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Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas to Inspire Your Sola Wood Flower Creations

        If you’d like a unique wedding bouquet, you’re already headed in the right direction. Sola Wood Flowers are a beautiful and sustainable alternative to traditional fresh flowers, and there are so many amazing ways you can work with them to create bouquets that are as lush and stunning as their fresh counterparts.
        You don’t have to look too far for wooden flower bouquet ideas. The internet is a treasure trove of floral inspiration, and you can find both fresh and wooden bloom arrangements of all kinds.
        To save you some time, we’ve put together some of our favorite arrangements to give you some ideas for your own Sola Wood Flower bouquet creations. You’ll find a variety of colors, textures, and types of flowers, which you can then incorporate into your own design!

Classic White

Photo by EpagaFOTO 
        Yes, you can absolutely have a white-on-white color palette! Maybe you’ve seen the white bridesmaids’ dress trend? An all-white flower arrangement creates an elegant look and compliments a classic wedding theme. Fill your bouquet with roses, peonies, and greenery, and enhance with gold details and tiny pearls.

Christmas Spirit

Photo by Rose and Bee Organics 
        This wooden flower bouquet invokes the Christmas spirit with a palette of burgundy, cream, and frosty blues. Festive details like faux pine cones and sparkling silver berries were added to give the bouquet more texture and color. Sprigs of greenery rounded out this Christmas-inspired beauty.

Tropical Punch

Photo by Brian Dorsey Studios via The Knot 
        If you want something that looks a little more exotic, take inspiration from this tropical-meets-classical mix of roses and orchids. The rich purple and reds pop against the white wedding gown, and the cascading and loosely gathered blooms create a relaxed, but sophisticated look. This kind of bouquet is perfect for a beach or seaside wedding.

Rainbow Roses

Photo via Confetti 
        When creating a wooden flower bouquet with Sola Wood Flowers, the only limit is your imagination. Take these rainbow-colored roses, for instance. Nature may not be able to produce such an arrangement, but you definitely can! With this kind of creative power you can color-match your bouquet to your dress (if it’s a shade other than white) or go full on rainbow for an enchanting and unique look.

Bloom Bling

Photo via Confetti 
        No matter what colors you choose to use, you can always add a bit of sparkle to your wooden flower bouquet with jewels, gems, crystal needles, and faux diamonds. Crafty brides are using sparkling elements as flower jewelry and inserting the pieces into the middles of roses, peonies, and the like. If you don’t want to decorate the flowers, you can still add sparkle by wrapping your bouquet handle with a round rhinestone embellishment.

Stunning Succulents

Photo by Vue Photography via Inside Weddings 
        For a desert, boho chic look, consider a Sola Wood Flower bouquet made up of succulents in varied shapes and sizes. Mix in gardenias or roses (white looks chic against the green), along with sprigs of greenery.

Feather Accents

Photo by Lindsay Ferraris Photography via French Wedding Style 
        Feathers are a great way to add texture and thematic elements to a wooden flower bouquet. Whether you’re going for a boho, shabby chic, or glam style, interspersing feathers of varying sizes and colors can give your bridal and bridesmaids bouquets a unique look. Our boho feather set is perfect for adding a natural touch and the gold-tipped feather set is great for brides who want a luxe look.

Flower Wreath  

Photo by Heidi Ryder via Style Me Pretty 
        Combine your Sola Wood Flowers with a grapevine wreath and you’ll have a creative wedding bouquet that’s as unique as you are! Just like with traditional bouquets, you can design your Sola Wood Flower wreath using whatever flowers, greenery, and fillers suit your wants and needs. From minimalistic to whimsical, the creative power is in your hands. Don’t want to carry a wreath as the bride? How about carrying a traditional bouquet while your bridesmaids carry flower wreaths to match?

Sweet Simplicity

Photo by Amanda Doublin via Wedding Chicks
        Minimalist at heart? Let that vibe inspire your wooden flower bouquet by choosing one large flower to act as the centerpiece and sprigs of greenery or other textural elements to support and complete the look. Because sometimes less is more!

Feeling inspired? Which one of these unique bouquet ideas do you like best? Remember, if you ever need help, we have several Sola Wood Flower bouquet tutorials on our Sola School Blog!