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Baby Shower Flowers: Meaning and DIY Decoration Ideas

Baby showers are joyous occasions filled with love, anticipation, and hope. Family and friends celebrate the arrival of a newborn bundle of joy. One beautiful way to infuse charm and meaning into these celebrations is by incorporating flowers. Today, we will explore the significance of flowers at baby showers and how they can create an enchanting atmosphere. From the secret language of flowers to crafting a lovely corsage for the expectant mother, as well as fun flower-themed activities, let's discover the power of blooms in making baby showers truly memorable.

The Secret Language of Flowers at Baby Showers

Flowers have been used throughout history to convey emotions and sentiments without uttering a word. Known as the language of flowers, this age-old tradition assigns specific meanings to various blooms. At baby showers, this floral language can be employed to express well wishes, love, and blessings for the mother-to-be and her unborn child. For example, the delicate white lily symbolizes purity and new beginnings, while the vibrant daisy represents innocence and cheerfulness. By incorporating flowers with intention, the baby shower becomes a heartfelt expression of love and support for the growing family.

Tutorial: How to Make a Floral Corsage for a Baby Shower

A floral corsage is a beautiful and sentimental accessory that an expectant mother can wear proudly at her baby shower. This symbolizes motherhood celebration and the imminent arrival of her little one. Follow these detailed steps to create a lovely corsage with fake flowers that complement her style and capture the essence of the occasion.

Materials Needed:

  • A selection of sola wood flowers (smaller blooms work best for corsages)
  • Floral wire or green floral tape
  • Floral tape (if not using wire)
  • Ribbon or lace
  • Scissors or wire cutters
  • Glue gun (optional, for added security)
All Natural Corsage Craft Kit - Sola Wood Flowers

Step 1: Prepare the Flowers

Start by selecting a variety of small, delicate wooden flowers that match the baby shower's color scheme or the expectant mother's favorite blooms. Common choices include roses, daisies, baby's breath, and small orchids. Ensure that the flower stems are relatively short, around 2-3 inches long, to make the corsage more comfortable to wear.

Step 2: Assemble the Corsage Base

Option 1 (Using Floral Wire): Take a length of floral wire (around 4-5 inches) and fold it in half to create a loop. This loop will serve as the base for your corsage. If the wire is too long, you can trim it to the desired length using a wire cutter.

Option 2 (Using Floral Tape): If you're not using flower wire, you can create the base using floral tape. Cut a piece of floral tape (around 4-5 inches long) and fold it in half, sticky side up. This will form a double-sided tape loop.

Step 3: Attach the Flowers

Take your first flower and position it at the top of the wire or tape loop, ensuring that the bloom faces outward. Use floral tape to secure the flower stem to the base. Wrap the tape around the stem and the wire or tape loop several times to create a secure attachment. Be sure to leave enough stems at the bottom of the flower to add more blooms later.

Step 4: Add More Flowers

Continue adding flowers one by one, positioning them close together to create a full and lush corsage. Vary the bloom sizes and colors to add visual interest. As you add each flower, secure it to the base with floral tape, wrapping it tightly to keep the corsage intact.

Step 5: Add Greenery (Optional)

For an extra touch of elegance, add greenery to the corsage. Baby's breath, eucalyptus, or fern fronds work well for this purpose. Trim the greenery stems and tuck them between the flowers, securing them with floral tape.

Step 6: Finish with Ribbon or Lace

To conceal the wire or tape and add a polished look to the corsage, wrap beautiful ribbon or delicate lace around the base of the flowers. Use a glue gun to secure the ribbon or lace in place, not applying glue directly to the flowers or greenery.

Step 7: Adjust and Inspect

Take a moment to adjust the placement of the flowers and greenery, ensuring that the corsage looks balanced and aesthetically pleasing. Check for any loose ends or areas that need additional tape or glue to ensure the corsage is secure and durable.

Step 8: Presenting the Corsage

The corsage is now ready to be presented to an expectant mother! You can attach it to a wristband, a pin or brooch, or even a ribbon to be worn as a sash around her shoulder or waist. As she wears the corsage flowers with pride, it will serve as a precious reminder of the joyous occasion. It will also remind her of the love and support surrounding her during this special time.

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Flowers and Games for Baby Showers with a Floral Twist

To keep guests entertained and engaged, flower-themed games and activities can be a delightful addition to a baby shower. One entertaining game is "Guess the Flower Name," where attendees try to identify the names of different flowers based on their descriptions or pictures. Another creative activity is a flower-arranging contest. Divide guests into teams and provide them with wooden flowers, vases, and other decorative elements. Let their creativity bloom as they design unique floral arrangements with Sola Wood Flowers, and award a prize for the most impressive creation. These flower-infused games will add fun and laughter to the celebration.

Utilizing flowers in baby showers goes beyond simple decoration; it injects the occasion with sentiments, significance, and ingenuity. By expressing sincere desires through floral arrangements and involving attendees in flower-oriented activities, blossoms add a magical touch to the festivity. So, when organizing a baby shower, allow the elegance and symbolism of flowers to lead the way, ensuring a truly memorable experience for the soon-to-be mother and all the cherished individuals assembled to partake in the joyful expectation of the baby's arrival.