Your bridesmaids are an integral part of your wedding day and so are the flowers they will carry. Celebrate the promise of lifelong friendships with eco-friendly forever bouquets made of sola wood flowers. 

Make it even more memorable by personalizing their bouquets. Use these DIY video and written tutorial below to learn how to make bridesmaids flowers that last a lifetime.

Floral Supplies and Tools Needed


STEP 1: Dye the Sola Wood Flowers

Check this How To Dye Sola Wood Flowers tutorial. You will learn the basic steps of using sola dye to color the flowers.

Let the dyed flowers dry for at least 24 hours before you start making your bouquet.

STEP 2: Stem the Sola Wood Flowers

Grab a floral wire and apply hot glue to the tip. Carefully push into the base of the flower and hold for a second. Let the glue dry and make sure the flower is firmly attached to the stem.

Stem all the needed flowers before starting to make the arrangement. 

Learn how to stem sola wood flowers like a pro in this Tutorial.

STEP 3: Start Crafting the Bouquet

Choose the focal flowers you want and start grouping them together.

Use floral tape  to secure your bouquet after each layer of stems.

Continue adding stems to the bunch until you are happy with the size.

STEP 4: Insert Greenery and Fillers

Once you have created a bunch of flowers, insert some fillers to cover the spaces in between the blooms. Fillers add texture and volume to the arrangement.

Insert dried star flowers. Be generous with this filler and add a bunch of each on all sides of the bouquet. 

Secure the stems with floral tape.

Use a variety of textures to make your bouquet visually appealing. Insert baby’s breath for that dainty look.

 Add more baby's breath underneath to cover the stems.

STEP 5: Cut the excess stems 

Once your bouquet is secured, cut the stems to your desired length and that can be held comfortably.

STEP 6: Wrap the Handle with Burlap Twine

Squeeze a dab of glue slightly above the topmost part of the floral tape. Stick the burlap twine then twist and wrap until the handle is fully covered. Secure the end with hot glue.

Your bridesmaids are special people in your life that truly deserve the best. Their sola wood flower bouquets are just as special and they get to keep and enjoy something pretty and meaningful from your wedding.