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Chic Ways to Style a Barn Wedding With Wood Flowers

Barnwood Shabby Chic Sola Wood Flowers Bouquet
Photo by Adrianna Van Groningen on Unsplash

Barn weddings have come a long way from the rustic chic theme. The days of hanging mason jars, hay bales, and naked cakes haven’t so much disappeared as they have evolved and today’s “country” couple can plan a barn wedding that is both rustic and incredibly elegant. Add in the use of wood flowers, and you also have a celebration that is eco-friendly and unique! 

Whether you want to DIY your barn wedding decorations or purchase a few wood flower items to add to your decor or venue, we have a list of chic ways you can style your barn wedding with wood flowers, craft kits, prints, and more. 

Barn Wedding Flower Decor and Lighting 

Barn Wedding Style Images for Inspiration with Sola Wood Flowers
Left: Bliss Photography | Upper Right: Lauren Kinsey | Lower Right: Rachel May Photography

Barns have a multitude of nooks and crannies, supports, and ceiling space to decorate with wood flowers. Look around your barn wedding venue for wooden posts that you can wrap in greenery and florals. Strand together mix and match filler pieces like cotton, pine sprays, and leaves. For pops of color you could weave in mini floral bundles, pixie cotton, berry sprays, and blooms. 

Pick up one of our wedding bouquet craft kits and create beautiful arrangements to place on top of barrels or small tables, and don’t forget to look up for decoration ideas. Barn wedding venues tend to have plenty of ceiling space and lighting flexibility so you can get creative with your wood flower decorations. Think flowers hanging from chandeliers and light fixtures, suspended wagon wheels and wreaths adorned in wood flowers and faux greenery, and dried lavender hung from low beams. 

Lounge Spaces for a Barn Wedding

Lounge Space Ideas for a Barn Wedding with Sola Wood Flowers
Left: Melissa Schollaert | Right: Bliss Photography

Depending on your venue’s size, you may be able to create an indoor or outdoor lounge space where guests can mingle over cocktails in between wedding activities. A barn wedding lounge area can be as luxurious or rustic as you would like it to be. Set up hay bales draped in fabric and/or pillows or rent chic lounge furniture, rugs, and small tables. Use wood flowers to spruce up the space by placing them in mason jars, vases, or bottles. Fill wooden crates with your arrangement creations or decorate the fireplace mantle if your barn venue has one available. 

Comfortable Wedding Lounge Ideas for Sola Wood Flower Barn Weddings
Photo via Green Wedding Shoes

In addition to or as an alternative, you could create a wood flower backdrop and place a lounge chair or sofa in front as a place for guests to get some amazing photos. 

Wooden Wedding Decor and Wood Flowers 

Wood Wedding Decor for a Barn Wedding with Sola Wood Flowers
Left: Jill Tiongco Photography | Right: Poppies and Posies

We have everything from wood prints and cutouts to wood centerpieces and wall decor, so you’re sure to find the perfect pieces to accentuate your barn wedding theme and style. Decorate the space with signs and letters adorned with wood flowers and twinkling lights. Place a step ladder near the guestbook area and decorate each step with flowers, jars, wooden cutouts, photos, and candles. Stack wooden crates and create texture and height with wood flower bouquets, tapered candles in vases, and vintage bottles. 

Elegant Barn Entrances 

Barn Entrance Ideas for a Barn Wedding with Sola Wood Flowers
Left: Sarah Marie Photography | Right: Harchenko Andrey

Nothing sets the vibe for a chic barn wedding than an elegant entrance that welcomes guests in style. We love the look of draped and flowing fabric pinned back with flower arrangement and a touch of lace or burlap. You could also create an arch of greenery and herbs or simply decorate the barn doorway with wild and lush wood blooms. 

Barn Wedding Centerpieces 

Barn Wedding Centerpiece Ideas for a Barn Wedding with Sola Wood Flowers
Photo via Wedding Chicks

Styling a barn wedding with wood flowers can be as simple as creating a few chic centerpieces. If you love the vintage look, fill mason jars with dried herbs, filler, and flowers and wrap the jar with a burlap or lace bow. You could also set up slabs of wood on tables and place candles and mini flower bundles on top. 

Some of our other favorite barn wedding centerpiece ideas:

  • Lanterns filled with wood flowers
  • Lace runners strewn with greenery and petals
  • Long wooden farm tables decorated with bundles of candles and bouquets
  • Wooden crates filled with flowers
  • Wooden block stands of varying heights topped with flowers, plants, and greenery 

Don’t you love these chic barn wedding ideas? They’re beautiful, affordable, and as unique as you and your fiance are, which means your wedding will be a truly personal and memorable event. Pick up your wedding craft kit while you can and get started on your favorite wood flower decorations!