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Decorate your Weddding Cake in Sola Wood Flowers

When you think about sola wood flowers as decorations, you might immediately think of bouquets, boutonnieres, and table centerpieces. But did you know that these flowers can also be used to glam up your cake? 

Sola wood flowers on a three-tier cake

You heard that right! Sola flowers on cake! If you made your wedding bouquet and decors with sola flowers, you can now make a matching cake from the same bunch of sola flowers. And besides, realistic fondant and gum paste flowers, while lovely, can be pretty expensive at around $5 for a 3” basic rose. The price goes higher for bigger and more complicated flowers.

Let’s explore how to use sola wood flowers as cake decoration.


Safety reminders:

Sola wood flowers are made out of cassava, a tapioca plant root found in South America, which is also used to make tapioca, bread, and cassava  flour among many others. These buds are eco-friendly and non-toxic, but sola wood flowers are not edible and they should be used for decoration purposes only.

Cassava root also known as yuca

If you want to deck your cake using sola wood flowers, be sure to keep these things in mind: 

  • Clean your workstation beforehand
  • Wash your hands properly before working on your sola flowers
  • Clean and disinfect all devices, tools, and materials that will be used for this project

Choose your flowers and fillers

Since colored assortments are dyed using non-edible paint, It’s best to purchase a pack or two of raw assortments and dye the flowers yourself. Upon receiving, clean your sola wood flowers by holding them upside down on the stem and tapping gently to remove any debris that may fall off the cake. Similarly, you can use a can of compressed air to go through each petal and clean it that way.

Raw sola wood tulips

Use food coloring to dye your sola wood flowers

There’s a wide assortment of food-grade paints and dye that you can choose from. We’re in love with the range of colors from Sugarflair. You have paint in matte, pastels, lustre powders, and even colors for airbrushing.

The easiest, still, is to dye the flowers in a mixture of food color and water. Dilute a few drops of food coloring in a bowl of clean water and dip your sola wood flowers as usual. Experiment on the concentration by dipping and drying the flowers multiple times or adjusting the amount of color.  You can also try using coffee, wine, or tea for dying the flowers if it fits the color palette you’re after.

For your first attempt, paint just a few flowers or petals before dyeing a big batch so you know what it looks like when it dries. You can also use a clean brush to apply pigment or add some details. Allow them to dry completely on a clean cooling rack before use.

Stemming your sola flower

Use toothpicks or bamboo skewers to stem the flowers. Instead of applying hot glue on the base of the flower, dip the toothpick or skewer into confectioner's edible sugar. This will help keep the stem in place. 

Use wax paper underneath the flowers

If you’re not comfortable with your sola wood flowers touching the cake, putting wax paper in between will prevent your flowers from having direct contact. 

Cut a small square or circle just enough for your flowers to sit on. Poke the toothpick through in the middle of the paper and gently slide it up until it reaches the bottom part of the flower.

The sola flowers will stand out in a canvass of naked or basic fondant cake. Check out Pinterest and Instagram fo inspirations and recreate in DIY fashion for almost half the price! 

Sola flower decor on a tier cake

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