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How to Make a Fresh Flower Looking Bridal Bouquet with Artificial Flowers

When you’re planning your wedding, you have a lot of different price points, quotes, and budgets to manage and balance. It can be quite overwhelming, especially if you don’t want to downgrade the style of your wedding. Sacrificing your ideal wedding aesthetic can make your heart ache, but when you can’t stretch your budget anymore, it might seem like that is the end of the road for the wedding of your dreams. Luckily, there are great ways to save money while still maintaining the wedding styles that you’ve always dreamed of. One of these approaches is to use artificial flowers instead of fresh flowers in your wedding flower arrangements. This article will tell you all about the benefits of artificial flowers and how to use them to make gorgeous, realistic bride bouquets.

Which Artificial Flowers Should I Use?

If you’re new to the artificial flower industry, no worries. We’ll tell you about a few of our favorite types of artificial flowers, all of which are popular options for gorgeous wedding flowers. All of these types of artificial flowers should be accessible through local or online floral and craft vendors. 

Wood Flowers

Wood flowers are a wonderful option if you’re looking for artificial flowers that are realistic looking, eco-friendly, and customizable. Wood flowers come in many different shapes and sizes that imitate real, fresh flowers, such as garden roses. However, they can be customized using wood flower dye, turning them into almost any color or shade imaginable. Wood flowers are great for weddings because they don’t need to be watered and they’re really eco-friendly. (More on this below!)

Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are a beautiful, fancy option for artificial flowers. They’re made from high-quality silk fabric and other materials, making them soft and very realistic looking. Silk flowers might be a little pricier than other artificial flower options, but they can be a stunning option if they fit within your budget. 

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers have been growing in their trendiness and popularity over the past few years. Many brides have been loving the neutral, muted color shades that dried flowers showcase. They might be a little more fragile and delicate than other artificial flower options, but they also have unique and intricate details that could make bridal bouquets that are truly one-of-a-kind. If you love the look of dried flowers but want a little more boost of volume, add some matching wood flowers!

Foam Flowers

Foam flowers are a very affordable option for artificial flowers. They’re made from soft, flexible foam that is really easy to arrange with. However, they are mass-manufactured, making every single foam flower look exactly the same. If you’re looking for a natural-looking variety, this could be one drawback to using foam flowers. 

Why Should I Use Wood Flowers for My Wedding?

Sure, fresh flowers have traditionally been used for wedding flowers for hundreds of years. They’re fragrant and beautiful, and it’s possible that you’ve always imagined using fresh flowers for your wedding. However, there comes a point when fresh flowers simply don’t fit in the budget. With increasing wedding industry pricing inflation and supply chain issues, fresh flowers are more expensive than ever, especially if you’re planning on hiring a florist to arrange them for you. You can save thousands of dollars just by using artificial flowers instead of fresh flowers. But if you’re still not feeling convinced, here are just a few of the many benefits of using wood flowers for your wedding flowers. Here are some more artificial flower benefits to consider.


First off, wood flowers are very budget-friendly. Since they’re made with a natural material that is so abundant, wood flowers are able to be priced very affordably. You can buy your wood flower arrangements in bundles, allowing you to buy multiple arrangements, such as boutonnieres, for much less than the price of a single fresh flower arrangement. You can also buy your wood flowers in bulk and DIY your own arrangements for an incredible price. 

Easy to Maintain

Wood flowers are very easy to maintain since they don’t have to be watered or misted at all. They’ve already been preserved and dried, which makes them incredibly low-maintenance. They also won’t have any debris such as pollen, dirt, or wilted petals or leaves. You’ll just be able to create your wood flower arrangements and enjoy them without any worries on your big day.

Great for DIY

If you’re interested in DIYing your own flower arrangements, wood flowers are a great material to work with. You can hand-dye and arrange them in any way imaginable. You can even buy a wood flower craft kit, which will supply you with all the different necessary materials to create your own, gorgeous, professional-looking floral arrangements. From floral wire to wood flowers to greenery, you’ll be all set up for success. 


There are many different styles of wood flower arrangements. No matter what the wood flower arrangements look like online, you can customize any one of them. You can choose from many different dye color combinations and add different sorts of greenery or floral filler to create the perfect floral arrangement. You’ll be able to make the bridal bouquet of your dreams with customizable wood flowers.


Do you have family members or friends that are bothered by allergens such as pollen or floral debris? Luckily, you won’t have to worry about any of these issues with wood flowers. These gorgeous blooms are allergy-friendly, which means all of your guests will enjoy your wedding flowers.

Reusable Again and Again

Perhaps the very best part of using wood flowers for your wedding is the fact that they’re easy to reuse and rearrange. You can reuse ceremony wood flower arrangements on your wedding day as reception decor items later on. You can also reuse them after your wedding day, by disassembling your wedding flowers and arranging them into home decor pieces. Your wood flowers will be even more worth the price when you can reuse them again and again.

How Can I Make an Artificial Flower Bride Bouquet?

1. Start With Big Flowers

To start your artificial flower bouquet, start with your biggest flowers. Gather them together, spacing out different shapes and colors. Make sure to leave some spaces in between for your smaller flowers, and start adding those in as well. Make sure to arrange a variety of sizes, heights, and colors so each section of the bouquet doesn’t look exactly the same.

2. Add Filler

Next, add floral filler, such as small wax flowers or baby’s breath. Floral filler can help to add interesting texture and variety to your arrangement. It can also fill in the empty gaps in your wedding bouquet, making it look like it has been arranged by a professional florist.

3. Add Greenery

Once your greenery is in place, add in some beautiful greenery. Smaller, more delicate sprigs can add a little pop of color to the middle of your bouquet. Larger greenery pieces should frame the exterior of your bouquet, with some longer pieces draping down. This will make the bouquet look nice and finished.

4. Tie Off

Once all your flowers and greenery sprigs are in place, tie your bouquet off with a thick rubber band or two (if necessary) You can also secure smaller pieces in place with a little bit of floral tape or wire. 

5. Finishing Touches

Don’t leave that mismatched rubber band to mar the look of your bouquet! Cover it up with some pretty ribbon. You can wrap the entire length of the stems with ribbon, or merely cover the rubber band, leaving long, romantic streamers of ribbon. Now your wedding bouquet is ready to show off on your big day!