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Creative Prom Corsage Ideas Using Wrist Corsages

Prom is one of the biggest highlights of your high school experience, and you want to make sure that you’re looking your best on your big night. You’ve likely spent weeks (or even months) searching for the perfect dress or matching outfit so you’ll look great with your date. But have you thought about what your corsages are going to look like? If not, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to provide you with some beautiful and creative ideas that will have your flower corsage looking unique and trendy. This will elevate your prom look, giving you a show-stopping effect that you’ll love to post all over Instagram. 

What is a Prom Corsage?

If this is your first time going to prom, don’t worry. We’ll spell it out for you if you’re wondering what a prom corsage is. A corsage is a small, wearable flower arrangement that one usually wears at a special event such as a dance or a wedding. Corsages are usually worn on the wrist with a bracelet attachment or pinned to your outfit near the collar or lapel. Traditionally, girls receive flower corsages from their prom dates to wear to the prom evening and dance. This tradition helps everyone to look and feel their best for this special, formal event. Most teens work with a floral designer to ensure that their prom corsage matches the color and style of their prom outfit. For example, if you’re going to be wearing a hot pink dress, you might choose a corsage with hot pink flowers or hot pink ribbon. If you’re going to be wearing a sparkly dress, you might add some sparkly ribbon or glitter to your corsage so it will match your vibe and aesthetic. You could also choose an accent color that would complement the color of your prom dress. Having the perfect corsage for your big day will help you to feel like you’re on top of the world.

Creative Prom Corsage Ideas

Ready to design your dream prom corsage? Let’s get started! Here are some of our favorite prom corsage ideas that should inspire you and maybe even kickstart more creativity in your corsage design. Remember, as you’re designing your prom corsage, it should match or complement your prom outfit. So, if you don’t have your dress or outfit planned yet, you might want to do that first before you order or design your own prom corsage. For more ideas, check out this blog article documenting the top corsage trends for 2023.

Wood Flower Corsage

One of this year’s biggest trends is to use wood flowers to create your prom corsages. These flowers are made from eco-friendly wood materials, but they look super realistic and feel soft and flexible, like fresh flowers. The best part of using these flowers for your corsage is that they won’t wilt or fall apart like fresh flowers often do when you’re dancing. Wood flowers can also be custom-dyed, which is great if you have a really unique color for your prom dress or outfit. Check out the many colors of wood flower dye to see what options are available to you! If you love the look of wood flowers, you should also consider DIYing your own prom corsage. You can shop for helpful corsage craft kits that will come with all the supplies and helpful steps you need to create your own gorgeous corsage. But don’t worry, if you’re not super confident in your crafting and flower-arranging abilities, you can also have a wood flower expert do it for you! Just shop our wrist corsages and select the “built for you” option. You can also get matching wood flower boutonnieres or corsages for your date for an incredibly affordable price!

Bracelet Wrist Corsage

Often, wrist corsages are made with ribbon, lace, or elastic that can easily be secured to the wrist. However, if you want to make more of a fashion statement with your wrist corsage, try making a corsage attached to an existing bracelet. You can use a bracelet that matches your personal style and the aesthetic of your prom outfit, such as a pearl bracelet, a charm bracelet, a few sparkly bangles, or a pretty metal cuff. You can then attach your flowers using some floral wire or tape. Once your prom dance is over, you’ll be able to reuse the bracelet as a pretty piece of jewelry. 

Ring Corsage

If you aren’t a fan of the traditional wrist corsage, you could try a more unique format, such as a ring corsage. A ring corsage won’t be as large as a wrist corsage, but it will still make a huge impression. This pop of florals and colors will help to elevate your prom look to a whole new level that will wow your prom date. To create a ring corsage, youll just need a wide ring that can support the weight of the flowers on your corsage. Then you’ll follow the normal steps of creating a DIY corsage, just in mini form.

Oversized Corsage

If your prom dress is more classy and less flashy, you might want an oversized corsage to add more drama to your look. Having an oversized corsage is one of the best ways to make a huge impact with your gorgeous prom flowers. This type of corsage is usually double or triple the size of a traditional wrist corsage. An oversized corsage might require two points where it is secured to your arm to support the additional weight of the flowers. 

Pocket Corsage

Don’t forget about your date when you’re planning for and designing your prom flowers! If your date is going to be wearing a suitcoat or dress shirt with a pocket, you can get a pocket corsage for them. This type of corsage won’t require a pin or magnet like a boutonniere, which makes them a lot more secure and easier to attach. You can also make a pocket corsage look a lot more masculine, which your date will love. You’ll just need to attach your flowers to a card, pocket square holder, or similar item that can hold the weight of your flowers. 

Clutch Corsage

If you don’t want to have to worry about flowers on your wrists or fingers, you might want to opt for a clutch corsage instead. You’ll just need to find a corsage that you love and that matches your ideal prom look. Then you can attach your flowers for a unique and stunning result. If you do want to create a clutch corsage, you should consider using wood flowers or other artificial flowers. Fresh flowers might create some water damage or leave debris on your clutch bag.

Unique Flower Corsage 

You can use many different types of flowers no matter what type of flower corsage you make for prom. If you want an especially unique floral look, consider using unique blooms such as dried flowers, wood flowers, succulents, or even floral jewelry pieces. Sure, fresh flowers are traditionally used for prom corsages, but a unique floral choice could create a show-stopping corsage that you’ll love.

Corsages aren't just an accessory; they're the secret ingredient to elevate your prom ensemble. Whether you opt for the understated elegance of a Sola Wood Flowers wrist corsage or dare to delve into something uniquely expressive, let these ideas be the spark to ignite your imagination. This is your chance to curate a corsage that encapsulates your dreams and mirrors your personality, taking your prom look to a whole new level of individualized charm and allure!