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How to Make a Stunning (and Lasting) Wedding Bouquet with Artificial Flowers

As a recently engaged bride-to-be, wedding planning can be super exciting. After all, it's something that you've dreamed of your whole entire life. However, now that you're planning your own wedding you've probably realized that a lot of elements you've always wanted for your wedding are a little bit more expensive than you anticipated. One of those elements is wedding flowers. Fresh flowers can take up a huge portion of your budget come on, especially if you're trying to save money on certain parts of your wedding. Most brides spend thousands of dollars on their fresh flowers, flowers that will only last a day or two. This expense has only increased with inflation, supply chain issues, and shortages in the wedding flower industry. Luckily, there's a better way to have beautiful flowers at your wedding while still saving money. You can do this by using artificial wedding flowers.

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Using Artificial Flowers

Artificial wedding bouquets have been getting a lot more attention in the wedding industry lately. When you use artificial flowers for your wedding arrangements, you only need to pay for those flowers once. You won't need to buy multiple versions of the same bridal bouquet for your different photoshoots. You also won't need to pay a florist to water your arrangements throughout your wedding or replace droopy, wilted flowers with additional fresh flowers at extra expense. Using artificial flowers can save you from these issues.

Not only are they cost-effective, but they're beautiful. Since the popularity of artificial flowers has grown, particularly in the wedding industry, makers of artificial flowers have been working hard to improve their products. There are lots of different types of artificial flowers that are offered such as silk flowers, wood flowers, and other fabric-based flowers. Artificial flower creators have been using better quality products to create unique and realistic-looking flowers for you to enjoy on your wedding day, these flowers come in a huge variety of styles, colors, and aesthetics, and they won't wilt on you halfway through your hot beach wedding.

Using Wood Flowers

If you're looking for an artificial flower that is particularly environmentally friendly, you should try using wood flowers. Wood flowers are created from natural materials, such as tapioca root, and dried and formed in careful, environmentally friendly processes. they are then shaped into realistic forms that imitate different types of real, fresh flowers so, if you're in love with a particular type of fresh flowers, such as a Peony, or a wild rose, you can still get that perfectly shaped flower without the huge expense. If you have a very unique sense of style and you know that you will have a color scheme for your wedding that will be difficult to match, wood flowers could be perfect for you. Wood flowers in their natural form appear to be a cream, neutral shade. This means that they're the perfect campus to be dyed into a huge variety of colors to match many different themes and aesthetics. Don't pay extra to get exotic fresh flowers that will match your style and color scheme, get wood flowers instead that will be personally dyed for you.

How to Make a Bouquet with Artificial Flowers

Now that you've learned about the many benefits of using artificial flowers for your wedding bouquet, you're ready to get started. You don't have to be a florist or a floral expert to create your own arrangements with beautiful artificial flowers. In fact, doing so could be a great, meaningful DIY craft to prepare for your wedding. If you’re needing some inspiration pics before you get started, check out this article on Here are a few tips to make stunning and unique artificial wedding bouquets.

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Start with Statement Flowers

When you're creating your own bouquet with artificial flowers, you'll want to start off your process with your statement flowers. Your statement flowers will be the main flowers that you want to dominate the central look of your wedding bouquet. Maybe they represent a certain color that you really want to highlight for your wedding. Or they could be a certain style of flower, such as a Peony, or Daisy, that has particularly special meaning for you. So, start off your bouquet by gathering those statement flowers into a small arrangement in your hands. Once you have them placed properly, you'll be ready for the next step.

Add Contrast Colors

Next, start adding your slightly smaller flowers that include the contrast colors that you want to bring into your bouquet. These could include a variety of different kinds of flowers. You should have some small and some medium-sized flowers to add a variety of sizes and textures to your arrangement. As you're pairing these flowers with your statement flowers make sure that your different colors are evenly spread in a way that looks natural yet aesthetically organized. Once you have all of these in place you'll be ready to add in some fillers.

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Add Fillers

Adding fillers to your bouquet is an important step because it will provide fullness and volume to your arrangement. Your floral fillers could be a variety of different textures or types including things like lavender, cala lily, pixie cotton, baby’s breath, or heather spray. You could even use live filler flowers, such as eucalyptus, which can be easily obtained and aren't too expensive. However, if you want to use artificial filler flowers there is a variety that is available to you.

Frame with Greenery

Once your fillers are in place, frame your bouquet with beautiful springs of greenery. Again, you can use fresh greenery or artificial greenery. Using some nice sprigs of greenery can help your bouquet to look cohesive and finished. If you don't have a lot of green showing through the center of your bouquet, try threading through a few pieces of greenery to make the colors look more intentional. Once you've done this, you'll almost be finished with your artificial wedding bouquet.

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Next, make sure to tie off your bouquet so it will be securely fastened for your big day. Remember, you'll be taking a lot of pictures, so you will want to make sure that your bouquet isn't falling apart. Try securing the stems by wrapping a thick rubber band around them a few times. Then, cover the rubber bands with a bit of lace or a length of silk ribbon. Leave them with long ribbon streams for a bohemian, flowy look. This will help your bouquet to look finished and stunning.

So, if you've realized that fresh flowers might be out of your wedding budget or might not meet your floral needs for your big day, remember that article artificial flowers are a wonderful alternative. You can still have the wedding aesthetic of your dreams with all of the different floral arrangements in place, and you can save money while you're at it.

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