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Sola School Wedding Bouquet Tutorial

Whether you’re looking for a Sola Wood Flower wedding bouquet for your special day or making one for a client, this simple and elegant bouquet will stop everyone in their tracks. Learn how to recreate this wedding bouquet for less than half what you would normally spend when using real flowers. 

We’ve added the specific flowers and filler below for this sola bouquet tutorial. So grab your materials and create with us!

A Sola Wood Flower wedding bouquet


  • 2” Aurora (in Rosewood)
  • 3” Juliet
  • 2” Bali (in Powder Pink)
  • Preserved Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Green Floral Wire
  • Floral Tape
  • Hot Glue
  • Jute Twine


  • Glue Gun
  • Stem Clippers
  • Glue Pot (optional)

Step One: Prepare your Fillers

Start with separating the fillers that you’ll be using for this project. It’ll be much easier to add fillers later on (since one hand will be busy holding the bouquet while you’re assembling it). 

You’ll need several tiny bunches of baby’s breath and a few silver dollar eucalyptus leaves to stick in between the flowers. Baby’s breath is great because it has a level height which helps create a perfect round bouquet. Meanwhile, the eucalyptus leaves break the monotony of the pink and peach hues and keep up with the rustic feel of the entire bouquet.

Dried baby's breath bundles bleached white

Step Two: Stem the Flowers

Start by adding the stems to each sola flower. Apply a small dab of hot glue to the base of the flower using either a hot glue gun or by dipping the stem into a glue melting pot. Insert the green floral wire into the base of the flower and gently twist it into the base.

Don’t be afraid to squish the sides of the flower a bit during this process. If you need to bend the flower petals back to shape, just spray it with water and sola softener until the petals are pliable again. 

In addition to the flowers, attach single eucalyptus leaves to floral wire as well. This makes it easier to stick the fillers in when you’re constructing the bouquet.

Step Three: Create the Bouquet

Hold the stemmed flowers in one hand and form the shape of your bouquet. We’re going for a posy bouquet which is a petite, round shape (and is very popular for sola wedding bouquet pieces). You can achieve this shape by bunching three flowers together to form the top of the dome. All you need to do after that is to keep adding new flowers next to it, while dispersing tiny bunches of baby’s breath and eucalyptus leaves in between. Remember to angle the flowers on the side and underneath to achieve the shape you want. This will result in uneven stem lengths (which you can snip later).

Once you’ve finished shaping the bouquet, secure it with a floral tape at the base. A the floral tape is important because this is what will hold the shape of the bouquet. 

Step Four: Wrap the Floral Wire

Wrap the floral wire with green floral tape, and then wrap it again with jute twine for a rustic look. Other options for the bouquet handle include burlap cloth, lace, and ribbons, depending on your sola wedding couture vision. When done, hold the bouquet like you would normally do when walking down the aisle. Check for comfort and add more twine or ribbon for a thicker handle. It should be comfortable to clasp with one hand or both.

Burlap lace ribbon

Cut off the excess floral wire at the end for a neater look. Make sure that there are no pointy wires sticking out that could get caught in your dress and cause runs.

Step Five: Finish Off with Additional Fillers

Give it one final look and add fillers if needed. Don’t go overboard on the star fillers, though. A few here and there, just to break the clumping of sola flowers, is enough. Remember that the point of adding fillers is to enhance the beauty of the entire bouquet, and not to overshadow your main flower pieces. Same goes for the greenery.

Preserved silver dollar eucalyptus

This dainty pink bouquet is subtle and stunning at the same time, no wonder a lot of brides fall in love with it. It’s perfect for rustic weddings, but is also great for a laid back garden wedding. And the best part is that it did not cost a fortune to create! All you need is a sola bouquet kit, some guidance on how to do it on your own, and a couple of hours to put it all together. Getting the dyed flower option will be such a huge time saver so go for this option.

Sola wood flower wedding bouquet

Don’t forget to browse the Sola Wood Flowers Official Facebook group for more inspiration and tips from other sola wood crafters.