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Why Should I Use Artificial Flowers for My Wedding Floral Arrangements?

If you're recently engaged and planning your wedding for this year or next year, you've probably realized that you have a lot of decisions to make and a lot of options to choose from. One of those important decisions that you'll need to make is regarding your wedding flowers. You can choose to use fresh flowers, or you can choose to use artificial flowers.

Over the past few years, fresh flowers have become increasingly expensive to work with, especially for weddings. Shortages, supply chain issues, and inflation have all affected the pricing of fresh flowers causing them to become quite expensive and even unattainable for some brides. If you are eyeing your wedding budget and questioning whether or not you'll be able to use fresh flowers in your wedding, don't worry. You have a beautiful and affordable alternative: artificial wedding flowers. Artificial wedding flowers are beautiful and great to work with for many different reasons. Here are a few of the best benefits of using artificial flowers for your wedding.

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Using Artificial Wedding Flowers

Hitched.com has captured some of the most beautiful artificial wedding bouquets that have been created recently. There are so many different ways to style artificial flowers and so many great perks that come along with using them for a big event such as a wedding.

Affordable and Beautiful

First of all, artificial wedding flowers are incredibly affordable. You can often get multiple bouquets of artificial wedding flowers for the same price that you could get one bouquet of fresh flowers. Artificial flowers are also made to last, which makes them very cost-effective if you know that you will be needing to use your wedding flowers on multiple dates or for multiple events, such as your bridal photoshoot. Beautiful flowers are truly made to last. They are often made out of different kinds of fabrics, such as synthetic fabrics or silk, and are shaped into specific designs using wire, glue, and other materials.

Low Maintenance 

Next, artificial flowers are incredibly low maintenance to use for your wedding. This is another great benefit of using artificial flowers for your wedding. Rather than stressing about keeping your fresh flowers alive in your hot tropical wedding, you'll be able to let the artificial flowers look beautiful all day without having to worry about them. You won't need to pay a florist or wedding planner extra to water your flowers or spray them throughout the day. You also won't have to worry about any mess or residue caused by wilting flowers such as dried petals, dirt, pollen, or other issues. When you're experiencing the most important day of your life, it is so worth it to have decorative flowers that are low maintenance.


Another benefit of using artificial flowers is that they are reusable. This is not only more environmentally friendly than buying tons of fresh-cut flowers, but it is also convenient for your different wedding needs. If you need to repurpose some of your artificial flowers for another event or part of your wedding, you can easily rearrange them and repurpose them. For example, if you have a beautiful arch made out of artificial flowers that you're using in your wedding ceremony, you can gather those floral arrangements to be placed on tables at your wedding reception. You can also reuse your wedding flowers if you have multiple wedding photo shoots on separate days rather than having to pay for multiple fresh flower bouquets. Plus, then you'll also be able to enjoy your artificial wedding flowers after your wedding day. You can rearrange your different floral stems to create arrangements for future parties or events that you'll be having. Or you can just enjoy them as a beautiful decoration in your own home. There is no better way to immortalize your beautiful wedding day than to display your own bridal bouquet to enjoy over time.

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Great for Crafters

If you love to do DIY crafts, using artificial flowers for your wedding arrangements is going to be perfect for you. You can always order arrangements that are created for you so you don't have to put them together yourself if you're feeling a little overwhelmed. However, if you're up to a creative challenge and you want a meaningful craft that you'll remember forever come on you can put your own artificial wedding bouquet together yourself. You can create your own artificial wedding floral arrangements with DIY bouquet craft sets that are created with every material that you'll need for your arrangements. When you create your own wedding bouquet and floral arrangements you'll be able to form them precisely in the way that you imagined. You'll be able to use every kind of artificial flower, color, texture, and design that you've been dreaming of. There is no better way to end up with perfect wedding flowers for your big day.

Personalized and Individualized

Don't forget, when you use artificial flowers you can personalize your artificial wedding blooms in a way that just isn't possible with fresh flowers. Artificial flowers can be created in all sorts of shapes, forms, and colors. For example, if you use wood flowers for your wedding, wood flowers can be dyed to match any shade and carefully formed to imitate hundreds of different types of real live blooms. So, if you have a very unique color scheme that you'll be using for your wedding, wood flowers might be the perfect artificial flower solution for you. You won't have to pay extra to get fresh flowers that will perfectly match your desired colors. Instead, would flower stylists will carefully dye your wood flower bouquet to match your desired shades, creating an arrangement that is totally personalized according to your individual tastes and styles. Whether you’re a boho, desert, or traditional bride, you’ll be able to find themed artificial flower arrangements that match your style and ideal aesthetic.

So, if you find yourself on the fence about your wedding flowers for one reason or another, remember this article. There are so many benefits to using artificial flowers for your artificial wedding floral arrangements. You'll be able to save money, reuse your flowers, and get the perfect floral aesthetic that you have always dreamed of having at your wedding. Don't settle for second best, use artificial wedding flowers to make your wedding the best day ever.