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What Are the Best Artificial Flowers to Use in Decorative Arrangements?

With spring at your doorstep and summer on the horizon, you've probably noticed all of your decorative inspiration feed being absolutely flooded with pretty florals. Almost every Instagram post seems to include spring blossoms, tulips, or some other type of flower bursting with color. Are you wanting to bring some of that beautiful floral inspiration home with you to incorporate into your decorations?

The bad news is that fresh flowers are quite expensive. In fact, in 2022, they are almost more expensive than they have ever been. Inflation and supply chain complications even affect the floral industry. So, if you want to have beautiful blooms in your house without paying exorbitant prices, consider using artificial flowers. You might think, “oh but artificial flowers are so outdated!” If you're thinking of the artificial flowers you would find at your grandma's house, then yes, those artificial flowers are outdated. However, you can still find quality artificial flowers that make stunning decorations that will never wilt or die. This article will tell you about some of the best artificial flowers that the market has to offer. It will also give you some ideas for styling flowers to create amazing fake flower arrangements.

The Best Artificial Flowers

If you're still having doubts about using artificial flowers in your home decor, you're not alone. Many home decorators steer clear of artificial flowers because they haven't found the best quality products to use. Artificial flowers that are made of wire, glue, and cheap fabric, already look sad, fake, and wilting even when they're straight out of the box. Remember, you can't judge all artificial flowers based on those dusty fake roses that were a permanent installation on your grandma's dresser. There are so many quality artificial flowers for you to explore.

Drivenbydecor.com lists some of the most beautiful, realistic artificial flowers that you can easily buy. These gorgeous artificial flowers come in many different styles. You can find spring blossoms, fall leaves, greenery sprigs, and fluffy summer flowers to create the perfect arrangement for every time of year. So, rather than buying new bouquets of flowers each week, you can bring your artificial blooms out of storage and display and rearrange them for each season. Here are a few types of the artificial flowers that you should consider using in your decorations.

Faux Flowers

Some of the best faux flowers are made of fabrics. However, all fabric-based flowers are not created equally. Cheaper faux flowers are made out of thin, woven, polyester fabric that is affordable. The downside is that polyester fabric doesn't look very realistic, and it fades over time, giving your floral arrangements a very depressing look. If you want to buy fabric flowers that will look wonderful over the years, you should aim for silk flowers. Silk flowers are generally a little bit more expensive than polyester flowers because silk is a more expensive fabric to work with. However, the texture and sheen of silk fabric will give your artificial flowers a more realistic and beautiful look. Silk flowers can be paired with artificial greenery and floral fillers to make gorgeous bouquets and arrangements.

Wood Flowers

Wood flowers or another popular option for artificial floral arrangements wood flowers are usually made out of sola wood or natural materials such as tapioca root. One of the great benefits of using wood flowers is that they can be expertly shaped to imitate the many different varieties of fresh flowers in a way that is stunning, unique, and realistic. For this reason, wood flowers have become very popular for weddings they can be paired perfectly with trendy dried flowers to create a stunning neutral bouquet. However, Don't be under the impression that wood flowers only come in brown or tan colors. Their base color is more of a cream shade, which can be dyed to match any beautiful shade. This is particularly beneficial for brides who have unique color schemes, but this can also be a perfect crafting solution if you have a boho home decor style.

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Artificial Flower Decorations

Now that you know about a few of the most popular artificial flowers, it is time to come up with some decor ideas. Artificial flowers can be used to create all sorts of decorations. Here are a few of the most popular ideas that you can draw inspiration from.


one of the funniest crafts you can make with artificial flowers is a personalized wreath to match your individual style. Wreaths can be pretty expensive, especially if you have a very particular style that you want to be displayed on your front door. A more enjoyable and more affordable option is to make the wreath yourself using artificial flowers. If you have a few different ideas for wreaths that you’d like to make, it can be helpful to buy DIY wood flowers in bulk. That way, you can dye your flowers in many different shades to match the different wreaths you're going to make. You might as well sit down and create a wreath for every season while you're at it!


If you know that you'll be hosting parties and gatherings a lot over the summer, the perfect artificial flower arrangement for you will be to create matching centerpieces. You can create a centerpiece that reflects your personal style and the aesthetic of your home. There are artificial flower centerpiece kits that can aid you in this decorative project. If you like your decorations to be very structured and meticulously arranged, you can create a centerpiece within a container, such as a box, that will keep every bloom in its place. If you have more of a free, nonchalant style, try creating a center please that looks thrown together while still looking beautiful.

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Another artificial flower decoration you can create is a bouquet. Bouquets aren't only for brides and weddings. They can give different parts of your house beautiful pops of color and softness that can't be achieved in any other way. If you don't feel very confident about putting a bouquet together from scratch, you can order bouquet kits of stunning artificial flowers that will create a perfectly stylized arrangement.

Wall Décor

Remember, artificial flowers don't only go on your tables or counters. You can create fun and personal wall decorations that will give your home a bright, cohesive feel. If you have a trendy barn house style, you might pair your artificial flower arrangement with a hanging picture or wagon wheel. if you have more of a boho style, you could create a hanging floral installation that drapes down one wall, giving you a great photo backdrop and statement while in your home.

Remember, one of the best benefits of using artificial flowers, like wood flowers, is that they are incredibly affordable. When you find artificial flowers that you love, you'll just need to buy them once and enjoy them for years to come. They won't wilt, they won't die, and you won't need to remember to water them. No longer will you have the weekly expense of buying bouquets to brighten and freshen up your house. Instead, you'll be able to display wonderful artificial flowers that will look stunning unrealistic all year round.