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How to Pick the Perfect Colors for Your Sola Wood Wedding Flowers 

Struggling to choose the perfect color palette for your wedding? We gathered a collection of color palettes that are inspired by seasons, themes, trends and color meanings. As you plan your own wedding, let these combinations inspire your design and color choices. If you need more help, you can always shop our wedding collections here or contact our customer service team if you need personalized help.


Wedding Colors By Season

Your wedding color scheme can be inspired by the time of year you're getting married. Certain wedding colors tend to complement different seasons, lending a more timeless look.

Pastel colors are perfect for spring, while orange, yellow and deep red are autumn staples.

To help inspire you, check out these popular color combinations associated with each season. We offer all of these colors with our special sola wood flowers dye or done-for-you options.

Wedding Colors by Theme

Your wedding theme represents the vibe, mood, and experience that you want your wedding day to be. Your theme could be anything from classic, boho, vintage, rustic, to modern, and even dark and romantic.

Nautical or beach-themed weddings often feature shades of blue from sea foam to teal and dusty blue to navy while rustic weddings highlight more earthy, naturalistic and lighter colors such as terracotta, sage, rust and blush.

Here are  themed-color palettes that we have compiled to inspire you during the wedding planning process.

Wedding Colors by  Trend (2021-2022)

Many brides want something trendy, but also timeless for their wedding day. To inspire couples who are saying “I DO” in the coming year, we are sharing with you these fabulous wedding color trends that are huge favorites this year and schemes that are expected to be trendy in 2022. 

Wedding Colors by Meaning

All colors have meaning. Each represents certain feelings, emotions, and states of mind. If you are a bride who needs a little more inspiration besides your theme, or you want to add  personal significance to your wedding day, consider the meanings behind the colors that you choose.

Blue for instance means serenity and peace. Lighter shades evoke a more peaceful and dreamy mood. White has long been considered a color of purity and innocence and is often chosen for traditional and classic weddings.

We’ve picked ten colors and prepared a quick guide into the meaning of each.

Consult The Color Wheel

Haven’t found the perfect colors for your big day yet? It’s time to consult the Color Wheel. Using a color wheel can be a great help in choosing your wedding color scheme. It is divided into warm colors such as red, orange, and yellow and cool colors such as blue, green, and purple. You can also rely on the color wheel's segmentation to help you mix colors and create palettes. There are five types of color schemes that we can derive from the wheel as shown in the infographic below. If you want your colors to pop, opt for complementary. Or if you want them to blend seamlessly, choose analogous hues.