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Inspiring Color Palettes for Fall Bridal Bouquets

As the rich shades of autumn set the stage for your special day, choosing the perfect color palette for your fall wedding bouquet becomes a fascinating endeavor. The interplay of nature's rich tones and seasonal charm offers an exquisite range of possibilities to enhance the ambiance and evoke a sense of warmth and elegance. 

Today, at Sola Wood Flowers, we’ll explore the most enchanting color palettes for fall bridal bouquets to complement the ceremony’s autumnal splendor, ensuring your future event will bloom in harmonious beauty!

6 Gorgeous Bouquet Color Palettes for a Fall Wedding

Rustic Charm

Bouquets featuring deep red florals, intertwined with olive green foliage and touches of copper-colored embellishments, evoke a rustic, charming feel, capturing the essence of the season’s changing landscapes.

Autumn Harvest

Other common color combination includes vibrant bouquets filled with burnt orange blooms, mustard yellow accents, and deep red flowers. This mixture evokes the picturesque landscape of a fall harvest, mirroring the fiery hues of autumn leaves and the bountiful crops.

Earthy Neutrals

Embracing the natural tones of the season is an understated elegance. With bouquets featuring taupe-colored flowers, terracotta accents, and creamy blooms nestled amidst rich, earthy foliage, you can create a stunning reminiscence of changing leaves and rustic landscapes.

Muted Elegance

You can achieve a sophisticated look by walking down the aisle with a bouquet of deep plum-hued flowers, complemented by soft mauve shades and dark green foliage. This combination is also reminiscent of twilight in the fall, capturing the season’s serene beauty.

Golden Glow

To capture the radiant warmth of fall, you can opt for a bouquet adorned with golden petals, amber-toned flowers, and dark brown accents. This palette conjures images of glowing sunsets and glistening autumn landscapes.

Sunset Palette

Mirror the colors of a breathtaking fall sunset and exude vibrancy, energy, and captivating beauty with a bouquet of deep crimson flowers, marigold yellow accents, and rich purple blooms. 

Rustic Elegance

Beautiful bouquets composed of lush, velvety deep burgundy blooms intertwined with soft, dusty rose roses and sprigs of sage green foliage are one of the classic choices for ceremonies held within this time of the year. 

What Flowers Are Best for a Fall Wedding?

There are numerous flowers that align perfectly with the aesthetic and atmosphere of a fall wedding due to their colors and availability during this season. Here's a list of some of the best flowers for fall weddings:


Available in an array of rich and deep tones such as burgundy, deep red, orange, and even dark purples, dahlias are a standout choice for fall weddings. Their intricate petals add texture and visual interest to bouquets and arrangements.


Classic and available year-round, roses in darker hues such as deep reds, burgundy, and even orange or terracotta shades perfectly capture the essence of autumn. They pair exceptionally well with other fall blooms and greenery.

Chrysanthemums (Mums)

Often referred to as mums, these flowers come in various warm tones and add a charming touch to fall floral arrangements. Their full blooms and variety of colors, including bronze, yellow, and rust, make them an excellent choice for the season.


Symbolizing happiness and vibrancy, sunflowers with their bright yellow petals and dark centers make a bold statement in fall bouquets, adding a touch of cheer and a pop of color.


Zinnias come in a variety of warm and rich colors, including reds, oranges, and yellows. Their bold and vivid hues can add a playful and joyful element to fall floral arrangements.

Foliage and Berries

Incorporating seasonal foliage like eucalyptus, oak leaves, maple leaves, or berries such as hypericum or viburnum berries can add texture and depth to bouquets and arrangements, enhancing the fall theme.

Wood Flowers

These flowers in bulk, crafted from soft, pliable wood materials like sola wood, balsa wood, or even recycled materials, offer a long-lasting alternative to traditional flowers. The beauty of wood flowers lies in their versatility; they can be shaped, colored, and arranged to suit any aesthetic or color palette, including those perfect for fall weddings.

Without a doubt, the allure of crafting the perfect fall bridal bouquet is an artful endeavor that harmonizes the seasonal vibrancy with the essence of your love story. From the fiery embrace of burnt oranges to the soft, delicate blushes of pale pinks, these inspiring color palettes paint a canvas of romance, nature, and heartfelt sophistication. 

At Sola Wood Flowers, we hope these stunning color combinations ignite your creativity and guide you toward the wedding flowers that not only complement the fall's enchanting backdrop but also speak to the uniqueness of your love, bringing an unforgettable flourish to your celebration!