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Ways to Incorporate Sola Wood Flowers Into Your Wedding Centerpieces


Anything you can do with fresh flowers, you can do with Sola Wood Flowers, and so much more! Don’t think for a second that you’re bound by any kind of rules when it comes to using wooden flowers in your wedding decor. You don’t have to worry about wilting (especially in hot and humid climates) and since Sola Wood Flowers are sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable, you’ll feel great about using them as an alternative.


Just like fresh flowers picked straight from the garden, Sola Wood Flowers can be incorporated into your decorations, bouquets, and anywhere else you would use traditional blooms.


Today, let’s take a look at some ways you can use Sola Wood Flowers to create unique wedding centerpieces for your reception tables.







Left: Creative Vision Design | Upper Right: Sumcoco | Lower Right: Pinterest


Although lanterns look beautiful flickering with candlelight, they can be equally as stunning when overflowing with flowers and greenery. You can also wrap your Sola Wood Flowers around the lantern like a wreath, which also allows you to place a candle inside the lantern. Or you might want to put a jar or vase in your lantern and fill it with wooden blooms.





Boxes, Crates, and Trays


Left: BHG | Upper Right: Beauty Fly | Lower Right: Pinterest


Try placing your flower arrangements in one of our wooden crates, boxes, or a tray. Place them alongside candles, fruit, signage, or whatever items suit your wedding theme. Stack boxes and crates for more depth. For a rustic, more natural look, leave the boxes, crates, or trays untouched. If that doesn’t fit into your theme or wedding style, consider painting the wooden holders to match your color palette.





Vases and Canisters


Left: My Sweet Savannah | Upper Right: Country Living | Lower Right: Pinterest


The simplicity of a vintage canister, glass milk bottle, or colorful vase is equal parts sweet and stunning. Pop your Sola Wood Flower arrangements into those antique bottles you found at the flea market or those unused coffee cans collecting dust in the basement. Our flowers and fillers also pair perfectly with a white rust ceramic jug, giving your creations a rustic, farmhouse touch. There are so many ways to create with Sola Wood Flowers and finding what to put them in is half the fun!  





Whimsical Decor


Left: Wedding Chicks | Upper Right: Passion Roots | Lower Right: Pinterest


No matter what your wedding theme may be, there is a way to creatively display your Sola Wood Flowers. Tropical summer theme? Pop them in a pineapple. Outdoor soiree? Arrange your flowers around a piece of driftwood or bark. Modern bride and groom? Our geometric planters will enhance your reception tables, especially when filled with colorful Sola Wood Flowers.


As you can see, there is really no limit to what you can do with wood flowers. Choose your flower types, select your colors, arrange to your heart’s content, and decorate your reception tables with your beautiful creations.


The best part is, unlike with traditional fresh flowers, you get to enjoy your blossoms for a much longer time. Whatever wedding centerpieces you put together, you also get to keep and appreciate forever. You might even want to use some of your wooden flower wedding decor in your own home! Display those works of everlasting art on your dinner and coffee tables or take individual flowers and preserve them in a shadow box.


Want even more inspiration? Visit our Inspiration Gallery for craft projects using Sola Wood Flowers.