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Create Trendy Arrangements with Dusty Rose Artificial Flowers

Hey DIY crafters, do you have a big party or event coming up? Maybe you need to create some romantic table decorations for a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Maybe you’re creating a floral installation for a baby shower. Or maybe you just want to create a fun floral wall decoration that will get your house ready for the spring and summer months. Floral arrangements can be formed in so many different ways and they can help your space to feel magical and dreamy. But before you go off and spend hundreds of dollars on fresh flowers that will only last a few hours, consider using artificial flowers, like wood flowers or silk flowers, instead. 

Dusty rose artificial flowers are some of the trendiest florals of the season. They can be paired with so many different colors of flowers or greenery according to your personal preferences. You can pair them with deep mustard flowers and bold turquoise blooms for a bohemian look. Or you can go for more of a classical feel and pair them with light blush and cream blooms. For a dramatic, Bridgerton inspired look, try pairing dusty rose flowers with baby blue and lilac blooms in draping, fluffy florals. You can pair your dusty rose artificial flowers with pretty much any color and have a gorgeous installation or arrangement.  

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Benefits of Using Artificial Flowers

They are Affordable

If you aren’t feeling quite convinced when it comes to using artificial flowers, here are a few benefits that you should consider. Fresh flowers are romantic and beautiful, but they can be very expensive. Especially when a certain style is very trendy online, like dusty rose flowers, fresh flowers of that style can start to get very pricey. A single bouquet of fresh flowers can cost over $100, while you can order artificial flowers in bulk and create multiple bouquets for less than half that price. When you use artificial flowers instead of fresh flowers, your designated budget for your decorations will go further. 

They are Reusable

Another benefit of using artificial flowers is that they are reusable. They won’t wilt or die the same day that you’ve bought them. Instead, you’ll be able to take apart your arrangements and craft them into new decorations that can be used for home decor or different events. So, once your big event or party is over, you’ll be able to take down your installations or arrangements and store them to be reused for another time. Plus, if you’re wondering how to store artificial flowers, you’ll be delighted. Artificial flowers are easy to store and reuse. 

They are Beautiful

One of the biggest reasons why you should consider using artificial flowers for your decorations is because they’re beautiful. Artificial flower creators work hard to make their products realistic looking while still being unique and useful for all different crafters. Some artificial flowers, like wood flowers, can be dyed to match any color and styled to imitate any flower. These types of flowers will match perfectly while still having a very unique and natural touch. When you use wood flowers for your decorations, you’ll end up with flowers that are perfect for your exact color scheme and desired aesthetic. 

Plus, while you’re hosting or running your big event, you won’t have to worry about keeping the flowers watered or misted. Your artificial flowers will sit their looking realistic and gorgeous while being incredibly low maintenance. You also won’t have to pick up any wilted petals, stray soil, or floral debris, which means you won’t have to worry about your guests having allergy risks. Your dusty rose artificial flowers will be hassle free as they stay looking stunning all night long.

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DIY Floral Decorations

So now that you’re hooked on the benefits of using artificial flowers, it is time to get inspired! Here are just a few ideas for DIY floral decorations that could look stunning for any event that you might have. These decorations could even look beautiful repurposed in your home! If you want your event decorations to be beautiful and Instagram worthy, make sure that you consider some of these creative decoration ideas. Sure, a basic bouquet can be beautiful, but a creative installation can be even more impactful and dramatic. If you’re looking for some more inspiration when it comes to your DIY floral decorations, check out this article from The Spruce. In the meanwhile, here are just a few ideas for you to consider. 

Scattered Bud Vases

Scattered bud vases are the bohemian version of a floral bouquet. You can create these pretty, sparkly decorations by collecting a different variety of bud vases in various shapes and sizes. Then, place single blooms in each vase. You might also be able to squeeze a tiny sprig of greenery or a smaller bud in with it. You can even hang your bud vases for a magical and nontraditional look.

Floral Wall

Do you want something that is a bit (or a lot) more dramatic than some little bud vases? A floral will will be high-drama and high-impact. These floral walls can be installed inside or outside as long as you have a base to work with, like a piece of plywood. You can then attach your artificial flowers to the wall, covering the entire surface with your chosen variety of colors and greenery. This floral wall would make the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot or photo opportunity spot.

Hanging Floral Chandelier

If you’re going to be sitting down with your guests and want to elevate your beautiful tablescape, try adding in a hanging floral chandelier to your space. You can attach your artificial flowers to a wreath base in a hanging pattern for a decoration that your guests will never forget. You can have your chandelier be as thick and dramatic or as minimalistic as you’d like. Some crafters even like making these hanging chandeliers completely out of floral fillers, like baby’s breath for a fluffy look.

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Floral Lanterns

Do you want a decoration that can be styled as more romantic or traditional? Try pairing your dusty rose artificial flowers with some beautiful lanterns. You can loop the florals around the base of the lantern or attach them to the top loop. You can then put these lanterns on the ground leading up to your party entrance, or you can hang them from the trees in a dramatic and ethereal fashion. If you’re wanting a more rustic look, try getting rustic lanterns with rusted or weathered paint details. Pair that with some burlap rope or ribbon along with your florals for a country feel.