DIY Floral Accented Wedding Welcome Sign - Sola Wood Flowers

DIY Floral Accented Wedding Welcome Sign

A welcome sign will let guests know they're in the right place. It’ll also get them excited for the event so make your welcome sign as unique and creative as you can.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how you can make a truly unique sign with Sola Wood Flowers.

Floral Supplies and Tools Needed

Step-by-Step Tutorial

We want to convert this 2D wedding sign into a 3D one using sola wood flowers. All we need to do is cover the garland drawing.

We will start with the bottom border. Grab the biggest flower and apply glue at the back. Stick it in the middle of the garland drawing. This is your focal flower.

Proceed to cover the sketch with a variety of flowers and sizes. Don’t worry about the excess drawings, this will be covered with fillers later on.

Once you have completed the main line, add smaller flowers to the sides to create volume and shape.

Proceed to work on the top border.

Again, choose a bigger flower and position this in the middle.

Create one line following the curve or flow of the sketch.

Add smaller flowers to the tips and sides. It should be asymmetrical yet balanced.

Start adding fillers to the bottom arrangement. 

Distribute the fillers equally throughout the arrangement. 

We have dried Caspia and dried Asters. Please check our Filler section for alternative greenery and fillers.

For greenery, we are using Leather Fern and Boxwood fillers. Make sure to add foliage at the tips

Add as many fillers as you like. If you are satisfied with the fullness of the garland, proceed to fill the top border.

Repeat the procedure above.

Add colored fillers first. We only have Caspia and Aster but feel free to use more variety.

Add greenery until the garland looks full.

Display your wedding welcome sign and impress your guests.