How to Dye Your Sola Wood Flowers


Is the dye supposed to come out in chunks and hard to come out of the bottle or should it come out like paint. I bought a 4oz if navy blue and I think something is wrong with it. Please advise

Mia Carpenter April 16, 2020

I love the flowers. We are getting ready for a wedding in September and I can’t wait to use these flowers.

Angela Posey February 27, 2020

I am so thankful for all Sola Wood Flowers support

Vicky Allen February 27, 2020

how much water do you add to the paint?

Mardi Schlichtmann February 27, 2020

I ordered flowers a while ago from you, luckily I looked at this email or I would have never known what to do with them. I thought the stuff in bottles was paint and I had to paint them. No it’s die. I also had no clue how to put the stems on thought maybe they had to be taped so I bought floral tape, no you glue them. Like you couldn’t send the instructions with the kit?

Nancy Loomis February 27, 2020

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