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7 Incredible DIY Gifts Your Friends Will Love


        There is no doubt that putting together your own Sola Wood Flowers crafts is a joy. There are so many things you can make, from wall hangings to centerpieces, and each item brings beauty to your home, office, event space, or wherever you choose to display your Sola Wood Flowers decor. 

        There is also great joy in giving gifts, especially those of the handmade variety. Putting together a DIY gift for a friend - whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other special event - is a heartfelt way to show your appreciation for that person. Handmade crafts using Sola Wood Flowers allow you to personalize the gift in a way that store-bought gifts can’t. 

        We’ve collected a list of incredible DIY gift ideas that everyone on your friends list will love and cherish.  

Housewarming Gifts


Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

        Potted plants and flowers have been a long time favorite gift to give friends who have moved into or built a new home. Of course we love this idea, as bringing greenery and flowers indoors provides a relaxing ambiance, and with so many of us spending most of our time inside, it’s nice to have a touch of nature in our homes and offices.

        Put a twist on this traditional housewarming gift by giving a Sola Wood Flower centerpiece for the coffee or dining table or a wreath to hang on the front door. The beautiful thing about DIY Sola Wood Flower gifts is that they require little to no maintenance and they don’t fade away. Your friends will love receiving a floral gift that stands the test of time and that they can appreciate for years to come!

Outdoor Decor


Wagon Wheel Craft Kit

        For those times when we are outdoors, it’s nice to have beautiful things to look at. Get into craft mode and handmake your friends something to adorn their gardens, patios, and doorsteps with. We have all kinds of Sola Wood Flowers Craft Kits to help you put together the perfect present. Decorate a wagon wheel cutout with flowers and filler or stuff baskets and buckets with your wooden flower arrangements for friends to place wherever they would like.     



Deer Print Artwork

By Lucky Cricket Boutique

        You can take bits and pieces from our collection of craft kits, flowers, and wood decor to create your very own Sola Wood Flower artwork! For example, DIY a flower arrangement to put alongside our “Hi” wood cutout. Follow along with our video tutorial

        Other ideas include decorating picture frames with Sola Wood Flowers (around the outside of the frame or inside) or embellishing a photo or art print with flowers for a 3D effect. 



Magnet Cork Artwork


By Living La Vida Holoka

        When you think of magnets, you might think of pieces of plastic artwork you bring back from a vacation or magnetic fridge clips that hold grocery lists and bills. We’re here to tell you that magnets can be much more magnificent and great gifts for friends! Our Wood Flower Magnet Set gives you the opportunity to dye and create your own Sola Wood Flowers magnets. You can then decorate buckets (and fill with even more Sola Wood Flowers!) or give them as is so your friends can put them on whatever they’d like.

        Another way to use your Sola Wood Flowers magnet set is to place each flower inside a cork, glue the magnet to the side or bottom of the cork, and then give to friends along with a bottle of their favorite wine! 

Practical Pieces 



Photo by Sola Wood Flowers


        DIY gifts can be both pretty and practical. Consider decorating one of our wood prints, like our “Welcome” wood wall hanging that can be decorated with Sola Wood Flowers and wall hooks so friends can hang their keys as soon as they walk in the door. Similar pieces can be crafted for use in the bathroom (shower items, robes), bedroom (jewelry), and garden (tools). 



Kristi P. via Cut Out + Keep

        Bookworm friends will love receiving a handmade flower bookmark. There are a few ways you can go about creating a bookmark using Sola Wood Flowers. You could attach a wood flower to a thick piece of ribbon or tassle, attach a flower to the top of a popsicle stick, or press petals and filler between laminated cardstock.



Photo by Sola Wood Flowers

        Last, but certainly not least, an incredible DIY gift to give a friend is a Sola Wood Flowers bouquet. Create a wood flower arrangement using the blooms and colors you know your friends will love, then place in a vase, basket, bottle, or give as is! We have everything you need, including tutorials, to DIY a Sola Wood Flowers bouquet that will look beautiful in your friend’s home. 



Cover Photo by Rodolfo Marques on Unsplash