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How to Design Beautiful Wedding Floral Arrangements

As a recently engaged bride-to-be, you have a lot of decisions to make. One of those decisions will be to determine the design of your wedding flowers. Your wedding floral arrangements are a huge deal since they’ll help to bring your dream wedding aesthetic to life. Even if you’re trying to save money on your wedding flowers (because there is nothing wrong with that, of course) you definitely shouldn’t sacrifice your ideal wedding style. Plus, with quite a few of these floral design tips, you should be able to design the wedding flowers you’ve always imagined for your big day without breaking the bank. So, let’s get started!

How to Come Up with the Best Wedding Floral Design

You don’t have to necessarily have any floral design experience at all to design and produce gorgeous, unforgettable wedding flowers. Whether you’re working with a wedding florist or not, you can still have Instagram-worthy wedding floral arrangements. Here are our best tips for coming up with the best wedding floral designs of this wedding season. 

Figure Out Your Budget

First of all, you should determine how much you are going to spend on your wedding flowers. Having a budget that is set in stone will help you to prioritize what you want most for your floral decorations. It can also help you to determine what you can and can’t afford for your wedding floral arrangements. Just for reference, many couples end up spending anywhere from 10% to 20% of their overall wedding budget on their wedding flowers. After all, the majority of your wedding decorations will be flowers, which is why such a large portion of the overall budget is normally allocated for them. Additionally, some venues come with all of the setup supplies that you might need, so you’ll just need to add flowers. Once you have a set number for your budget, you’ll be able to start to find different wedding flower supplies, styles, vendors, and arrangements that fit within that budget.

Decide On Your Wedding Colors

Another important step in designing beautiful wedding flowers is to decide on your wedding colors. Your wedding flowers should match your wedding colors, and display them well. When your guests walk into your wedding venue, they should instantly be able to determine your wedding colors by the shades and hues reflected in your flowers. If your wedding colors are particularly unique and you’re having a hard time finding flowers that match, consider using wood flowers instead. These flowers can be hand-dyed to match tons of unique dye color combinations and they make up the most beautiful flower bouquets.  

Research Different Types of Flowers

Next up, take some time researching the different types of flowers that you could use in your wedding flowers. There are hundreds of types of flowers that you could include in your wedding floral arrangements. Some popular choices of flowers for bridal bouquets are garden roses, peonies, orchids, dahlias, hydrangeas, lilacs, and more. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, certain flowers will match your design more than others. If you don’t have any specific flowers in particular that you know you want to include in your wedding flowers, then consider shopping at local flower farms and using what blooms they have in season. This will be more affordable for you, but it will also be more eco-friendly and help to support small businesses. 


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Look for Portfolios and Online Weddings You Love

If you’re still trying to get a feel for the style of wedding flowers that you’d like to have for your big day, check out some popular portfolios and weddings that you can find online. There are also popular wedding blogs and magazine publications that you can view to find styles and aesthetics that you love. This will help you to find inspiring flowers that you can design your own flowers after. 

Visit Your Wedding Venue for Inspiration

To find the flowers that will fit your wedding venue perfectly, you should probably pay a visit to your wedding venue. This will help you to understand how much space you need to fill with your decorations. It will also help you to see certain architectural features that you might be able to use in your installations, such as archways, railings, doorways, beams, etc. Finally, your venue will help you to decide what aesthetic you should be aiming for. If your venue is a rustic barn, consider using rustic wood flowers, dried flowers, and neutrals for a matching look.

Make a List of Needed Arrangements

Once you’ve nailed down the different colors, styles, and flowers that you’d like to include in your wedding day floral arrangements, it is time to make a list of all the arrangements you’ll need for your wedding. You’ll want to start by budgeting out the essentials, like a bridal bouquet, boutonnieres, corsages, bridesmaid bouquets, a toss bouquet, etc. After you’ve made sure that the essentials can fit in your wedding flower budget, you can start to add other floral decorations that you’d like to have. For example, you can add decorative elements such as a large ceremonial arch, a floral wall installation for your reception, or voluminous floral centerpieces and garlands for your rehearsal dinner tables. Any of these decorative elements will elevate the style of your big day and turn your wedding venue into a romantic wonderland. For more ideas of the types of floral arrangements that you might need for your big day, check out this blog article from

Use Artificial Flowers

When you’re trying to design beautiful and unique wedding flowers, don’t feel like fresh flowers are your only option. Fresh flowers are overly pricey and can be delicate and difficult to use. They often wilt and fade faster than you’d like and require a lot of upkeep during the wedding events. Using artificial flowers can help to eliminate a lot of these troubles. Plus, artificial flowers, such as wood flowers, are really easy to personalize and use in DIY arrangements.

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How to DIY Beautiful Wedding Flowers

Are you up to the challenge of DIYing your own wedding flowers? After all those great design ideas, you’ll be sure to come up with wedding flowers that are show-stoppoing and timeless. Here are a few quick tips if you’re going to DIY your own wedding flowers. 

Use DIY Craft Kits

If you need a little bit of help in creating your own wedding flowers, try using these gorgeous DIY floral craft kits. These kits include supplies such as florals, greenery, floral dye, floral wire, floral tape, and more. With these kits, you can make all sorts of matching arrangements for your wedding including boutonnieres, corsages, bridesmaid bouquets, centerpieces, and more. You can even get your bridal party together to make your matching flowers as a pre-wedding activity.

Follow Online Tutorials 

You can also receive additional help by watching online videos and following helpful blog tutorials. There are lots of online resources, such as our Sola School, that you can use to educate yourself on how to arrange amazing wedding flowers. You’ll be able to follow step-by-step tutorials that will help you follow along and arrange your flowers at the same time. No prior floral design experience is needed with these helpful hints! Your wedding flowers will turn out truly gorgeous.