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How To Use Sola Softener To Dye Your Sola Wood Flowers

A Bouquet That Could Be Made With Softened Sola Wood Flowers

Photo via Forever Floral

Are you ready to get rid of the chipped sola wood flowers problem forever? Of course you are, because working with soft, pliable petals is the best way to craft your bouquets, arrangements, centerpieces, or any Sola Wood Flower project!

The solution? Sola Softener, a glycerin solution that is easy to use and results in damage-resistant wood flowers that keep your flowers soft even after they’ve been dyed. 

Our sola softener is the same solution we use to keep our dyed sola wood assortments soft and protected after they’ve been dyed.


Easy Steps To Dying Your Flowers The Right Way

  1. Combine Your Chosen Paint With Sola Softener

We recommend using a 1:10 ratio. It will create a mixture that softens the flowers in such a way that they become “squishy” and more flexible. If you dye the flowers without the softener, they will turn out hard and crunchy, and nobody has time for that!

Sola Wood Flowers Sola Softener

Sola Wood Flowers - Sola Softener
  1. Dip Your Flowers Into The Mixture

All you need to do to get the pliable petals is mix the Sola Softener with your paint, then dip the flowers in the mixture. A little bit goes a long way, so one bottle will last you for plenty of crafts to come. 

Sola Wood Flowers Sola Flower Dye
Sola Wood Flowers - Sola Flower Dye
  1. Shape your flowers without the fear of damaging or chipping the petals. 


Go ahead, shape your flowers! They will be soft and malleable, rather than hard and crunchy.  This is the proper way to dye your flowers to make sure they look good, feel good, and last forever.  We recommend spritzing the flowers periodically with water or glycerin if you feel they are starting to get dried and crunchy.


Sola Wood Flowers Amarillo Sky Dyed Assortment

Sola Wood Flowers - Amarillo Sky Assortment

Additional Tips for Using Sola Wood Flower Softener

  1. If you are using a deep base paint to create a darker color, try a ratio of  ⅕ softener to ⅘ hot water to speed up drying time.

  1. You can mist your previously dyed flowers with Sola Softener and hot water. They won’t be as supple as those that were first dyed with the softener and paint mixture, but it will help create a bit of softness and flexibility. 

  1. The Sola Softener mixture can also be applied to the flowers you want to keep raw, but soft.

  1. If you mist the mixture on before painting your flowers, you’ll have more control of how the color goes on and where the paint goes. This trick is also great if you want to create an ombre effect.

  1. When you purchase your craft supplies, don’t forget to add a bottle of Sola Softener so that you get the best, hassle-free results on all of your Sola Wood Flower projects!


There are so many ways to craft Sola Wood Flowers, but there is only one proper way to dye it! Take it from the experts, glycerin will save your flowers for years to come.