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Wedding Flowers that Last: How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet

Congrats! You're recently engaged and starting the fun process of planning your dream wedding. You probably already know but there are a lot of different decisions you need to make to be ready for your wedding. You will need to think about your dress, your venue, your color scheme, your bridal party, your invitations, your flowers, and many more elements that will make your wedding a special day. You've probably spent years of your life dreaming of what your wedding day would look like, at least, if you're a typical girl.

However, nobody really talks about how quickly your wedding day will go by. It will be a busy day and you'll be greeted by many people and rushed from event to event. You might not really be able to take in the entire atmosphere like you've always dreamed of. Of course, you can change up your schedule so you have more downtime to appreciate the amazing event that you've planned. However, there are also other ways to preserve the different beautiful elements of your wedding that you'll be able to enjoy for years to come.

One way to immortalize the memory of your beautiful wedding day Is to preserve certain elements of your wedding that you'll be able to keep in your home. For example, you can have some of your bridal photos blown up and framed. You can also keep some of the candles or decorations that were used at your wedding reception for home decor.

Another great idea is to preserve your bridal bouquet. Preserving your bridal bouquet can be an exciting process. Soon, you'll be able to display your bridal bouquet in your home and remember the beautiful aesthetic of your wedding day. Here are a few different tips that will help you to meet your goal of preserving your wedding bouquet.

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How to Preserve a Wedding Bouquet

There are a few different ways that you can preserve your wedding bouquet so you can enjoy and remember the beautiful blooms in the future. has a whole article featuring this very issue. So many brides spend months and thousands of dollars achieving the perfect floral look for their wedding. You should be able to enjoy those flowers for longer than just one day! Here are a few of some of the most popular preservation approaches in the wedding industry.

Framed and Pressed

First off, you could preserve your wedding bouquet by pressing the flowers and having them framed in a beautiful arrangement. There are some floral companies that offer this as a service that you can pay for. However, if your florist doesn't preserve your flowers for you, it is something that you could do yourself as well. Just make sure that your flowers are well pressed and dried before you start putting them into an arrangement. This will help prevent any mold from developing. Once you have your arrangement framed, you can display it as a beautiful and meaningful piece of artwork in your home.


One popular method for preserving your fresh flower wedding bouquet is to dry your flowers. Obviously, dried flowers are fragile and brittle, so you need to preserve them in a way that they won't get easily touched or broken. One of the best ways to do this is to secure your bouquet with a ribbon or tie and then hang it upside down. This helps the petals of the flowers to dry in a more natural form, preventing them from withering up into little bunches.

Resin Art

Another method for preserving your wedding bouquet that has become recently popular on social media is using your wedding flowers in resin art. There are many resin artists that specialize in this type of preservation. You can find one of these artists through social media or online and ship your wedding flowers to them to be preserved. Or, if you want to do it yourself, you can buy resin and molds at the craft store. Just make sure that you use the proper protective equipment so you don't inhale any fumes or risk your health while you're doing resin art.

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Using Wood Flowers

If you know you'll be rushing off to your honeymoon after your wedding and don't want to worry about handing your bouquet off to someone to get it pressed, or dried, or shipped to an artist, you might want to use flowers that are already preserved for your bouquet. for example, you can use an arrangement of dried flowers and wood flowers to create a stunning, unique bouquet that won't wilt or die. Wood flowers are formed in many different styles to match the different aesthetics of different brides. These styles imitate real flowers. Wood flowers can also be dyed in a huge variety of shades to match whatever color scheme you're having for your wedding. If you like doing crafts, using wood and dried flowers could be perfect for you. You can order these products in a DIY bouquet kit and create it yourself as part of a meaningful and fun craft project.

Using Artificial Flowers

Similar to using wood flowers, you can also use artificial flowers as part of your bridal bouquet to help them be preserved after the fact. You can buy silk flowers that are carefully made and realistic-looking to make up your beautiful bridal bouquet. Then, after the wedding, you can display your bouquet in an arrangement at your home. You can even use your bouquet in the future whenever you're in need of a beautiful decoration at an event.

Paint Them

If you don't want to worry about literally preserving your flowers that you're using for your wedding, another way to preserve the memory of them is to have them painted. You can hire an artist to do a watercolor rendition of your bridal bouquet. This can be something that you can have done on your wedding day, or you could also have it done after the fact and give your watercolor artist photos to reference for your bouquet. A watercolor can be a stunning and wonderful way to preserve the memory of the flowers you had on your wedding day.