What are Sola Wood Flowers

Our flagship products are sola wood flowers. These are made from Shola (scientific name Aeschynomene Aspera).

Shola plants are a top source of sustainable wood-crafting material and are abundant in nature, and can be easily grown in rice paddies and waterlogged lands. The white soft core from which the flowers are crafted from are spongy, supple, and lightweight. The “bark” of the Shola plant is just as useful as the core. We carry an assortment of immaculate to ivory raw flowers as well as a variety of bark-on solas that are naturally unique and beautiful.


How are Sola Wood Flowers Made

Our handcrafted wood flowers are sustainable, eco-friendly, and an economical alternative to real flowers. One of the most unique traits amongst all artificial floral arrangements is that their beauty lasts forever.

Each of our arrangements is unique from top to bottom. Every flower is thoughtfully crafted by hand by our community of creative men and women, where crafting our flowers is their passion. 

Make your special moment even more unforgettable. A beautiful memory pressed into each petal, a happy thought living in each flower.

Why Choose Sola Wood Flowers

  • Long-Lasting 

Sola wood flowers are more cost-effective over time as they will never wilt or die, and look fresh all year round.

  • Memorable Keepsake

Decorate your venue with stunning sola wood flowers that you can treasure forever, or pass on to guests as mementos. You can re-use the flowers to decorate your home or office. With sola wood flowers, you can keep sentimental displays for a lifetime.

  • Cost-Effective/Budget-Friendly 

Zero weekly costs of replacing fresh flowers in your workplace or home. For weddings, ordering your flowers in advance can help spread out the cost making budgeting less burdensome. Also, out-of-season costs for real flowers are extremely high but thankfully, wood flowers allow you to use your favorite flowers regardless of seasonality.

  • Low Maintenance 

Sola wood flowers brighten up rooms and remain fresh-looking, even without water or sunlight. No cutting stems, changing water, cleaning dead petals, and disposing of wilted stems. There’s no need to stress about the summer heat or winter freeze, wood flowers will always look their best. 

  • Durable 

By design sola wood flowers are much more sturdy and durable than any live flower. They can be stemmed with either wire or wood making them sturdy enough to withstand strong winds without breaking.

  •  Allergen-Free

Our sola wood flowers are handcrafted from wood, making them a safer choice for those allergic to pollen. Loved ones with allergies will fully enjoy your wedding day or event without any worries or discomfort. If you would like your flowers to be scented, that can be an option.

  •  Diverse/Always in Season

Sola wood flowers can be in your home or workplace year-round and look their absolute best whatever the season. You can have whichever flowers you wish at whatever time of year suits you. 

  • Eco-Friendly

The flowers are made from a quickly growing plant and are naturally abundant as well as easy to grow sustainably. 

  • Versatile 

Wood flowers can take on color from dye, paint, etc. You can find wood flowers in any color you want, from purple roses to red hydrangeas, or blue tulips. Not only will this lend a unique look to your event, but it will allow you to perfectly match your wedding palette. Wood flowers can be made into different shapes and styles, stemmed for a vase, and even scented to smell like real flowers. Bendable stems and petals let you experiment with different styling techniques.

What to Make with Sola Wood Flowers

  • Wedding flowers 

Basic floral needs for weddings include bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. If you're going all out you might want arrangements for the aisle, backdrop, entrance arch, couple’s table, cocktail table, and photo booth.

  • All Occasion Flower gift bouquet

Sola wood flowers make the perfect flower gift.

  • Party arrangement 

Create an impactful event by being mindful of your décor. Choose eco-friendly sola wood flowers.

  • Interior decoration 

For homes, offices, and hotels - floral decor that last are a popular option chosen by interior designers and homeowners.

  • General floral crafts 

Popular choices are wall decors, wreaths, chandeliers, and mini centerpieces.

  • Fashion accessories  

Headdresses, earrings, rings, necklaces, hat decors, gowns, and dresses.

  • Holiday Décor 

Wreaths, Christmas tree accents, centerpieces, etc.

What Tools and Supplies are Needed to Craft Sola Wood Flowers


  • Sola Wood Flowers
  • Sola Dye – using sola dye is the easiest and most affordable way to dye or paint sola wood flowers.
  • Wire cutters/clippers – needed to cut wire and excess stems.
  • Floral Wire - needed to stem sola wood flowers. The higher the gauge number, the more flexible the wire is. We use an 18 gauge floral stem wire for arrangements and bouquets. Softer wire works best for boutonnieres and corsages.
  • Floral Foam -  floral foam is great for holding the wires (stems) in place for vase  and basket arrangements
  • Glue Gun - used to secure stems or anything that needs to be glued on like flowers on a wreath.
  • Glue Stick – for the glue gun
  • Silicone Mat - the silicone mat is great at catching hot glue drippings
  • Floral Tape - used to hold the stems together when arranging flowers
  • Sola Softener - to soften your sola wood flowers 
  • Greenery/Fillers - artificial, dried, and preserved fillers used to accent flower arrangements
  • Twine or ribbon - for wrapping handles and stems of arrangements
  • Sola Scent (fragrance of essential oil) - for scenting the flowers

Basic Tutorials To Jumpstart Your Sola Wood Crafting

How To Dye Sola Wood Flowers 

Sola wood flowers are beautiful, eco-friendly, durable, and amazingly realistic. But perhaps the most interesting quality of sola flowers is their ability to take on any color, in whatever medium. Using Sola dye is the easiest way to paint or color your sola wood flowers.


Check out our blog post for the TUTORIAL. 

How To Use Sola Softener

Softening the wood flowers makes them so much easier to handle and the finished texture looks and feels almost real. 


Check out our blog post for the TUTORIAL.

How To Dry Sola Wood Flowers

Almost as important as the other sola wood procedures is the drying step. Proper drying methods contribute to flawlessly finished pieces. 


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How To Stem Sola Wood Flowers

Sola wood flowers are one of the most versatile eco-friendly flowers in the market. They adhere well to any type of surface making them perfect for creating small to gigantic floral decorating projects like frames and bottles, to huge backdrops and floral walls. I love that you can easily craft them with or without stems. Stemming them, however, opens a sea full of crafting opportunities. 


Check out our blog post for the TUTORIAL.

How to Scent Sola Wood Flowers

Scented sola wood flowers are becoming immensely popular among brides, florists, and many homeowners. They are an ideal alternative to potpourri and scented floral balls.

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How to Reshape Sola Wood Flowers

If your flowers have been in storage for quite some time you may need to fluff them to enhance their look. Getting them back into shape should not be a problem. I'm going to show you how to "fluff" or reshape your Sola Wood Flowers with just one important element, water.


Check out our blog post for the TUTORIAL.

How to Care for Sola Wood Flowers

Wood flowers bring the charm of natural blooms to your home in any season. These never wilt or dry, making them a practical alternative to real flowers. To keep them fresh and bright, it’s important to clean them properly. Enjoy their beauty for years with this guide on how to care for your sola wood flower arrangements.

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Basic, Moderate, and Advanced Tutorials To Improve Your Crafting Skills

How to Make a Bridal Bouquet

Classic Bridal Bouquet 


Boho Bridal Bouquet


Mini  Bouquet


How To Make a Boutonniere


How to Make a Centerpiece


How To Make a Wrist Corsage


Ultimate Guide to Weddings Using Sola Wood Flowers

How To Save Money on Wedding Flowers

Sola wood flowers are way cheaper than real and high-quality silk flowers. Let’s compare the cost of sola wood flowers vs real flowers vs silk flowers.





(cheap silk-real touch)

Bridal Bouquet




Bridesmaid Bouquet























Complete Wedding Flowers Checklist 

Do you have a vision of how your wedding should look and feel?

We have a variety of sola wood flowers that are long-lasting, economical, and readily available all year round with hundreds of floral options to choose from. They’re also perfect for just about any style, from the most colorful weddings down to the simplest ones, with vintage to modern themes, and significant concepts inspired by the couple’s love story, hobbies, and dreams. Let the flowers speak to create a one-of-a-kind experience.

Here’s a guide to all the wedding flowers you’ll need from personal to ceremony and reception flowers. 

The Bride's Wedding Party Flowers 

The Groom's Wedding Party Flowers

For the Parents, Grandparents, and Officiant

For the Ceremony

For the Reception

Wedding Car Arrangement

Types of Wedding Bridal Bouquets Using Sola Wood Flowers

The bridal bouquet is as iconic as the wedding dress and is one of the aspects of a wedding that brides love to design the most. More and more brides are showing off their style through their bridal flowers. Here are 6 types of popular wedding bouquets that never go out of style. 

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Sola Wood Wedding Flowers Inspiration 

Erica and Matt

Moody wedding themes are on trend! Be inspired by Erica and Matt’s luxurious decadent black and burgundy wedding with a subtle touch of goth.

Black and burgundy is rather a dark color motif but if you are planning for a wedding theme that is a bit moody and structured then you’ll love this color scheme.

Hazel and Alex

The florals in this wedding envelope are lush, laid-back, and have a wild aesthetic look that’s super popular lately. There’s an assortment of flowers and greenery in each bouquet that have a  fresh-picked flower feel.


Shiela and Phil

Balance is key to getting your wedding look right. For an opulent and elaborately embellished wedding gown, choose a simple bouquet. For a minimalist gown or simple silhouette, you can go with an intricately detailed one. Always aim for a balance as your wedding gown and bouquet contribute to a cohesive look.

What Do Customers Say About Our Flowers

Don’t take our word for it. Let’s hear from real brides on why they chose sola wood flowers for their wedding day and from crafters, florists,s and hobbyists on why sola wood is the best floral option in the market.

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