A bridal bouquet can easily become a gorgeous wreath or wall hanging for your home.

Customize and DIY Easily

Unlike fresh flowers, wood flowers are very easy to customize and DIY. If you want a certain unique color shade, you’ll have to pay extra to find fresh flowers that are grown and harvested to match. However, with wood flowers, you can customize your blooms for free. You can use wood dye to turn them into almost any flower color imaginable. You can also customize your arrangements for no extra cost, adding unique floral filler and pretty greenery to turn them into the perfect wedding flowers that you’ve always dreamed of. 

Minimize Allergens

One of the unforeseen benefits of using wood flowers for your wedding day is that it can help to minimize possible allergens and irritations that might otherwise occur. If some of your wedding guests are allergic to flowers, they’ll be very grateful for the lack of pollen and debris. Plus, you won’t have as much of a mess to clean up as you’re arranging and installing your flowers.

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What Types of Artificial Flowers Can I Use?

Now that you know some of the benefits of wood flowers, you might be wondering other types of artificial flowers that are available to you. Fake wedding flowers don’t have to be cheap or chintzy. There are many different varieties of artificial flowers that look realistic and stunning, perfect for the most special day of your life. 

Wood Flowers

Wood flowers are made from tapioca plant root and carefully shaped by hand to imitate the styles of fresh flowers. They’re eco-friendly, affordable, beautiful, and long-lasting, especially since their wood materials have been carefully preserved. Your wood wedding flowers will last vibrant and full for many years to come. Wood flowers come in many different aesthetics and floral styles. You can shop the different looks of wood flowers until you find the perfect aesthetic for your wedding day. You can even order wood flowers in bulk to create giant, Instagram-worthy installations.

Foam Flowers

Foam flowers are pretty blooms, mass-manufactured out of plastic and soft foam. This manufacturing process creates identical flowers. Foam flowers are incredibly affordable, but they don’t always look as realistic as other artificial flower options. While foam flowers are affordable artificial flowers, they might not always be your best option if you’re looking for blooms that are diverse, unique, and realistic-looking. If you like the price of foam flowers, try adding a few of them into your larger arrangements to fill them out with more volume.

Silk Flowers 

Silk flowers are another well-known type of artificial flowers. You might be familiar with cheap fabric flowers, but silk flowers are gorgeous, high-quality, and the priciest of artificial flower options. These flowers are soft and shiny, but they can be a bit more expensive. If you want your silk flowers to look even more realistic, you can have them coated in wax. This might make them more expensive, but they’ll be shinier, softer, and more damage-resistant. 

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What Arrangements Do I Need for My Wedding?

So what floral arrangements will you need for your big day anyways? Here are a few suggestions to get the wheels turning in your mind. Of course, your needed wedding arrangements might depend on your personal wedding aesthetic or wedding venue. Taking a tour around your wedding venue can help to give you inspiration, showing you what extent of floral arrangements you’ll need to decorate for your big day. In the meantime, here are a few suggestions for the types of floral arrangements you’ll need for your wedding. This can help you to know how many artificial arrangements you’ll need to DIY or buy. Keep in mind, these are just ideas, you don’t have to have all of these arrangements to have a beautiful and wonderful wedding day. 

  • Ceremony Floral Arch, Altar, or Chuppah
  • Ceremony Aisle Decor (Bouquets, Petals, etc.)
  • Ceremony Pew or Chair Arrangements
  • Ceremony Guest Petals for Tossing
  • Wedding Signage Florals
  • Reception Table Centerpieces
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • Groom’s and Groomsmen Boutonnieres
  • Bridesmaid Bouquets
  • Family Member Corsages and Boutonnieres (For Parents and Grandparents)
  • Flower Girl Petals 
  • Welcome Table Floral Arrangements
  • Sweetheart Table Arrangements
  • Wedding Cake Florals
  • Toss Bouquet
  • Other Reception Floral Decor
So, as you’re starting the planning process for your wedding and wondering what floral arrangements you’re going to need, keep this blog article in mind! If you choose to use artificial flowers, such as wood flowers, for your wedding, you’ll never regret that choice. Artificial flowers aren’t just affordable. They’re also trendy, stylish, and beautiful, and if you get the high-quality types, they’ll even look quite realistic. You’ll love the results of your artificial flower arrangements. If you need some more inspiration to help you design gorgeous, artificial floral arrangements, check out this blog article on the best artificial wedding flowers from!