Customer Creations January 2020 - Sola Wood Flowers

Customer Creations January 2020

Sola Wood Flowers was built on creativity in an eco-friendly way, and believe that the whole world should experience how amazing that can be. Over the years a community has built around us, and with a community like ours, you can't help but be amazed by the things they create! We reached out and asked for you to show us some of your favorite pieces and WOW did you! Our team thought these pieces were gorgeous and thought you would think so too, so get ready to see some crafting creativity!

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Beautiful Bouquets

April Preuss - Wesley Bouquet
Customer Creation: April Preuss

Nothing makes us happier than seeing customer creations like these. This gorgeous bouquet was submitted by April Preuss and features our Wesley flower as a focal point in the bouquet, with sage-colored filler, and berries as accent pieces to bring it all together. The raw flowers in the arrangement are perfectly complemented by the colorful filler, purple berries, and pops of metallic throughout. 


Bridal Bouquets

Lea Marietti - Bridal Bouquet
Customer Creation: Lea Marietti 

This bridal bouquet absolutely blew us away! The vibrant navy and merlot Dahlias are perfectly paired with the raw, rustic, Almond Flower's she included. These matched with the natural greens and vibrant blues of her filler provide the perfect finishing touch to bring this lovely arrangement together!


Farmhouse Decor

Debbie Hiner Lovell / My Whole Heart - Farmhouse Decor

Customer Creation: Debbie Hiner Lovell // My Whole Heart

Howdy Fellow Farm Lover! This eye-catching home decor piece is so, incredibly, beautiful. By using multiple different types of raw flowers Debbie was able to create the perfect neutral piece,  the has carefully used the cream-colored Sola Wood petals without bark as a base, and bark-colored Sola Wood Bark flowers as a balanced contrast. The finishing touches on this piece are provided by housing the arrangement in a pastel-blue painted Kerr mason jar, and framing it all with a distressed window cutout. Debbie perfectly inspired feelings of cozy afternoons at the farmhouse, with great food, and even better company.


Holiday Arrangements

Sarah Miller - Holiday Arrangement

Customer Creation: Sarah Miller

Springs' a skip away, and we couldn't be more excited! This bunny wreath is absurdly adorable, and crazy cute. The bright colored flowers, Faux Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, and Heather filler come together and create a unique holiday piece that, I think we can all agree, would bring us to stop what we're doing to appreciate and adore. 


Home Decor

Jill Killday - Home Decor

Customer Creation: Jill Killday

The container options for Sola Wood Flowers arrangements are ENDLESS! We are in love with this truck that Jill's made. The natural Hana flower 'pops' against the dark green foliage, and rustic red of the container. You couldn't ask for a cuter piece to place on the mantle.


Wedding Decor

Kelsey Peterson / Wild Escape Creations - Wedding Decor

Customer Creation: Kelsey Peterson // Wild Escape Creations


Boho-style bouquets are a company-wide favorite here at Sola Wood Flowers, and Kelsey's creation is no exception. These flowers from one of our most popular dyed assortments come together perfectly with the wispy greenery to create an incredible Wedding Bouquet. Even better, since this bouquet was made with Sola Wood Flowers, and preserved filler, the bride will be able to display her wedding keepsake for the rest of her life. Sola Wood Flowers can let you relive your most special moments for a lifetime. What more can you ask for? 


Create Your Own Sola Wood Flower Arrangements

Now that we've shown you some our customers creations we invite you to get out there and create your own Sola Wood Flower Arrangements! View our tutorials on our website and learn how to bring to life the ideas you have. It's fun, easy, and with Sola Wood Flowers it's forever

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