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How to Make Bridal Shower Decorations with Artificial Flowers

Are you getting married this summer? If so, do you have bridal showers, engagement parties, and other wedding celebrations coming up? This can be an r your wedding. You want to invite all of your close friends and family members and have delicious food and great entertainment, all while having gorgeous bridal party flowers and decorations. Believe it or not, it is possible to have stunning, Pinterest-worthy pre-wedding celebrations without breaking the bank. Want to know the secret to achieve this beautiful look at an affordable price? Using artificial flowers!

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If you want to have gorgeous bridal shower flowers, don’t pay for fresh flowers over and over again. Use artificial flowers instead! Fresh flowers are beautiful, particularly during the spring and summer when they’re in season. However, they are very pricey to use, especially during these warm seasons when there are so many weddings occurring. Trendy flowers that come in particular styles or colors that have become popular on social media are even more expensive, causing fresh flowers prices to skyrocket. Using artificial flowers will help you to save money while still having a beautiful floral presentation.


So, if you have your heart set on using fresh flowers for some part of your wedding, save that part of your budget for your wedding day. Pay to have fresh flowers for your bridal bouquet and wedding day decorations. When it comes to all of your other wedding parties, such as your bridal shower, your engagement party, your bachelorette party, and more use artificial flowers to save money. The best part of this approach is that you can create floral arrangements with your artificial flowers that will be easily reusable for each event. 

Best Types of Artificial Flowers

So now that you understand the financial benefit of using artificial flowers for bridal shower flowers and other decorations, you’re probably wondering which types of artificial flowers are the best. It is true that not all artificial flowers are created equally. You’ve probably seen enough cheap fabric flowers at the grocery store or craft store to know that yourself. However, if you purchase the right kind of high-quality artificial flowers, they’ll look beautiful and realistic. Here are some insights on the different types of artificial flowers that you might want to use for your decorations and arrangements. 

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Silk Flowers

Silk flowers are the high-quality version of the thin, fake, fabric flowers that you’ve seen before. Silk flowers are usually available to purchase at certain craft stores or home decor stores. They are a little bit pricier than other fabric flowers since silk is a more expensive fabric, to begin with. However, the sheen and feel of the fabric imitate the colors and textures of real floral petals very closely. Additionally, they’re quite sturdy and easy to use. If you use silk flowers, you’ll love to mix and match as you create different reusable arrangements. 

Dried Flowers

If you’re wanting floral arrangements for your parties that are on-trend and stylish, you should use dried flowers. Dried flowers are a little bit more fragile than other artificial flowers, but they can create a truly stunning floral arrangement. They come in a variety of natural colors including cream, beige, tan, blush, brown, and other colors. They can also be dyed to match your personal wedding aesthetic. If you love the look of a dried flower arrangement but want a little bit more volume in your decorations, try adding wood flowers for the perfect blend of delicacy and drama. 

Plastic/Polyester Flowers

Another type of high-quality artificial flower is made out of a blend of plastic and polyester materials. This blend makes flowers that look highly realistic. One of the most common types of flowers made out of plastic and polyester is the orchid. Real orchids have thicker, fleshier petals that aren’t as thin and delicate as other flowers. Since these flowers have a bit more substance to them, the plastic and polyester materials create an artificial orchid that is very realistic. 

Wood Flowers

Wood flowers are another gorgeous option for an artificial flower arrangement. These realistic and stunning flowers are made from tapioca root and other natural materials, which gives them a unique texture and aesthetic. They’re specially formed to imitate the shapes of real flowers, like roses, daisies, or peonies. Wood flowers start out as a neutral cream color, but they can be dyed to match any color that you could dream of. So, if you have a unique wedding color scheme, these could be perfect for you! Unlike fresh flowers, the unique colors won’t cost you any extra. You can even order wood flowers in bulk with a large variety of designs and create many different floral arrangements for a fraction of the price of regular fresh flowers. If you use wood flowers in your bridal party flower arrangements, your guests won’t be able to stop complimenting them!

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Artificial Flower Decorations

Now that you know some of the artificial flower options that are available to you, it is time to get started making wedding party decorations! There are so many different kinds of floral arrangements that can bring a romantic feeling to your party. From centerpiece bouquets to hanging installations to floral arches, you’ll have so many stunning options that will spruce up your different wedding events.  Here are a few ideas for you to consider. 

  • Floral Baskets
  • Hanging Floral Chandelier
  • Climbing Floral Arch
  • Hanging Floral Balls
  • Floral Lanterns
  • Bohemian Bud Vases
  • Floral Wall Curtain
  • Floral Backdrop
  • Greenery Wall
  • Floral Table Runner
  • Floral Terrariums
  • Hanging Pampas Grass 
  • Tropical Florals and Fruit Arrangements

If you feel like you need some more inspiration to help you to nail down your desired floral aesthetic, spend some time scrolling on Pinterest and searching for floral decorations. This article from The Knot will highlight 30 of the most unique floral decorations that you can create. Don’t worry, you can make any of these designs with artificial flowers! They’ll be much easier to create, and they won’t need any additional watering or maintenance. Plus, you’ll be able to reuse these decorations for each of your wedding events.